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  • Exploring Art

    McGraw Hill

    Hardcover (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Pub, March 1, 2004)
    Art is for all students! Our middle school art program: Introducing Art (thematic approach); Exploring Art (media approach); and Understanding Art (chronological/historical approach) provides a knowledge of art that will broaden students' horizons, help them understand and appreciate other cultures, and encourage them to think more creatively and solve problems more effectively.
  • Exploring Earth

    Carmen Bredeson, Marianne Dyson

    Paperback (Enslow Pub Inc, July 15, 2015)
    "Discusses facts about Earth, including what it is made of; the science behind natural disasters, weather, and seasons; and careers in earth science"--
  • Exploring Earth

    Mary Austen

    Paperback (Kidhaven, Aug. 15, 2017)
    Earth is the planet we know the most about because its our home, but were always learning more. Every day we find out something new about the animals that live in the oceans, the plants that grow in the forests, and whats inside Earths crust. Readers will enjoy taking a closer look at some of the most fascinating things about the planet we call home, expanding their knowledge of common science curriculum topics. Through vivid photographs and clearly labeled diagrams, they will learn even more about our fascinating planet.
  • Exploring Earth

    Rebecca Olien

    Library Binding (Powerkids Pr, Jan. 1, 2007)
    Describes the physical characteristics of earth, explains the layers that earth is made up of, and discusses its many landforms.
  • Exploring

    Alain Grée

    Hardcover (Button Books, April 12, 2016)
    Exploring begins by looking at what we find at home and then moves into exploring your garden and the the towns and shops around us. The book also covers travel and how we can explore the world around us and what we might find in different places around the world. A must for any budding explorer! Alain Grée’s stunning vintage illustrations leap out from every page and the wealth of information will be a joy for adults to share and discuss, making the potential for learning endless.
  • Exploring Earth

    Carmen Bredeson, Indra Vathryn

    Library Binding (Enslow Pub Inc, Aug. 4, 2015)
    Discusses facts about Earth, including what it is made of; its atmosphere; the science behind natural disasters, weather, and seasons; and careers in earth science.
  • Exploring Earth Science

    Anthea Maton

    Hardcover (Pearson Prentice Hall, Jan. 1, 1995)
    Copyright 1995 by Prentice-Hall inc. Published by Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Printed in the USA with number line: "2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 98 97 96 95 94", thus 2nd printing in year 1994.
  • Exploring Earth Science

    Prentice Hall School

    Hardcover (Pearson Prentice Hall, Jan. 1, 1997)
    Science School Textbook, Earth Science
  • Exploring Art

    Gene A. Mittler, Rosalind Ragans

    Hardcover (Macmillan Pub Co, )
  • Exploring Art


    Hardcover (McGraw-Hill, Feb. 1, 2006)
    2007 Glencoe Exploring Art, TIME for Art (H) by Gene Mittler & Rosalind Ragans ***ISBN-13:9780078735578 ***353 Pages
  • Exploring Art

    Gene A. Mittler, Rosalind, Ph.D. Ragans

    Hardcover (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Pub, )
  • Exploring Planet Earth

    Prentice Hall

    Hardcover (Pearson Prentice Hall, June 1, 1997)
    In excellent shape. Hasn't been in circulation.