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Books with title Ella The Elegant Elephant

  • The Elephant's Umbrella

    Laleh Jaffari

    Hardcover (Tiny Owl Publishing Ltd, Jan. 19, 2017)
    The Elephant's Umbrella is a simple yet sophisticated tale about how generous we can be to others. The leopard and the bear think only of how the umbrella will make it nicer for them to hunt and eat, while the elephant wants to share the shelter the umbrella provides with his friends.
  • Eli the Elephant

    J Durrell Padgitt

    Perfect Paperback (Tate Publishing, Dec. 28, 2010)
    While traveling to another village, Eli is caught in a strong and terrifying storm. Disoriented and afraid, Eli begins to pray for God's help. When there's no answer, Eli pushes aside his anger and remembers the wisdom learned from his mother, that God always answers our prayers but in ways not always anticipated and at times not always expected. Eli the Elephant is an encouraging book for both children and parents about prayer and the patience we need while awaiting God's faithful response. His tender care of Eli was very sweet and the persistent follow-through on His plan to have Noah choose Eli for the ark was great (and it showed Noah being very obedient to God, even when it was not convenient or easy for him to do so). It gives parents many ways to discuss the story and the biblical truths with their little ones. I love when Noah hugged his trunk and was so excited to find him and get him into the ark. —Jennifer R., Dallas, Texas
  • The Elephant

    Angela Royston, Bob Bampton

    Paperback (Kingfisher Books Ltd, June 30, 1989)
  • The Ant and The Elephant

    Michael Hixson, Amb Branding

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 11, 2016)
    In life we don't always have time to find the perfect person or a hero to do something that seems too hard for us. We have to dig deep and find that hero from within us. Believe in yourself and there wouldn't be any obstacles that will keep you from being a hero. This story is about a little ant with a big heart. No matter his size he tried hard to accomplish the task at hand although others saw his small size. His small size didn't stop him from believing that he could help friends that were bigger and stronger. He became a hero.
  • Eaty the Elephant

    Greer Morgan Donnalley

    language (, Dec. 20, 2017)
    Eaty the Elephant is a story cookbook for kids that promotes healthy eating through a fun and captivating story. Follow the characters of Munchie the Monkey and Eaty the Elephant to take a glimpse at the joy of cooking and sharing food with your friends. At the end of the book, take a peek at Eaty the Elephant’s favorite recipes.
  • The Elephant Tree

    Catherine Dunne

    language (, June 24, 2012)
    The story of Miguel, a baby elephant who wants to fly. Miguel is transformed into the Elephant Tree. This is also the story of Bartholomew, a small bird who is afraid to fly. Bartholomew travels with his mother to the Elephant Tree in the hope that he will finally have the courage to fly.The Elephant Tree is an uplifting, spiritual book about the circle of life. It is a feel good story and may also help children with bereavement. Ideal for children aged 4-8 years. Colourful illustrations are perfect for iPad and Kindle Fire.
  • The Ant and the Elephant

    Bill Peet

    Paperback (Scholastic, March 15, 1995)
    The elephant is the kindest animal in the jungle. He rescues the lion, the giraffe and the rhino when they need help. But who will save the elephant when he runs into trouble?
  • Ella the Elephant

    Jan Latta

    Library Binding (Gareth Stevens Pub Learning library, Jan. 12, 2007)
    Ella the elephant describes her habitat and family and discusses how a young elephant grows up, how elephants live, and why they are endangered.
  • The Elephant Man

    Michael Howell, Peter Ford, Robert Geary

    Hardcover (Allison & Busby, Nov. 1, 1983)
    Follows the life of Joseph Merrick, called the Elephant Man because of a deformity, from his early years as a sideshow attraction to his death in a London hospital in 1890.
  • The Elephant

    Christine Denis-Huot, Michel Denis-Huot

    Paperback (Charlesbridge Pub Inc, Aug. 1, 1992)
    Describes the habits, characteristics, and habitat of African elephants.
  • The Elephant Tree

    Penny Dale

    Paperback (Walker Books, Oct. 14, 1993)
  • Ella The Baby Elephant

    Kathleen Duey, Eugene Epstein, Lara Gurin

    Hardcover (Smart Kids Publishing, Feb. 15, 2008)
    As part of the My Animal Family series, this first book takes young readers on a journey through the eyes of Ella, a baby elephant, who lives in Africa with her big ,BIG family. Like most elephant herds, Ella is led by an older female, Ella's grandmother. When a new baby is born Ella realizes she is no longer a baby herself. Ella becomes not only the baby's special friend, but also her protector. Each book contains a secret passcode that directs the child to a website where they can play games and earn points. The games are categorized by age group, so every child can find games appropriate to tier own age. My Animal Family series contains award-winning DVD footage from the BBC library. Children will have fun learning about the animals and watching them in their native habitats.