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Books with title David Dreaming of Dinosaurs

  • David Dreaming of Dinosaurs

    Keith Faulkner, Jonathon Lambert

    Hardcover (W J Fantasy, Sept. 1, 1992)
    David loves to go to the museum so he can enjoy the dinosaur displays and dream about these prehistoric creatures
  • Dreaming of Dinosaurs

    John Rice, Charles Fuge

    Hardcover (Pan Macmillan, Aug. 21, 1992)
    A collection of poems about dinosaurs. The illustrator, Charles Fuge, is a "Mother Goose" winner.
  • Dreaming of Dinosaurs

    John Rice, Charles Fuge

    Paperback (Pan Macmillan, Feb. 24, 1995)
  • David Dreaming of Dinosaurs by Keith Faulkner

    Keith Faulkner

    Hardcover (W.J. Fantasy, March 15, 1843)
  • Dinosaur Dreaming

    Maureen Larter, Annie Gabriel

    Paperback (Mlarter, Aug. 6, 2019)
    Gary has a wonderful dream of being transported to the world of Dinosaurs. This colourful picture book is a young child's delight, and can be read to your toddlers. It attempts to show that dreams occur to everyone and they are not real or scary.