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Books with title Bunnicula: Nighty-nightmare Bk.4

  • Bunnicula: Nighty-Nightmare

    James Howe, Victor Garber, Listening Library

    Audiobook (Listening Library, Sept. 16, 2008)
    An overnight camping trip! Howie, the Monroe's faithful dog, is not excited, and Chester the cat is worried. The woods, Chester informs Harold, are not only full of cockleburs and ticks, but of spirits - evil spirits who prey on the innocent. Harold is not taking Chester seriously. But when two strange men and their even stranger dog set up camp next to the Monroes, things begin to happen that make even Harold wonder.
  • Bunnicula: Nighty-nightmare Bk.4

    James Howe

    Paperback (Hodder Children's Books, March 15, 2000)