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  • Best Prank Ever

    Abby Klein, John McKinley

    language (Scholastic Paperbacks, Feb. 23, 2016)
    Freddy is ready -- for second grade!April Fool's Day is nearly here, and Freddy is sure Max will play a trick on him again. Maybe this year, Freddy can trick him back -- but how? Then Freddy remembers his twin cousins, Kelly and Kasey. They always have great ideas! With their help, Freddy is sure to come up with the perfect April Fool's Day pranks!
  • Best Papa Ever

    Melanie Bremner

    Paperback (Independently published, May 19, 2019)
    Many people think that men do not journal but that simply isn't true. Men and women can both benefit from journalling their emotions and learning to take control. Why not buy this father's day themed journal this season? Show your dad how much you care when you offer him this gift with a pale green cover titled "Best Papa Ever" Remind your dad just how much he means to you. Men more often have a harder time expressing their feelings but with this journal not only can they keep track of their family memories but they can also record their thoughts and feelings without worrying about the stigmatization of society's norms. 115 pages of thick lined paper and cute cartoon images, father's day quotes, and greetings.