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  • Grasslands

    Lily Erlic

    language (AV2 by Weigl, Feb. 18, 2019)
    Grasslands cover one-quarter of Earthโ€™s surface. This book explores the plants, animals, and environment of this important ecosystem. Learn more in Grasslands, an AV2 media enhanced book. Each AV2 media enhanced book is a unique combination of a printed book and exciting online content that brings the book to life. Readers can access embedded weblinks, audio and video clips, activities, and other features, such as a slide show, matching word activity, and quiz.
  • In the African Grasslands

    Q. L. Pearce, W. J. Pearce, Delana Bettoli

    Library Binding (Silver Pr, April 1, 1990)
    The reader is invited to follow animal tracks and observe how grassland animals of the Serengeti protect, feed, and care for their young
  • African Grasslands

    Anita Ganeri

    Hardcover (Brighter Child, Feb. 9, 2001)
    Dynamically illustrated with colorful artwork to hold the young reader's attention and with clearly explained texts, the books in the Animal Homes series will introduce children to the major environments of the world.This book takes young readers on a journey to Africa. Beautifully illustrated spreads show the animals in their habitats. Brief informative texts tell about how grassland animals feed, reproduce, live together in groups, and go about their daily lives. It includes a stunningly illustrated large poster for readers to hang on their walls.
  • Grasslands

    Andrew Langley, Neil Bulpitt, David Holmes

    Hardcover (Readers Digest, Oct. 1, 1993)
    Looks at the basic elements of life in the savanna, pampas, prairie, alpine meadow, steppe, and Australian outback
  • Grasslands

    Quinn M. Arnold

    Paperback (Creative Paperbacks, Feb. 7, 2017)
    The popular Seedlings series offers irresistible introductions to animals, birds, sea life, insects, eco systems, and an array of transporation. Written in a friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers, these books spotlight the bodies, behaviors, and habitats of living things and the parts, operation, and roles of vehicles. As introductions to informational text, these titles will plant the seeds of knowledge! A kindergarten-level introduction to grasslands, covering their climate, plant and animal life, and such defining features as their varied grasses.
  • African grasslands

    Meredith Costain

    Paperback (Sundance Publishing, March 15, 2000)
  • Grasslands

    Buffy Silverman

    Paperback (Raintree, Aug. 1, 2012)
    This book explores grassland habitats around the world, looking at the plants and animals that live there, and the adaptations that help them to survive. Food webs, maps, and photos help bring the topic to life. Threats to grassland habitats are also covered, as well as efforts to preserve them.
  • Grasslands

    Kimberly Sidabras

    Hardcover (Mason Crest Publishers, Jan. 1, 2018)
    Grasslands are lands dominated by grasses, rather than large shrubs or trees. There are two main types of grasslandstropical and temperate. Grasslands are the most widespread biome on land, covering one-fifth of the land surface. Directly or indirectly, grasses provide a very large proportion of human foodeither through cultivated cereal grains such as wheat or oats, or by providing food for both wild and domestic animals that are eaten, such as deer or cattle. THE WORLDS BIOMES series provides information on five of the most important large ecological systems in the world today: deserts, grasslands, oceans, rainforests, and wetlands. Each book in the series describes the climate, geology, vegetation, and animal life found in a particular biome, as well as the modern threats and what people can do about them. Each title in this series includes color photos throughout, and back matter including: an index and further reading lists for books and internet resources. Key Icons appear throughout the books in this series in an effort to encourage library readers to build knowledge, gain awareness, explore possibilities and expand their viewpoints through our content rich non-fiction books. Key Icons in this series are as follows: Words to Understand are shown at the front of each chapter with definitions. These words are set in boldfaced type in that chapter, so that readers are able to reference back to the definitions--building their vocabulary and enhancing their reading comprehension. Sidebars are highlighted graphics with content rich material within that allows readers to build knowledge and broaden their perspectives by weaving together additional information to provide realistic and holistic perspectives. Educational Videos are offered in chapters through the use of a QR code, that, when scanned, takes the student to
  • Grasslands

    Michael Allaby, Richard Garratt

    Hardcover (Chelsea House Publications, April 1, 2006)
    Presenting the geography, geology, climates, and history of grasslands, this volume offers an introduction to their development and function. Offering an account of the history and future of these areas, this book concludes by emphasizing the necessity of conservation and preservation for these threatened areas.
  • Grasslands

    Debra Seely

    Paperback (Watermark Books & Cafe, Nov. 20, 2017)
    Thirteen-year-old Thomas Hunter dreams of the cowboy life on the prairie. When he finally makes the long train ride from Virginia to Kansas to rejoin his father, Thomas discovers a hardscrabble existence of farming and plates licked clean. One day, a sudden cattle stampede finally gives hiim the opportunity to "go cowboy." Can Thomas prove his mettle and find solace in this harsh land?Grasslands received the Society of Midland Authors Award for Juvenile Fiction in 2003 and the nomination for the William Allen White Award in 2004. Thomas Hunter's story continues in The Last of the Roundup Boys.
  • Grasslands

    Darlene R. Stille

    Library Binding (Childrens Pr, Sept. 1, 1999)
    Examines the different types of grasslands and the plant and animal life they support
  • Grasslands

    Delia Goetz, Louis Darling

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 15, 1959)
    see picture