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Books with title Adventures of Little Bear

  • The Adventures of Baby Bear

    Aubrey Lang, Wayne Lynch

    Hardcover (Fitzhenry and Whiteside, June 22, 2001)
    Follow this black bear cub as she and her brothers venture out of the winter den to explore the exciting - and sometimes scary - world of the forest. Original color photographs taken in the wild Simple, informative stories Includes a Did You Know? Section of interesting facts Complete with introduction, table of contents, and index for parents and teachers A fine introduction to nature for preschoolers and primary readers
  • Little Bear's Big Adventure

    Julia Hubery

    Paperback (Top That! Publishing, May 1, 2014)
    Little Bears Big Adventure
  • The Adventures of Tiny the Bear

    David Walters (Pop Pop), The Doohan Sisters: Colleen, Bridgette, Katie & Kelsey

    Paperback (Good news Fellowship Ministries, Inc., Nov. 11, 2010)
    The Adventures of Tiny the Bear David's exciting new book for Kids and Grandkids. "Tiny, The Bear" is an amusing book for young readers and great for bedtime stories. I always think there is a special bond that is formed when before or after bedtime prayers there is story time. There are a lot of childen who would simply love this character. Tiny learns how to cope with just about everything. It teaches how to deal with negative comments they encounter in their life.
  • The Adventures of Little Mouse

    Bill Craig

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Dec. 25, 2014)
    Do parents still read to their children at bedtime? Or do they take time during the day to snuggle together for a special story? Storytime can be a special bonding time for parent and child. The Adventures of Little Mouse is a collection of stories perfect for a parent or grandparent to share with their child, as they each are based upon lessons which Little Mouse has either learned from Daddy or Papaw Mouse. The stories are not moralistic, but characteristics such as politeness are natural parts of Little Mouse’s being. In the “Mystery of Christmas,” Little Mouse helps unravel the mystery of the holiday as he shares his home with Mary Mouse. And giving his most special toy to the baby is a result of discovering more of Christmas’s real meaning. In the “Wild Wolf” tale, Little Mouse seeks the staff of the Wizard, in order to ward off danger and keep his family and friends safe. In the story of the “River Pirates,” Little Mouse shows the need for quick thinking and wise choices in order to outsmart the evil pirates. In “The Shadow of the Hawk” Little mouse uses his bravery and the self-defense skills taught to him by his father as he accomplishes a difficult task and defends the small messenger bird from the deadly Hawk.
  • The Adventures of Little Al: The Lie

    Allan Burd, Lisa Linbrunner

    Hardcover (Bed Bug Publishing, Feb. 2, 2001)
    Little Al embarks on a treasure hunt with his trusty sidekick, his dog Zach. But when his pretend adventure leads to an all too real situation, that's when the real adventure begins. Little Al lies to get himself out of a tight spot. But he will soon learn that, like the pretend sword he wields, his lie is double-edged and cuts both ways.Little Al books are both FUN and EDUCATIONAL. Each book tells and exciting, enjoyable story while simultaneously teaching children an important lesson about life. Little Al books also come with a glossary in the back to expand your child's vocabulary."5 stars! Allan Burd's original story is told in verse and teaches a valuable life lesson within the context of an engaging and entertaining story. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"- Midwest Book Review - Children's Bookwatch
  • Adventures of Buster Bear

    Thornton W. Burgess

    Hardcover (Buccaneer Books, Jan. 1, 1986)
    The other animals are frightened when Buster Bear comes to live in the Green Forest, until he gets into trouble trying to steal blueberries from Farmer Brown's boy and they realize he is not very different from them.
  • The Adventures of the Little Witch

    Tatiana Christy

    Paperback (Blue Bay Books, Dec. 1, 2006)
    The Adventures of the Little Witch presents an enchanting reading material and makes a perfect addition to any family's library. This captivating story is written in beautiful rhymes, accompanied by wonderful illustrations, and takes the readers, big or small, to the fascinating world of great children's literature. It tells an inspiring story about a little witch, called Yory, who was born with a good heart but was taught to do evil. She lives on a mysterious island, lost in a stormy sea, where many interesting, magical, and sometimes scary things happen.
  • The Adventures of the Little Prince

    Rosemary R. Evans

    Hardcover (Wink Publishing, July 2, 2013)
    THE ADVENTURES OF THE LITTLE PRINCE follows the Little Prince as he sets off on what seems to him to be a very long adventure, but only lasts one day. During his grand adventure he meets a cast of different characters who help him realize his strengths and capabilities. Children learn important lessons as his values are tested, his compassion and kindness are demonstrated, and his inner strength is proven. When he returns home at the end of the day, a big surprise awaits him and he realizes that when we reach out to help others we will never be alone on our journey.
  • The Adventures of Baby Bear

    Aubrey Lang, Wayne Lynch

    Paperback (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, June 22, 2001)
    In the winter den a sleepy black bear mother cares for her three cubs. But while their mother still wants to nap, the babies are awake and full of energy. When at last their mother leaves the den to search for food, one cub can't wait any longer. So she steps out, followed by her brothers, to explore the sights, tastes and smells of an exciting - and sometimes scary - new world. Did you know. . . bears prepare for winter by eating and eating. They may put on over two pounds (one kilogram) of fat every day. If you wanted to eat as much, you would have to gobble down forty-three hamburgers and twelve large orders of fries...every day!
  • The adventures of Twinkly Eyes: The little black bear

    Allen Chaffee

    Hardcover (Milton Bradley Company, March 15, 1921)
    No stated date (but almost certainly later than the 1921 copyright for Adventures of Twinkly Eyes). This Milton Bradley edition has all three books together with illustrations by Charles Livingston Bull and Peter Daru.
  • The Adventures of the little droplet

    Lanna Gregory

    Paperback (Austin Macauley Publishing, April 30, 2018)
    Jain the Little Droplet on its adventures around the world in the quest reach the rainbow, This is a delightful book that Will introduce the concept Of the water cycle to your little ones in a fun and enjoyable way. Full of colour, excitement and wonder, it will spur their imagination and give answers to such questions as 'Why does it rain?' and does the rainbow appear in the sky? Aimed at enhancing Vocabulary and scientific knowledge, it is written as a fairy-tale to appeal to the younger The Little Droplet, this fearless explorer is ready to take the readers on the thrilling--- adventure that will help them get a clearer understanding Of nature's processes and the world around them.
  • Little bear's big adventure

    Kathleen Allan-Meyer

    Hardcover (Standard Publishing Co, March 15, 1990)
    Book by Allan-Meyer, Kathleen