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Books with title Adventures of Little Bear

  • The Adventures of Bumble Bear

    Kellan Denning

    eBook (Kellan T. Denning, Jan. 5, 2016)
    Join in the adventures of Bumble Bear and his friends as they make their way to the Market. What will happen on their trip through the woods and who will they meet along the way?
  • The Adventures of Little Mouk

    Elizabeth Shub, Wilhelm Hauff, Monika Laimgruber

    Hardcover (Atheneum, Feb. 1, 1975)
    An orphaned midget boy leaves his native Turkish town to seek his fortune and finds a pair of magical shoes and an old walking stick that can detect buried treasure

    RH Disney

    Paperback (Golden/Disney, Jan. 11, 2005)
    When the gang dismisses Roo as being too young to participate in a dangerous expedition, the little kangaroo strikes out on his own with the goal of capturing the much-feared Heffalump. But when young Lumpy, a new lovable character, and Roo meet, the gang learns that friends can come in all shapes and sizes. This heart-warming tale is the story of Pooh’s Heffalump Movie, which is retold in the simple illustrations that fill this special coloring book.
  • Dede's Adventures: A little bear great adventures.

    Anne Doetschman

    language (Halo Publishing - Anne Doetschman, May 18, 2016)
    Dede’s (pronounced DD) Adventures is a series of stories about a little bear who loves adventures of all kinds. “This year, Dede decided to go to a place he found relaxing.Where do you think that is?Is it the moon? No, too far.Is it the sun? No, ouch, too hot.Is it the sky? No, too high.So where is it?”Excerpt from the book Dede's Adventures
  • the adventures of little car blue

    ronit coulson

    language (, Oct. 4, 2010)
    grab your little car and join blue in his travels
  • The Adventures of Little Mouse

    Bill Craig

    eBook (Absolutely Amazing Ebooks, Dec. 23, 2014)
    Do parents still read to their children at bedtime? Or do they take time during the day to snuggle together for a special story? Storytime can be a special bonding time for parent and child. The Adventures of Little Mouse is a collection of stories perfect for a parent or grandparent to share with their child, as they each are based upon lessons which Little Mouse has either learned from Daddy or Papaw Mouse. The stories are not moralistic, but characteristics such as politeness are natural parts of Little Mouse’s being. In the “Mystery of Christmas,” Little Mouse helps unravel the mystery of the holiday as he shares his home with Mary Mouse. And giving his most special toy to the baby is a result of discovering more of Christmas’s real meaning. In the “Wild Wolf” tale, Little Mouse seeks the staff of the Wizard, in order to ward off danger and keep his family and friends safe. In the story of the “River Pirates,” Little Mouse shows the need for quick thinking and wise choices in order to outsmart the evil pirates. In “The Shadow of the Hawk” Little mouse uses his bravery and the self-defense skills taught to him by his father as he accomplishes a difficult task and defends the small messenger bird from the deadly Hawk.
  • Adventures of Sonny Bear

    Frances Margaret Fox

    Hardcover (Rand McNally & Co, July 6, 1916)
    Illustrated by Warner Carr; published in 1916 by Rand McNally & Company
  • The Adventures of Toby Bear

    Kimberly Lake-Seibert, Tawnya Seibert

    eBook (AuthorHouse, Oct. 17, 2014)
    Toby Bear is a puppy that is so loveable. Everyone loves Toby Bear! But Toby Bear can get into trouble too. Check out what funny things that Toby Bear does and you will love him too.
  • The Adventures of Little Al - THE LIE

    Allan Burd

    language (, March 18, 2011)
    Little Al embarks on a treasure hunt with his trusty sidekick, his dog Zach. But when his pretend adventure leads to an all too real situation, that's when the real adventure begins. Little Al lies to get himself out of a tight spot. But he will soon learn that, like the pretend sword he wields, his lie is double-edged and cuts both ways.Little Al books are both FUN and EDUCATIONAL. Each book tells and exciting, enjoyable story while simultaneously teaching children an important lesson about life. Little Al books also come with a glossary in the back to expand your child's vocabulary."5 stars! Allan Burd's original story is told in verse and teaches a valuable life lesson within the context of an engaging and entertaining story. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"- Midwest Book Review - Children's Bookwatch
  • Adventures of Sonny Bear


    language (Copyright, 1916, by_ RAND M^CNALLY & COMPANY All rights reserved, July 24, 2016)
    But that man! When he saw Mother Bear coming toward him with a blazinglog, he jumped for the door and was gone before she had time to thinktwice! And he was never again seen near the Three Bears' home!Little Bear loves to hear about that man to this day.


    language (JILL ROSIER, Oct. 7, 2015)
    Barney is a cute baby owl who is adopted by a kindly couple. He soon begins to develop his own character (sometimes cheeky!) as he experiences the world around him. He learns to talk and act just like a toddler and he keeps his human Mummy and Daddy on their toes with his escapades...
  • The adventures of Little Tiger

    Marielle Sohier, Kathleen N. Daly, J. P. Miller

    Hardcover (Golden Press, )