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Books with title Adventures of Little Bear

  • Adventures of Little Bear

    Else Holmelund Minarik, Maurice Sendak

    Hardcover (Barnes & Noble, Jan. 1, 2005)
  • Adventures of Little Sy

    S. Reed Biggs

    language (S. Reed Biggs, Dec. 30, 2013)
    Children's Picturebook. Adventures of Little Sy, a little boy who likes to play, create, imagine and build things. He has fun playing with his friends and learning something with each story. In this edition he and his friend play with cars. They learn positive values. Little Sy learns the value of sharing and treating friends well, which comes about while they play with toy cars. Cleaning up after playtime is also part of the story. This book is a good easy reader. Level 1. Read by themselves. Beautifully illustrated kids book with cars and valuable life lesson (Picture Books and Bedtime Stories for Children 4-8)
  • Little Bug: Little Bug Adventures

    Jessica Millican, Jane Gardner

    Paperback (Independently published, June 16, 2020)
    Join Little Bug on his exciting adventures while meeting new friends.
  • Adventures of Little Joe Otter

    Thornton Burgess

    Paperback (Ace Books, Oct. 15, 1980)
  • The Adventures of Big and Little

    Paula Louise

    language (, Nov. 18, 2013)
    This fun children’s book is for the beginner reader. Billy Big and Luther Little are two stray dogs that go on a quest to find food but get more than they bargained for. You will delight in reading this cute story with your child that will spark his or her interest in reading even more and more…*** Note: Amazon Prime members can read this book for FREE! ***
  • The Adventures of Ben Bear

    Yvonne Bosher, Neema Singh

    This is the story of Ben, an energetic little boy with a vivid imagination. One evening after Ben goes to sleep, he starts to grow pointy teeth and sharp claws...he is turning into a bear! Ben the bear is ready to explore and discover new adventures. Illustrated by artist Yvonne Bosher, each page of this book is a beautiful and intricate work of art. The illustrations are entirely hand-drawn in black ink and a splash of pastel watercolour on each page brings to life the delicate botanical designs. This delightful book will capture your imagination and heart as you are drawn into the world of Ben Bear.
  • Adventures of Little Proto

    Odds Bodkin

    Audio CD (Rivertree Productions, Dec. 12, 2003)
    In this story, it is 67 million years ago. Little Proto is on his first of many adventures, to Magnolia Island, where an old Triceratops lives. This story has four original songs, exciting dinosaur sound effects and is performed on a 12-string guitar. It is aimed at children from the age of five to seven.
  • The Adventures of Little Blue Slime

    Jennifer Graft, Effie Winkler

    language (, July 23, 2019)
    Little Blue Slime uses his imagination to play with his friends. He has an adventure in space.
  • The Adventures of Little Elder

    M.J. Lee

    language (, Aug. 22, 2016)
    This is the story of Little Elder and his Dog Mr. J. They work together to help their family, friends and anyone else along the way. Will Little Elder and Mr. J find a way to keep their promises? Where will they turn to find help when they need it? Share in the adventure with the whole family as Little Elder becomes a part of your family too!
  • The Adventures of Little Red Bear: The First Holler

    James Milson

    language (, June 23, 2015)
    Family-friendly, Old-fashioned Short Stories for All Ages!A fun and captivating blend of humor and action/adventure stories featuring a new kind of “Action Hero.” This collection of six short stories, the first in a series, features Little Red Bear, an uncommonly special bear living in the scenic Ozarks Mountain Country just a little south of the Sweet Tea Line, with a great number of friends—woodland critters, barnyard animals and human folk alike. Exciting and heartwarming stories feature colorful, fun and loveable characters with positive themes of friendship, helping others, kindness and overcoming challenges in life; blended with educational information on the ways of nature, the environment, conservation and a love of the outdoors. Family-friendly reading entertainment told in an old-fashioned, story-telling tradition in a style and pace described by the author as “Country Comfortable”, the stories are suitable and fun for all age groups.Join Little Red Bear and his friends on a series of thrilling and sometimes offbeat adventures in the scenic Ozarks Mountain Country. You never know who (or what) you may encounter while searching for honey or in an afternoon of fishing!
  • The Adventures of Stuart Little

    Daphne Skinner

    Paperback (HarperCollins, Oct. 20, 1999)
    This adaptation from the film is perfect for newly independent readers. Stuart's a little mouse with big problems, including mean cats, a car chase, and a new brother who doesn't want to accept him. Will he ever find a place he can truly call home?
  • The Adventures of Little Mouse

    James Albert Barnes, Jr., Ph.D.

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 11, 2017)
    Pre-teens, teens, young adults and older folks too will fall in love with Little Mouse as he uses logic and scientific thinking to save his home from destruction.Little Mouse is respected throughout his woodland home for his good character and logical thinking skills. When a boulder threatens his home, Little Mouse uses his brain to solve the problem. It won’t be easy, but Little Mouse will discover that the simplest machine can make all the difference when moving heavy objects. His ingenious solution could save not only his home but also the smallest of the smallest animals in his neck of the woods.Little Mouse’s adventures will have children and adults asking themselves, “What would Little Mouse do?” They will learn how to confront situations with logic, perseverance, and pluck. It’s the Little Mice of the world that will make our future brighter. So encourage your own big thinker(s) with this charming story.The Little Mouse the Mouse series is for adults to read and enjoy, and then share with young people. Wonderful books if you like humor, wit, surprises, fanciful plots, and suspense, and would like a roadmap of life while removing roadblocks that get in the way.One of the brightest points in the educational career of the author came when a former student contacted him two decades later. She had never forgotten Little Mouse, and now she wanted to read the story to her own children. Barnes is publishing The Adventures of Little Mouse to inspire the next generation.Readers report that this book is fun, humorous, and profound.