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Books with title A Visit to the Zoo

  • A Visit To...

    Peter Roop, Connie Roop, Rob Alcraft, Rachael Bell, Vic Parker

    Paperback (Heinemann Library, June 26, 2008)
    Helps readers understand what it is like to be a child in another country, joining in traditional celebrations and visiting classrooms. New edition features most up-to-date facts and statistics, some new photography and a more engaging layout.
  • The Visit

    Geoff Feasey

    A Very Special Dog is a series of children’s stories that introduce ‘Cobbler Saint Knight’ who is a black Labrador. These short stories are a series of contemporary moral stories for children that will inspire them to help others and to become more aware of the needs around them. These stories follow the world famous adventures of ‘Cobbler Saint Knight’ – who is known as ‘Cobby’ by his master, and they are entitled, ‘Out At Night’, ‘The Birthday’, ‘The Firework Party’, ‘The Organ’, ‘The Accident’, ‘The Holiday’, ‘The Cardboard Box’, ‘The Visit’.
  • A Visit to the Ocean

    Barbara Brooks Simons, Al Lowenheim

    Hardcover (Oak Tree Pubns, June 1, 1978)
    Three children enjoying the plant and animal life near the ocean shore encounter a talking dolphin who emphasizes the importance of conservation.
  • A Visit to the Zoo

    Sue Chadwick

    Paperback (Lexie Mouse Design Ltd, )
  • To The Zoo

    Turk Allcott

    (, Oct. 24, 2017)
    Welcome to the Big Field!A place where, in the words of Fat Charlie Chipmunk, science is not an exact science. To be fair, however, I would say our own everyday world isn’t so wonderful. Most of our animals are puny and they don’t talk. In other words, boring. And Time; don’t get me started about Time.In this book, the Old Man takes the crew on adventures to visit animals in our world, where everyone learns quite a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you will, too.Turk says, “If every page doesn’t bring a laugh, or at least a smile, I haven’t done my job. Or, as Tracy Jeanette would say, ‘Mega Sorries!’”
  • To the Zoo

    Mora Pluchino

    (, Nov. 28, 2017)
    This is a cute rhyming tale about a parent's love for their sweet but not always easy going child, with cute pictures of animals at the zoo.
  • A Visit to the Children's Zoo

    Eli Lilly and Company, Art Seiden

    Staple Bound (Eli Lilly and Company, March 15, 1980)
    A small stapled pamphlet of poems about zoo animals, illustrated by mid-century artist Art Seiden. Issued as an advertising premium by Eli Lilly and Company.
  • A Visit to the Farm

    Daphne Ferrigan, C. Crossland

    Paperback (Puffin Books, )
  • My Visit To The Zoo

    Sophie Davis

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, )
  • A Visit to...

    Blake A. Hoena, Patricia J. Murphy

    Paperback (Capstone Press, Jan. 1, 2018)
    Text and photographs introduce a visit to interesting places in the community, including descriptions of the things and people found there. Plus each title includes bonus augmented reality video to help readers learn more.
  • A Visit to the Farm

    Ms. Janice Wasson Shepard

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan. 31, 2017)
    Little Nate takes a trip to visit his grandparents during summer break and discovers the wonders of the farm
  • A Visit to the UK

    Peter Roop

    Paperback (Heinemann Educational Books - Library Division, Feb. 15, 2000)