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Books with title A Visit to the Vet

  • The Visit

    Mark Kimball Moulton, Susan Winget

    Hardcover (Ideals Publications, Oct. 1, 2003)
    In December of 1823, the poem now known as The Night Before Christmas was first published anonymously and has since become the best loved Christmas poem of all time. Now, for the first time in The Visit, Dinghy Sharp, a direct descendant of recognized author Clement Clarke Moore, shares her delightful story with us all, and reveals the history and origin of this beloved poem as it has been passed down for generations in the Moore family.
  • A Visit To the Dentist

    Lucille Wallace

    Hardcover (Wonder Books, March 15, 1959)
    kids book
  • A Visit to the Aquarium

    Mary Lindeen

    Library Binding (Norwood House Pr, June 15, 2015)
    "Take a trip to the local aquarium. See the fish, turtles, sharks, and other sea animals that live there. Learn about the dolphin trainer and veterinarian who work there. This title includes reading activities and a word list"--
  • A Visit to the Zoo

    Sylvia Root Tester

    Paperback (Childrens Pr, Jan. 1, 1988)
    A group of children sees many different kinds of animals while on a class trip to the zoo
  • A Visit to the Zoo

    San Diego Zoological Society

    Hardcover (Heian Intl Pub Co, June 1, 1983)
  • A Visit to the Dentist

    helen chirinian, lynn conklin power

    Hardcover (Giant Wonderbooks, Price Stern Sloan, March 15, 1990)
  • A visit to the farm

    Mariellen Hanrahan

    Unknown Binding (Western Pub. Co, March 15, 1978)
  • A Visit to the Farm

    Daphne Ferrigan, C. Crossland

    Hardcover (Viking Children's Books, )
  • A Visit to the Doctor

    Knute Berger

    Turtleback (Grosset & Dunlap, March 15, 1960)
  • A Visit to the Farm

    Michael Morpurgo M.B.E., Steve Lumb

    Paperback (Collins Educational, Jan. 1, 2005)
    The renowned children’s writer Michael Morpurgo has written this vivid account of a child’s stay at a farm, told in the form of letters home and illustrated with photographs of animals and children on location at the farm. Humorous and engaging, it conveys the fun and excitement of working closely with animals.• Turquoise/ Band 7 books offer literay language and extended descriptions, with longer sentences and a wide range of unfamiliar terms.• Text type - A recount of a visit.• There is a timetable of the week’s events on page 22 and an index on page 23 to help children recount the story.• Curriculum links -Geography: Plants and animals in the local environment; Citizenship: Animals and us.• This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.
  • A Pet to the Vet

    Margaret Mahy, Philip Webb

    Library Binding (Childrens Pr, May 1, 1987)
    As the neighbors wait in the veterinarian's waiting room with their sick pets, a chain of events begins which cures almost everyone
  • A Visit to the Library

    Sarah Wohlrabe, Jeffrey Alan Thompson

    Library Binding (Capstone Press, Dec. 1, 2010)
    What happens when you need to find some materials at the library? The library is full of books, magazines, and computers that we all can use. What else can we find at the library?