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Books with title A Fairy Tale Christmas

  • A Christmas Tale

    J.T. Lewis

    language (, Aug. 27, 2013)
    Christmas seems ruined for Pepper Jones. A loud party is not the way she wanted to spend Christmas Eve with her friends. Telling Jacob Longstreet of her predicament, he works a little magic to bring the spirit of Christmas back to Pepper. Check out this heartfelt story that takes you back in time to a Christmas in the trenches of the Civil War.Part of the Pepper and Longstreet Mysteries series.
  • A Fairy Tale Christmas

    Bernadette Watts

    Calendar (NorthSouth Books, Aug. 1, 2017)
    Bernadette Wattsโ€™s sumptuous illustrations bring comfort and joy to this delightful Advent calendar.
  • A Christmas Fairy

    John Strange Winter, Glenn Hascall, Spoken Realms

    Audible Audiobook (Spoken Realms, Dec. 29, 2013)
    Bertie, George, Harry, and Tom are all thinking about Christmas at Miss Ware's Boarding school. The trouble is Tom's parents live in India and a trip from England at Christmastime is out of the question. Bertie thinks to invite Tom home with him, but scarlet fever leaves Bertie without a home for Christmas. These two lads need a Christmas miracle. Like all great Christmas stories they get one. A delightful short story narrated by Glenn Hascall.
  • Fairy Tale Christmas

    Michael McLean, Scott McLean

    Hardcover (Shadow Mountain, Sept. 30, 2014)
    Santa Claus has been kidnapped! Behind the plot are the fairy tale villains: an evil queen, a wicked stepmother, a beanstalk giant, and, or course, the mischievous Rumplestiltskin. They have a plan that will erase the term Happily Ever After from our storybooks forever. To save the day, the fairy tale heroes must decide if they will sacrifice their happiness so that Santa can bring Christmas to all the children of the world. Christmas is almost her, and time is running out. Fairy Tale Christmas is a little bitInto the Woods and a little bit How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and features black-and-white illustrations as well as a number of music icons that invite readers to download the free music and listen to the songs sung by the fairy tale characters. Sure to be a Christmas classic, Fairy Tale Christmas reminds all of us that there is good in everyone and that the magic of Christmas and the spirit of giving can soften any heart.
  • A Christmas Tale

    Geronimo Stilton

    Hardcover (Scholastic, Oct. 1, 2005)
    Celebrate the holidays in style -- mouse-style, that is! Join Geronimo for his first-ever special edition.It was Christmastime on Mouse Island, and I couldn't wait to celebrate with my friends and family. But then I discovered that they were all traveling out of town for the holidays, and I'd be spending Christmas alone! I was starting to feel like a real grinch. Would this be my loneliest Christmas ever?
  • A Christmas Fairy Tale

    Susan Wren, Sharon Perris

    language (Wren, Nov. 19, 2016)
    A Fairy Tale for all ages.Alanis is a little girl looking forward to Christmas. In the weeks running up to Christmas children are mysteriously disappearing from their bedrooms overnight and the whole country is on high alert looking for a kidnapper. On the night of her brother's school play, Alanis is taken, but this time the kidnapper was seen, but unbelievably it seemed to be Father Christmas in his sleigh.Meanwhile, in Fairy Land, all is not well: Father Christmas is ill, the snow has not come, and then the wizards in charge of the Toy Factory receive a newspaper sent with the Christmas mail carrying a picture of Father Christmas on the front page, with the caption 'Father Christmas accused of kidnapping children.This is the story of where Alanis was taken, and how she, and all the children, were rescued and returned to their families just in time for Christmas. Along the way she meets fairies, elves, wizards, a witch and the real Father Christmas.
  • Fairy Tale Christmas

    Michael McLean, Scott McLean

    language (Shadow Mountain, Sept. 30, 2014)
    Santa Claus has been kidnapped!Behind the plot are an evil queen, a wicked stepmother, a sorceress, a beanstalk giant, and, of course, the mischievous Rumpelstiltskin. They have a plan that will erase the term "Happily Ever After" from our storybooks forever.But it's nearly Christmas Eve, and time is running out. Can Santa and the fairy-tale heroes save the day and bring Christmas to all the children of the world? Will anyone have a "Happily Ever After" again?Fairy Tale Christmas reminds us all that there is good in everyone and that the magic of Christmas can soften any heart.

    Galina Koznyuk

    language (, Dec. 15, 2015)
    The book "Christmas Fairy Tale" is a touching story about an amazing event that happened in a fairy forest on Christmas Eve. All the woodlanders - animals and birds - learnt from the Messaging Star about the Birth of Jesus. Thus, they decided to find a hut where the Savior was born by all means and welcome Him with Mary and Joseph.There are some great moments in the book awaiting for young readers: how the forest dwellers are preparing presents for Jesus and are overcoming a difficult way, full of intriguing trials. And finally the power of mutual friendship, persistence and love help the main characters of "Christmas Fairy Tale" overcome all the difficulties and find a hut-vertep where they found a little Holy Child!The book is intended for children. However, it will surely impress even adult hearts, open to God's love.
  • Christmas Fairy Tales

    Various, Neil Philip

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Oct. 1, 1996)
    A collection of holiday fairy tales from around the world includes works by American Frank Stockdale, Ruth Sawyer, Hans Christian Andersen, and E. T. A. Hoffman.
  • A Christmas Tree Fairy

    Lizzie Mack and Robert Ellice Mack, Jacob Young

    language (, Dec. 9, 2012)
    A Christmas Tree FairyBy Lizzie Mack and Robert Ellice MackA christmas tree fairyThe mistletoe boughPolly, put the kettle onA rough sketchWill you tryA mouse taleA moralKittyThe evening star"O river," said the childrenRobin robin redbreastThe daily newsJinglesCats cradleThe gardener's daughterSaddle meTwo doves (picture)Peace and warDolly's bath (picture)The quarrel (picture)
  • A Christmas Tale

    Pam Funke

    language (For God's Glory Publishing, Nov. 16, 2017)
    One day as Santa is taking a walk at the north pole, he hears a heavenly song and sees a glorious star. Deep in his heart he feels the star will lead him somewhere important. Deciding to temporarily put off delivering toys to the world's children, he decides to follow the light. What he finds is the true meaning of Christmas, the real reason for the season.
  • The Tale of a Christmas Fairy

    Rendi Cloe Johnson

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, )