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  • 101 Ways to Be a Good Granny

    Harriet Ziefert, Katie Kath

    Hardcover (Blue Apple Books, July 21, 2015)
    Let Us Count the Ways...Are the ways of good grandmothers endless? Perhaps! But this charming ode makes a good dent in the list, offering 101, and counting, examples of what makes a grandmother a wonderful:confidant/advisor, explorer, partner, teacher, treat-and-surprise giver, transportation facilitator, teammate, bandmate, stylist, anytime, every time cheerleader/handholder—and friend!To name just a few!Here’s both a loving tribute-gift for a special grandparent or parent, and a nifty “reminder” to give a beloved grandchild.What may be best about a good granny is you can always count on her!