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  • The Timucua Indians -- A Native American Detective Story

    Kelley G. Weitzel

    Paperback (University Press of Florida, March 15, 2000)
    Florida’s Native American Heritage for Young Readers:--Interactive Format--Language and Reasoning Exercises--72 Illustrations"The Timucua Indians provides young readers with a hands-on introduction to the first Floridians and the methods that archaeologists and historians use to study them. . . . The author, a naturalist and educator who works with kids, has done her homework."--Jerald T. Milanich, curator of archaeology, Florida Museum of Natural HistoryLong before Mickey Mouse moved to Florida, the state was populated by the Timucua, a tribe of Native Americans who lived in the southeastern United States for more than 1,000 years. Written for kids--and their teachers and parents--who want to explore the Timucuan culture, this illustrated and interactive book leads readers on a detective’s quest through 16th-century Florida. Though Timucua speakers flourished in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia, no other historically accurate book about them exists for elementary and middle-school readers. At the heart of the book, 47 "Detective Directives" invite kids to follow clues and conduct their own investigative activities: explore a trash midden, speak some of the Timucua language, plan a feast, even figure out how the Timucua hunted 25-foot-long alligators. When the mysteries are solved, the reader becomes a certified Historical Detective. Each chapter has short informative paragraphs that allow readers to understand archaeology and historical research and to practice language and reasoning skills. Starting 15,000 years ago with the Paleoindians, readers will march across the Bering Land Bridge, past glaciers, down to Florida, learning along the way how Columbus accidentally bumped into the Americas and what happened when the Europeans arrived. Most of all, they will discover the Timucua--and maybe even save an entire native culture from being lost forever. Kelley G. Weitzel is the senior preserve naturalist at the E. Dale Joyner Nature Preserve at Pelotes Island in Jacksonville, Florida. She has taught workshops and seminars about Florida's environment and its Native Americans for seven years and is currently working on a children's novel about the Timucua culture.
  • Early man

    F. Clark Howell

    Paperback (Time-Life Books, )
  • Evolution

    Ruth E Moore

    Paperback (Time-Life Books, )
  • The universe

    David Bergamini

    Hardcover (Time-Life Books, March 15, 1979)
    Topics covered include: . Early Explorers of the Heavens . Mighty Instruments to Probe the Skies . Planets, Asteroids and Comets . Nuclear Furnace of the Sun . What Our Galaxy Is Made Of . Birth, Life and Death of Stars . Cosmos Beyond the Milky Way
  • The birds

    Roger Tory Peterson

    Hardcover (Time-Life Books, March 15, 1979)
    Book is in Very Good Condition. Illustrated and still photos fill these informational pages about The Birds. Crisp pages and a tight binding. Cover is clean with light shelf wear. Book looks great for this Vintage Time- Life reading nature series. Stored in a new protective poly bag. Fulfilled by Amazon and eligible for Prime Shipping and FREE standard shipping for orders over $49. read less
  • The primates

    Sarel Eimerl

    Hardcover (Time-Life Books, March 15, 1979)
  • Journeys with Florida's Indians

    Kelley G. Weitzel

    Hardcover (University Press of Florida, Dec. 31, 2002)
    "A marvelous account of Florida’s Indians for young readers."--Jerald T. Milanich, Florida Museum of Natural History<i>Journeys with Florida’s Indians</i> launches readers in grades 4 through 8 on an adventure into Florida's past. Young readers will meet the Paleoindians and learn about their arrival in the Americas, then join a boy on his first mammoth hunt as he escapes stampedes and the flames of a fire drive. Next, readers move forward in time to meet Spanish explorers, the Timucua, the Calusa, and the Apalachee Indians–first through fact, then through fiction. They'll attend the first meeting between French explorers and the Timucua and learn how Europeans impacted Florida's Indians. Alternating factual chapters are filled with maps, historical engravings, and modern illustrations. Fictional chapters are narrated by Tenerife, a fictional Timucua Indian kidnapped by the Spanish as a child, whose tales about Florida's native cultures reflect his own escape and adventures on his journey home.Weitzel's book fills several basic needs for Florida's young readers and educators. It is a valuable tool for school libraries serving students in state history classes at both upper elementary and middle school levels. It highlights native cultures in northeast, northwest, and south Florida, making it appropriate for public libraries, national parks, and bookstores throughout the state. Although there are multiple books on the Seminoles, this text is the only one for young readers on Florida’s many historic and prehistoric cultures. Fiction and fact are combined in an engaging introduction with solid, up-to-date history--in effect, two books in a single economical package. Combining accessible archaeology and history, compelling fiction, and more than 50 illustrations, <i>Journeys with Florida’s Indians</i> will appeal to all young Florida readers and the teachers and librarians who work with them.Kelley Weitzel is senior preserve naturalist at the Pelotes Island Nature Preserve. Her previous book <i>The Timucua Indians – A Native American Detective Story</i> (UPF, 2000) received the Florida Historical Society’s Charlton Tebeau Book Award for the best general interest/youth oriented book on Florida history.
  • Ruth

    Kjersti Hoff Baez

    Mass Market Paperback (Barbour Books, April 1, 2013)
    Looking for exciting Bible storybooks for 8–12 year olds? Check out Barbour’s Young Readers’ Christian Library for the stories of John the Baptist, Moses, Noah, and Ruth. Carefully retold for kids, each book is illustrated with line art to help readers envision the characters and setting of the story. In Ruth, young readers will get to know the spirited, loyal foreigner who became the great-grandmother of Israel’s greatest king, David, learning lessons of faith that will benefit their lives today. And a special “secret code” feature adds fun to the whole package, as readers can discover an encouraging secret message woven throughout the entire book.
  • The fishes

    F. D Ommanney

    Hardcover (Time-Life Books, March 15, 1979)
    An illustration book on fish adapted for young readers. Time-Life Books.
  • Animal behavior

    Niko Tinbergen

    Unknown Binding (Time-Life Books, )
  • Ocean World, Pre, Young_Reader

    1 Of 4 Nature, Lib

    Library Binding (Millbrook Press, Oct. 1, 1991)
    A comprehensive illustrated survey of the oceans and ocean life discusses theories and discoveries dealing with man's relationship with the sea and its creatures

    Dan Larsen

    Mass Market Paperback (Barbour Publishing, Inc, )