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  • A Thousand Shades of Blue

    Robin Stevenson

    Paperback (Orca Book Publishers, Oct. 1, 2008)
    A sailing trip to the Caribbean might sound great, but sixteen-year-old Rachel can't stand being trapped on a small boat with her family. She misses her best friend and feels guilty about leaving her older sister Emma, who lives in a group home. Her father is driving her crazy with his schedules and rules, her brother is miserable, and there is never anyone her own age around. Worst of all, there is nowhere to go when her parents fight. While their boat is being repaired, the family spends a few weeks in a small Bahamian community, where Rachel and Tim discover a secret which turns their world upside down and threatens to destroy the fragile ties that hold their family together.
  • The Young Adult's Guide to Dream Interpretation Learn What Your Dreams Mean

    Atlantic Publishing Group Inc Atlantic Publishing Group Inc

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, March 25, 2016)
    This book will tell you everything you need to know to comprehend what your dreams are telling you. You will understand how to interpret some of the most common subjects in dreams, including flying, falling, problems with money, tests and even death. You will learn ways you can create a more dream-friendly bedroom and how to use a journal to track your dreams. This book will also cover paranormal dreams and explain more about extrasensory perception, deja vu, and out-of-body experiences. Using this book's A to Z interpretation guide will ensure interpreting your dreams doesn't turn into a nightmare. We spent hundreds of hours researching what dreams mean to provide you with a comprehensive guide for decoding them. This book contains more than 1,000 symbols and situations that appear most commonly in dreams.
  • Gravity

    Leanne Lieberman

    Paperback (Orca Book Publishers, Nov. 1, 2008)
    Ellie Gold is an orthodox Jewish teenager living in Toronto in the late eighties. Ellie has no doubts about her strict religious upbringing until she falls in love with another girl at her grandmother's cottage. Aware that homosexuality clashes with Jewish observance, Ellie feels forced to either alter her sexuality or leave her community. Meanwhile, Ellie's mother, Chana, becomes convinced she has a messianic role to play, and her sister, Neshama, chafes against the restrictions of her faith. Ellie is afraid there is no way to be both gay and Jewish, but her mother and sister offer alternative concepts of God that help Ellie find a place for herself as a queer Jew.
  • So You Want to Be a Commercial Airline Pilot Here's the Info You Need

    Danielle Atlantic Publishing Group

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, Nov. 30, 2017)
    So You Want to Be a... Commercial Airline Pilot puts you inside the cockpit of a modern-day airliner for an insider's look at one of the most glamorized, yet deadly professions in the world. What makes an airline captain, and how did they end up flying your plane? What makes air travel dangerous, and what makes it safe? Do you have what it takes to command a jet costing over one hundred million dollars, and, more importantly, can you accept the life-long challenge of keeping the flying public safe? This book explains everything from getting your education to passing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) practical test. With the job market only growing, and the average salary being over six figures, this might be the perfect career for the adrenaline-hunting, risk-taking, and thrill-seeking young adult. Sit down, and strap in this book will take you on the adventurous ride of becoming a commercial airline pilot.
  • My Heart Lies South, Young People's Edition: The Story of My Mexican Marriage

    Elizabeth Borton De Trevino

    Paperback (Ignatius Press, Sept. 1, 2000)
    What happens when a thoroughly twentieth-century American lady journalist becomes a Mexican se?ora in nineteen-thirties' provincial Monterrey? She finds herself?sometimes hilariously?coping with servants, daily food allowances, bargaining, and dramatic Latin emotions. It is like stepping back a hundred years. In this vivid autobiography, Newbery Award winning author Elizabeth Borton de Trevi?o brings to life her experiences with the culture and the faith of a civilization so close to the United States, but rarely appreciated or understood. This special young people's edition presents the humor and the insights of a remarkable woman and her contact with an era which is now past, but not to be forgotten.
  • The College Student's Guide to Research Papers 101 Ways to Make Your Work Stand Out

    Jessica Piper

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, Sept. 30, 2017)
    Millions of college students will compose hundreds of pages in their college career. Staring at a blank word processing document on your computer screen can be stressful and intimidating. It doesn't matter if you go to Harvard or your local community college; the process of writing a good research paper is equally as challenging. This complete guide will cover every possible topic you will face in the classroom. You will learn how to choose a topic, how to conduct research, how to go about writing the paper, and how to edit like a pro. We'll teach you how to take advantage of the library with tips on finding the best articles, books, and online sources. This comprehensive guide covers plagiarism, reaching word count without fluff, and different citation styles such as MLA and APA. Get your creative juices flowing with our list of prompts, and use our samples as a guide. This book gives you everything you need to be one page closer to that coveted 4.0 GPA.
  • I Didn’t Learn That in High School 199 Facts About Credit Scores

    Jeff Zschunke

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, June 30, 2017)
    College is in your future, and before you know it, you ll be applying for loans. Knowing your credit score and how to improve it early on will save you lots of time and money. With the average credit score for young adults being around 630, and the ideal credit score being about 760, this book will help young adults learn what they can do to close that gap. This book will teach you what to do to increase your credit score, from making payments to how many credit cards you should have. We debunk the most popular credit score myths, and we teach you what to do if you don't have a credit score yet. Everything is explained in an informal and user-friendly way. No age or intellectual ability will be left out. If you want to start your financial life on the right foot, this book is your perfect solution.
  • Gravity

    Leanne Lieberman

    Library Binding
  • Ninety-Nine Problems

    Gloria Dotson-Lewis

    Paperback (Wahida Clark Presents Young Adult, Nov. 3, 2011)
    Who wouldve thought that a drug dealing drop-out could come between childhood friends Crea McCloud and Fiona Spencer, flipping their lives upside down? When Fiona s new boyfriend, Romero, walks into the picture, Creas Reject Radar begins flashing out of control. But Fiona , blinded by her attraction for bad boys , is too caught up in the fancy cars, shopping sprees and bling to notice that he s just a dead end. She soon discovers that the material things Romero showers her with will cost her a price she won t soon forget. Crea has an issue of her own to address. Her secret crush on Brandon Thomas is becoming a little too much for her to suppress. She s tired of pretending that she s cool with being just friends. Creas ready to reveal her true feelings but there s one major thing standing in her way, Alyssa, Brandon s annoying girlfriend. Complicating matters even further is Creas brother, Vincent, who s convinced that skipping classes, tagging girls, and hanging out with gangsters is what s up. He soon discovers that a cute face can be bad for your health and getting tangled up with the law is not as glamorous as it sounds. More than enough trouble invades the lives of these three teens. When it begins to feel like ninety-nine problems are on their shoulders, will they all be strong enough to carry the weight?
  • The High School Student's Guide to Research Papers 101 Ways to Make Your Work Stand Out: 101 Ways to Make Your Work Stand Out

    Jessica Piper

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, June 30, 2017)
    It's the evening before your research paper is due, and you're staring at an empty, white computer screen. The cursor is pulsing, the clock is ticking, and you're panicking. Sound familiar? It's a scenario that all young adults will face, and with it comes stress, dread, pessimism, and writer's block. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, four out of five students are not proficient writers. This book will teach young adults everything they need to know about writing a paper, from crafting an outline to finalizing the documentation. We interviewed experienced teachers who explain exactly what they want from student papers, and we show you how to achieve it. If you need inspiration and motivation for writing your next paper, this book can be exactly what you need to start and finish that research paper with impressive vocabulary, smooth transitions, and concise details that teachers won't want to lay a red pen on.
  • Skullcrack

    Ben Bo

    Hardcover (Lerner Publications Company, Feb. 1, 2000)
    Jonah, a troubled boy who escapes from his dreary life with an alcoholic father by surfing on the coast of Ireland, discovers that he has a twin sister with whom he has an unusual mental link.
  • The Young Adult's Guide to Stop Bullying Understanding Bullies and Their Actions

    Rebekah Sack

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, May 20, 2016)
    Forty percent of U.S. students voluntarily report being involved in bullying as bullies or as victims according to a national study. In this book, you will learn why bullying occurs and get at the root causes for it, why some students are victimized and why others are vicious. You will learn about cyberbullying, phone or note bullying, gang bullying, teacher bullying, and sports bullying. You deserve to go to school free from intimidation. Help make your school bully-free by using the information contained in this new book. If you are interested in learning essentially everything there is to know about stopping bullies and bullying, then this book is for you.