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  • World Tree Online: The Mountain Valley War: 2nd Dive Concludes

    M.A. Carlson

    Paperback (M.A. Carlson, April 27, 2019)
    Thrown into a conflict beyond the scope of anything Bye-bye ever imagined, he will be tested in ways he never imaged. Whether that means stopping a war or just taking the girl he likes on a date, he certainly has his work cut out for him. Tensions are rising and if Bye-bye and his friends can’t put a stop to a brewing war, Anvilton and Hammerton might just destroy each other. That is, if the other adventurers don’t destroy them first. With the odds stacked against them, will Bye-bye and his friends survive the Mountain Valley War? Or will the flames of war consume them, leaving nothing but ash in their wake?
  • The Curse of Hurlig Ridge: World Tree Online: 1st Dive

    M. A. Carlson

    Paperback (M.A. Carlson, Aug. 1, 2018)
    In the future, androids have taken over most jobs, leaving humans with little to do and even less to motivate them. Enter the World Tree Online, a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Join Byron in his first 30 days of a non-stop fantasy adventure in the cursed province of Hurlig Ridge, a land filled with monsters, mysteries, murderers and treasure. The people of the province have been tormented for centuries by a pack of voracious wolves. Now, with the arrival of the adventurers, dark forces have begun to stir, accelerating their dark plans. Can Byron unravel the mystery of this curse before it’s too late?Adventure and excitement await anyone brave enough to join the World Tree. Will you be one of them?