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  • Oil Pastels Workstation

    Jane Hughes

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, Sept. 15, 1994)
    Book by Hughes, Jane
  • Watercolor Workstation

    Polly Raynes

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, April 27, 1993)
    A wonderful introduction to the rules and guidelines of painting with watercolors. Easy to follow self study approach, instructions included techniques on painting, subjects ideas, and eight watercolor paints, mixing tray and brush.
  • Chinese Brush Painting Workstation

    Hsu I-Ching

    Hardcover (Price Stern Sloan, Feb. 1, 1995)
    An introduction to a six-thousand-year-old art includes four ink palettes, two special brushes, an inkstone and ink, a spoon and mixing dish, Chinese painting paper, and step-by-step instructions to basic styles, symbols, and brush techniques.
  • Tying Flies Workstation

    Brian Grossenbacher

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, March 17, 1997)
    Complete with fish hooks, bobbin holder, thread, bodkin, hackle feathers, a junior vise, and more, a fly-tying kit teaches young readers how to craft their own lures and experiment with different techniques.
  • Decorative Papercrafts Workstation

    Susan S. James

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, April 16, 1996)
    Contains easy-to-follow instructions and all the basic materials needed to create decorative stationary, make a book, marbleize paper, and master preliminary quilling skills.
  • Pressed Flower Workstation


    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, April 27, 1993)
    Book by
  • Calligraphy workstation

    Manda Hanson

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, April 27, 1993)
    This unique, self-contained kit instructs artists in every aspect of this gorgeous artform including technique, spacing, italics, flourishes, numbers, and punctuation, and outlines a variety of projects to test their newly attained skills. Includes calligraphy pen with cap, 3 nibs, 6 ink cartridges, 1 top, and 16 practice grids and alphabets.
  • Workstation: Color Calligraphy Projects

    Manda Hanson

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, Sept. 12, 1995)
    This unique, self-contained kit covers the art of decorative calligraphy--from illuminating letters and initials to stencilling cards, mats, and spectacular borders. The kit includes a calligraphy pen with two nibs, paintbrush, watercolor and gold paint, alphabets for decorating, and 16 pages of colored paper, grids, stencils, and templates.
  • Colored Pencils Workstation

    Rod Holt

    Hardcover (Price Stern Sloan, Sept. 15, 1994)
    Book by Holt, Rod
  • Make It Go! Funstation

    Godfrey Hall

    Hardcover (Price Stern Sloan, April 14, 1997)
    In a new addition to the Funstations series, young inventors can learn for themselves how things move by performing their own experiments, in a kit that comes complete with templates for a windmill and racing car, as well as magnets, wheels, wire, nails, thumb tacks, and more.
  • Kids' Calligraphy

    Carole Thomann

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, March 21, 1995)
    An instruction and activity guide for creative youngsters demonstrates a variety of calligraphy projects and includes pens, pencils, watercolors, ribbon, a paintbrush, stickers, practice alphabet grids, and template pages.
  • Landscapes in Watercolor Workstation

    Anthony Colbert

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, Feb. 10, 1997)
    Complete with watercolor papers, paintbrush, watercolor pots, ruler, mixing area and other materials, this instructional guide and kit teaches young readers the step-by-step process of creating landscapes using watercolor paints.