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  • The Quest: Steve and the Scarlet Hero, Book 5 and Book 6:

    Mark Mulle

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, July 2, 2016)
    GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Book 5: The Mysterious Enemy Steve has finally located Herobrine. In the depths of a Nether fortress, his friend is at the bottom of a drained pool. Just what exactly is going on? Herobrine tells Steve of a Minecraft user who isn’t content with just playing the game normally. They want Herobrine’s and Steve’s power all to themselves and will do anything to get it. That includes kidnapping Herobrine and hacking the game! Steve knows that he must put a stop to such a threat before people have their game ruined and blame Herobrine. Yet it is easier said than done. The two of them find it is not so easy to get out of the clutches of the foe who is trying to control Minecraft. Their journey takes them from the Nether to a water temple to the depths of the jungle. Steve is running out of time to save both Herobrine and the game he loves so much. Will he be able to accomplish what he needs to do? Book 6: Saving Minecraft Steve and Herobrine have fallen into the clutches of Scarlet Hero. Locked away in the bowls of his mansion, Steve needs to escape and find his friend before it is too late. Scarlet Hero has become more powerful than anyone could imagine. With the ability to control almost anything in the game and living safely in his own server, how can Steve hope to end the threat he has over the world of Minecraft? Herobrine is kidnapped and being used by Scarlet Hero for his powers. Steve manages to escape from his prison cell but now must figure out the mysteries of the mansion to get to the bottom of things. With time running short and Scarlet Hero growing more powerful with each passing second, Steve must use his powers and his wits to end Scarlet Hero’s plan. Will he be able to stop the threat that is hovering over Minecraft? Or will Steve lose the game he loves and his friend, Herobrine? This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.