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  • Lightborn

    LJ Andrews

    Paperback (Independently published, Sept. 26, 2019)
    Breaking an oath to the guild will get you killed......or worse.Isa vowed to devote everything to the thieves of Tyv after they saved her as a child. Now eighteen, skilled and deadly with a blade, she will do anything to become the first female thief to run alongside the men. When sleeping magic rises, Isa makes a choice: steal a magical amulet to prove her worth. Her quest takes her to the land that banished her years before and to the domain of a power-hunger general. She planned for everything...except betrayal. Fleeing for her life, Isa collides with Roark, a scribe only interested in revenge. The two discover they could be the keys to unlocking magic lost long ago.But more is at play than a magical amulet. Evil is rising--and it's there to kill. Isa and Roark set out to find lost powers of a mythical king to save their land from darkness. Meddling in ancient magic may have deadly consequences.The two unlikely allies seek to confront darkness, but can they outwit fate when Isa's past comes back to haunt her?The land needs heroes, but no one said those heroes were valiant.In the vein of The Night Angel Trilogy and An Ember in the Ashes, comes a gritty, epic fantasy filled with adventure, diverse characters, and an unforgettable tale of magic and love. Scroll back up and hit "Preorder Now" to get your copy today. Get your copy today.
  • The Light: Who do you become when the world falls away?

    Jacqueline Brown

    Paperback (Falling Dusk Publishing, July 7, 2016)
    A blinding flash … then darkness. Bria Ford and her three closest friends are stranded on a country highway in the middle of a November night. No phones. No car. No lights. Helpless and hundreds of miles from home, they put their lives in the hands of handsome Jonah Page and his flinty sister, East, strangers who somehow know Bria better than she knows herself. As the group bonds to adapt to a new, yet old, way of life, the secrets of Bria’s past provide them with the means to survive the extremes of Mother Nature, and the even more frightening extremes of human nature. Quietly suspenseful, The Light explores how the stories we tell ourselves shape the person we present to the world, and what happens to that person when the world falls away.
  • Through The Ashes

    Jacqueline Brown

    Paperback (Falling Dusk Publishing, Feb. 7, 2017)
    Before the light, the truth could be slippery. You could work around it, dodge it, run away from it. But in Bria Ford’s new life, the truth is always knocking … about the past, the fate of friends and family, the realities of burgeoning love, and the changed world. For Bria there’s no escaping the truth—no matter how much she may want to. In this unflinching sequel to Jacqueline Brown’s The Light, Bria and her friends stride into the heart of the post-disaster world and face test after test of their character and convictions. Bria must choose her path in this wounded world. Freedom or comfort? Give up or run? Who has she become since the world fell away?