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Books in The Kipnuk Adventure Series series

  • A Snowy Day

    Heather Wolf

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 25, 2014)
    "Kindness is like a warm blanket of snow, softly covering and gently touching the heart." - Heather Wolf, A Snowy Day - The Kipnuk Adventure Series continues with Book I-B of Kipnuk the Talking Dog, A Snowy Day. It is an April day, cold and snowy and Kipnuk sets out on an adventure with his friend Shadow. The two enjoy all that winter has to offer, blankets of snow and lots of games to play. It is a cute, sweet story about friendship and having fun and a perfect bedtime book. Hope that you enjoy! Don't forget to check out the page on Facebook!
  • The Long Spring

    Heather Wolf

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 15, 2014)
    "If you haven't walked in someone else's shoes, it's difficult to know the fit, so be kind and compassionate." - Heather Wolf, The Long Spring - The Adventures of Kipnuk the Talking Dog continue with book I-A, The Long Spring. In this story, Kipnuk is experiencing his very first springtime at the mountain. This book once again focuses on kindness and compassion. It also tells a story of a young Husky pup named Artek who sticks up for his small friend. The story also teaches how important it is to not be a bully and how a little kindness can change people's hearts. Kipnuk is told a tale from long ago and a new cast of characters will touch your heart. Hope you enjoy! Check out Kipnuk the Talking Dog & The Long Spring on Facebook!
  • The Cooper Kids Adventure Series 2-in-1 Book: Includes: The Secret of the Desert Stone and The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey

    Frank E. Peretti

    Paperback (Thomas Nelson, Aug. 30, 2010)
    Mystery and danger lurk . . . Two of the top-selling books in The Cooper Kids Adventure Series are now in onevolume. Children will love embarking on these thrilling adventures:TheSecret of the Desert Stone: Biblicalarcheologist Dr. Jacob Cooper arrives in Togwana with his children Jay and Lilaand one goal―to discover the secret behind the two-mile-high Stone that hasmysteriously appeared overnight. The Coopers’ uneasiness soon turns into dreadas they are watched and threatened by the country’s new government and brutaldictator Idi Nkromo.TheDeadly Curse of Toco-Rey: Lila andJay Cooper have joined their dad on a mission to the jungles of Central Americawhere a group of American treasure hunters have already become the victims ofthe deadly curse of Toco-Rey. Before Dr. Cooper can solve the mystery, hischildren are kidnapped and his integrity is put to the test. What price will hepay to get his children back? Followthe Coopers as they explore unknown ruins, plunge through dangerous jungles,face hostile natives, and battle ancient evil forces. Will their courage andfaith in God bring them through?
  • Himalayan Adventures

    Penny Reeve

    Paperback (CF4Kids, Nov. 20, 2005)
    If mountain climbing is your thing you will enjoy coming on this expedition! If trekking through dangerous but breath taking terrain is something you've always longed to do then Himalayan Adventures is for you.There are tigers and elephants and monkeys galore, fascinating people. But watch out - the hairy caterpillars might sting you!Find out what it's like to be in the countries of the Himalayas such as India and Nepal and see God at work in his people and his creation.
  • Squanto and the Pilgrims;

    A. M Anderson

    Hardcover (Wheeler Pub. Co, Jan. 1, 1949)
  • There Was A Bear In My Yard Just The Other Day!

    Heather Wolf

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 13, 2016)
    "Always do your best to be loving and kind to others." -Heather Wolf- From the author of The Kipnuk Adventure Series comes another sweet story perfect for bedtime. Hope you enjoy!
  • Wild West Adventures

    Donna Vann

    Paperback (CF4Kids, Nov. 20, 2006)
    Cowboys and Indians, buffalo stampedes, eating well-roasted mouse as a cure for measles - what was it like to live in the Wild West? This area of America stretched from the Mississippi River all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Although you don't often see covered wagons or teepees these days, there are still cowboys and Indians. And the West is still wild - especially when you consider what else lives there - bears, coyotes and poisonous snakes! As well as amazing nature and incredible adventures, there are stories of people of faith who were inspired by Jesus. You can be like a pioneer as you explore this part of God's surprising and wonderful world. Come along on the journey!
  • Kipnuk the Talking Dog

    Heather Wolf

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 26, 2013)
    Kipnuk the Talking Dog is a story about the adventures of Kipnuk the talking sled dog, a lovable Alaskan malamute with a lot to say! This is book one of the collection and it focuses on Kipnuk as a young pup and his first big adventure at the sled dog ranch. Kipnuk is a sweet baby sled dog, who loves to talk. His little world gets much bigger in this book. Read about Kipnuk as he learns, grows and experiences incredible adventures! The Kipnuk Adventure Series is a children's collection based on kindness, compassion and caring for others. Hope you enjoy! Check us out on Facebook!
  • Cambodian Adventures

    Donna Vann

    Paperback (CF4Kids, )
    Find out what its like to live and work in the far east country of Cambodia amongst the Khmer people. Discover what it's like to work as a missionary in a Buddhist country. Join in with the adventure as you travel around in taxis, vans, trucks, carts and tuk-tuks - small roofed carriages pulled around by a motorcycle. Discover what a fried spider tastes like and what drink tastes like pureed cabbage! As you clamber through jungle and through rice paddy fields you will get find out what to do to repel a snakebite and how God loves the people here as much as anywhere. Which is why he has sent missionaries like Dave and Laura to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the Khmer. Even though many people in Cambodia know very little about the one true God, you will discover that God has not forgotten Cambodia. He is at work here in surprising ways. So come along, and don't forget your insect repellent!
  • Kipnuk's Joke Book for Kiddies

    Heather Wolf

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Aug. 8, 2014)
    The Kipnuk the Talking Dog Adventure Series continues with Kipnuk's Joke Book for Kiddies. Kipnuk's Joke Book for Kiddies is a book of 25 different jokes geared towards Pre-School age children and up. Kipnuk, the main character in the series is a lovable Alaskan malamute that has entertained and touched the hearts of audiences with his kindness and compassion. Kipnuk's Joke Book is a great beginning joke book for young readers. Hope you enjoy!
  • Outback Adventures

    Jim Cromarty

    Paperback (CF4Kids, Nov. 20, 2004)
    The outback in Australia is one of the wildest places there is, yet humans and animals survive in this hostile environment. Kangaroos, wallaby's, emus, all live and thrive alongside ranchers and merino sheep, swagmen and dingoes. In the shadow of the great Uluru or Ayres rock tourists and wild animals bake in the hot sun. People dig for gold and other treasures but the greatest treasure we can find anywhere is the word of God and the truth it tells us about God our Creator and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
  • African Adventures

    Dick Anderson

    Paperback (CF4Kids, Nov. 20, 2006)
    True life missionary stories where the West meets Africa and both learn from each other as well as learn about God. Dick Anderson's stories are full of adventure, humour and faith. Learn what happens when the missionaries lose their way in the bush, when a leopard attacks a camel, when lions stalk the missionaries in their camp, when bandits arrive in the village and when the Turkana people realise that God speaks their language and Jesus Christ is the Son of God.