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Books in The Haunted series

  • Lost in the Dark

    Rich Wallace, Dave Shephard

    Library Binding (Magic Wagon, Aug. 15, 2016)
    When Stu gets lost in the woods just as night closes in, he know he should just sit still and wait for morning because there is a flooded quarry nearby--but when he hears a boy calling for help he follows the sound, ignoring the dog that is trying to steer him in the opposite direction.
  • Haunted

    Rich Wallace, Daniela Volpari

    Library Binding (Magic Wagon, Aug. 15, 2016)
    Twelve-year-old Stu has never believed in ghosts. But in each of these stand-alone titles, he finds himself face to face with a different ghost. Sometimes the ghosts get him into dangerous spots, other times the ghosts get him out of jams. These high-interest, low-level titles are sure to leave readers with a Haunted feeling.