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  • History of the World - The Holocaust

    Charles George

    Library Binding (KidHaven Press, Nov. 8, 2002)
    Six million dead. Jews in Europe faced possible extinction when Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power in Germany. The Holocaust tells the story of Hitler's attempt to annihilate the Jews, how some fought back, and how survivors of the concentration camps later sought justice for those hideous crimes.
  • Nanabozho and the Maple Trees: A Tale from Canada

    Lucy Bioletti, Carlo Molinari

    Paperback (Clean Slate Pr, Oct. 1, 2016)
    Nanabozho and the Maple Trees is a 16 page retelling of a traditional tale from the First Nations of Canada. The "flip" side of the book is Maple Madness. Maple Madness contains 8 pages of information about maple syrup and Canada. Contents: Anishinaabe Tales, The First Maple Syrup, The Land of Maple Syrup, Festival Fun, Canada's Flag. Supported by FREE Inquiry Learning Teacher's Notes.
  • Monstress: Stories

    Lysley Tenorio

    Paperback (Ecco, July 7, 2020)
    A luminous collection of heartbreaking, startling, and gloriously unique stories set amongst the Filipino communities of California and the Philippines—now with a new preface by the author Monstress stands as a landmark of American multicultural short fiction. Lysley Tenorio’s tales are framed by tense, fascinating dichotomies: tenderness and power, the fantastical and the realistic, pop culture and high culture, the American and the Filipino. Tenorio balances these opposites with rare skill, humor, and deep understanding, exploring universal themes—the sometimes-suffocating ties of family, the melancholy of isolation, the need to find connections—with uncommon empathy and breathtaking originality.
  • Insects of the World

    Anthony Wootton

    Hardcover (Facts on File, March 1, 2003)
    They make up three-quarters of the world's living creature, and that's counting only the 800,000 types we know. Though many people feel we're already too well acquainted with insects, by pollinating plants, producing honey and silk, and acting as monitors of pollution they're beneficial to us. Here you'll encounter -- from a safe distance! -- armies of ants, magnificently hued butterflies, shining silverfish, colorful tree-hanging moths, fierce yellow assassin bugs, blue weevils, and many more in this thriving world.
  • The Story of the Washington Nationals

    Brian Hawkes

    Library Binding (Creative Educ, July 1, 2007)
    Presents a history of the Washington Nationals baseball team, which began as the Montreal Expos, that also includes detailed information and statistics on one all-time great player from each position.
  • The King and the Cobbler: A Tale from Afghanistan

    Libby Brereton, Dante Ginerva

    Paperback (Clean Slate Pr, Oct. 1, 2016)
    In this retelling of a folktale from Afghanistan, accompanied by information on the country and its people, a king learns about happiness from a cobbler.
  • History of the World - The Italian Renaissance

    P. M. Boekhoff & Stuart A. Kallen

    Library Binding (KidHaven Press, July 1, 2003)
    During the late Middle Ages, Italy was at the center of a renaissance, or rebirth, in music, architecture, literature, and painting. The Italian Renaissance examines this phenomenon that produced the immortal works of da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo, and others. (20020401)
  • Butterflies of the World

    Rod Preston-Mafham, Ken Preston-Mafham

    Paperback (Blandford Pr, April 1, 1999)
    Book by Preston-Mafham, Rod, Preston-Mafham, Ken
  • China from the 7th to 19th Century

    Enrica Collotti Pischel, Remo Berselli, Giorgio Bacchin, Mary Diianni

    Library Binding (Heinemann/Raintree, Feb. 1, 1994)
    Presents a history of China from the 7th to the 19th centuries
  • Magic and Misery: Traditional Tales from around the World

    Maggie Pearson, Francesca Greenwood

    Paperback (Darby Creek TM, Aug. 1, 2016)
    A little old man learns the secret behind a magical fiddle. An undersea princess leaves her amber palace for love. A mule waits for revenge on the one who wronged her . . . Explore folktales, myths, legends, and fables from around the world. From magical to funny, tender to terrifying, these stories carry the spirit of diverse cultures and traditions around the world.
  • Renaissance and Discovery

    Carson-Dellosa Publishing

    Hardcover (Brighter Child, Feb. 9, 2001)
    Renaissance and Discovery, the fourth volume in Peter Bedrick Books’ comprehensive new History of the World series, highlights dramatic new discoveries and exploration that drastically altered the way people understood their world. Featuring Renaissance Italy, the Reformation, the New Science, and Britain’s Colonies, this book gives a detailed overview of this inspired period of discovery.This beautifully illustrated six-volume series introduces children in grades 4 to 8 to the important developments in world history in a clear and accessible way. Each book:•Presents key information in historical order for easy reference.•Examines the important political, religious, scientific, artistic, and lifestyle developments that have shaped our world.• Includes timelines on every spread for quick and easy reference.•Contains 48 pages of colorful images and diagrams that depict the people and the places of the past.•Features an insightful quotation on every spread that provides the view of an important historical figure of the time.
  • Bees of the World

    Christopher O'Toole, Anthony Raw

    Hardcover (Facts on File, Oct. 1, 1991)
    Examines the variety of species, lifestyles, and life history of bees, and looks at their role in the ecosystem