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  • My Body

    Patricia Carratello

    Paperback (Teacher Created Resources, June 1, 1999)
    Introduces primary school children to the amazing systems and organs that make up the human body. This classic resource for teachers and parents includes detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand descriptions of each body part's purpose and function. Use the included instructions and templates to create a life-sized, multilayered model of the human body and its systems. Young learners will love coloring the illustrations and placing each part in the correct location within a full-size tracing of their own body, all while learning the jobs each organ performs and the way the body systems work together as a whole. This resource is 40 pages in all.
  • 507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices

    Henry T. Brown

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Aug. 15, 2005)
    Epicyclic trains, oblique rollers, trip hammers, and lazy-tongs are among the ingenious mechanisms defined and illustrated in this intriguing collection. Spanning the first century of the Industrial Revolution, this 1868 compilation features simplified, concise illustrations of the mechanisms used in hydraulics, steam engines, pneumatics, presses, horologes, and scores of other machines.The movements of each of the 507 mechanisms are depicted in drawings on the left-hand page, and the facing page presents a brief description of the item's use and operation. Ranging from simple to intricately complex, the mechanisms offer a fascinating view of the variety of small components that constitute complex machinery. A detailed index provides easy reference to specific mechanisms.Inventors, tinkerers, and anyone with an interest in the history of invention and technology will find this volume a treasury of information and inspiration.
  • Bird Builds a Nest: A First Science Storybook

    Martin Jenkins, Richard Jones

    Hardcover (Candlewick, Jan. 17, 2018)
    A gentle, sweetly illustrated concept book takes on physical forces as young children learn about pushing and pulling.It’s time for Bird to build her nest! Follow her as she pulls a worm out of the ground, lifts some twigs that are just the right size, and pushes the twigs into place. Uh-oh! One of the twigs falls to the ground! But after a day of hard work, Bird’s nest is ready and waiting. Can you guess what it’s waiting for? Using simple, clear language and beautiful illustrations, this engaging story is the perfect introduction to physical forces for very young readers. A final spread with some simple questions promotes discussion with parents, teachers, or caregivers and encourages readers to think about the concepts introduced.
  • Pets in a Jar: Collecting and Caring for Small Wild Animals

    Seymour Simon

    Paperback (Puffin, May 31, 1979)
    Describes the behavior and physical and biological characteristics of various small, easily cared for land and marine animals and explains how to create an appropriate environment for each
  • All Kinds of Nests!: Birds

    Eun-gyu Choi, Ji-yeon Kim

    Paperback (Big & Small, Aug. 1, 2015)
    Birds make nests to suit their way of living. Each nest is the best for the bird who made it. A grebe's nest floats on water. A skylark's nest is on the ground. Find out about different birds by looking at their nests.
  • The Squirrels' Busy Year: A First Science Storybook

    Martin Jenkins, Richard Jones

    Hardcover (Candlewick, July 10, 2018)
    Budding scientists will enjoy a gentle introduction to the seasons as squirrels scamper through the winter, spring, summer, and fall.It’s winter. It’s cold! The squirrels are digging up acorns to eat. But what will they eat in the spring, when the acorns are gone? As the bushy-tailed creatures weather snowstorms, thunderstorms, and hot summer days, this gentle story uses simple, clear language and beautiful illustrations to introduce very young readers to the seasons and the changing weather they bring. Basic questions at the end help children remember and expand on what they’ve learned, and back matter includes an index.
  • Fossils Tell Stories

    Yu-ri Kim, Hyeon-joo Lee

    Paperback (Big & Small, Jan. 1, 2015)
    A great introduction to the interesting world of fossils with creative collage illustrations.
  • Chemistry Notebook: Composition Book for Chemistry Subject, Medium Size, Ruled Paper, Gifts for Chemistry Teachers and Students

    Kani Notebooks & Journals

    Paperback (Independently published, Sept. 2, 2019)
    Chemistry Composition Notebook: Wide Ruled Paper Notebook, Features:120 wide ruled white papers, 60 sheets7.5" x 9.7" (19 x 25 cm) dimensions, medium size notebookNice mate (soft) coverCan be used as a composition book, journal, diary, school and work notebooks Suitable for writing, note taking, drawing, handwriting, making lists, journaling and brainstorming ideasPerfect gift for friends, family members, writers, teachers, students, adults and kids who love writing and drawing
  • Science, Grade 6


    Hardcover (Harcourt, Sept. 1, 2006)
    Science, Grade 6 (View amazon detail page) ASIN: 0153609427
  • Fox in the Night: A Science Storybook About Light and Dark

    Martin Jenkins, Richard Smythe

    Hardcover (Walker Books Ltd, )
  • Oceans!: A Kayful Books Seek-And-Find Adventure

    Karen Fulkerson, Gus Morais

    Paperback (Eaton Press, Oct. 20, 2019)
    "Oceans! A Kayful Books Seek-and-Find Adventure" includes 14 gorgeously illustrated pages paired with cool, fun-to-read information about Earth's oceans and the life they contain...all guiding you on your search and find adventure! After that, another 20+ pages are filled with more exciting activities and ocean facts. Great for the whole family, and so entertaining, no one will notice they're learning along the way! With humor-filled, captivating graphics from the desk of award-winning artist Gus Morais, Kayful Books are built to appeal to both reluctant readers and avid booklovers, and to encourage children and adults to read and laugh together."My family truly enjoyed reading this book! We loved the adventure of seeking and finding our favorite sea animals on the pages and were excited to learn fun new facts. As a parent, I was happy to see the factual information seamlessly incorporated with the whimsical illustrations. This will be a great book to read and enjoy many times over!" -- Melissa, Mom of Matt, Zach and Katherine
  • Grade 4 Science Workbooks: Human Anatomy Edition

    Baby Professor

    Paperback (Baby Professor, June 28, 2015)
    Get answers to the curious questions your child asks about the human body! This well-designed workbook on human anatomy makes a wonderful resource to raising body awareness. By being aware, a child makes better decisions when it comes to hygiene and the promotion of overall well-being. Grab a copy now!