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Books in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Salem's Tails series

  • Down Under

    Ellen Titlebaum

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, Nov. 1, 1999)
    H2 Uh Oh... On vacation in Australia, Sabrina joins up with Gwen, the British witch she met on her last vacation in Rome. Together they explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, go on a deep-sea dive with famous marine biologist Dr. Julian Martin, and meet the mysterious and very cute Barnaby...who turns out to be a merman! However, something's fishy when a strange sea virus threatens the local aquatic population. Sabrina and Gwen vow to restore the ocean to its original glory, especially since the disease is affecting their new friend Barnaby. The young witches must find a way to help the doomed sea creatures and at the same time, protect the secrecy of the mer-species...

    Patricia Barnes-Svarney

    Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, Nov. 1, 1998)
    Offers fans of the television program tricks, rules of the magic of everyday life, and do-it-yourself experiments that reveal such wonders as how scents can help one prepare for tests and the secret behind goosebumps
  • Cat by the Tail

    Sarah J. Verney

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, July 1, 1999)
    "I urge you to worship me." -- Salem Salem is being terrorized! When Hilda brings home a tiny kitten she finds, Salem feels out-cuted and downright ignored. What's worse is that the "temporary" guest acts more like a permanent pet, sleeping in Salem's favorite spots, following him everywhere, and monopolizing Sabrina and her aunts. Salem doesn't like to share -- especially with a little furball -- so he does a few not-so-nice things and lets the kitty take the blame. But when a huge goon with a Doberman shows up, causing more commotion than a hair-ball, how far will Salem go to prove that he's the Spellman's top cat?
  • The Truth Hurts

    Leslie Goldman

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, June 1, 2003)
    An honesty spell Sabrina is supposed to cast on her classmates is accidentally cast upon herself, and the truth comes pouring out about her friends and the disappearance of Salem, whom she is watching for her vacationing aunts.
  • Hounded by Baskervilles

    Mercer Warriner

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Pulse, Oct. 1, 2002)
    Allergic Reactions When Sabrina doesn't have the time to finish reading the classic novel The Hound of the Baskervilles for her English class, she summons the main character and famous sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, to give her the 411 on the book. That's not cheating, right?Now Sabrina has plenty of time to focus on her animal communications class. It's so popular that even Salem's attending lectures! But when Sabrina's professor Dr. Cartwright brings his dog, Baskerville, to class for a demonstration, Sabrina has an allergic reaction and sneezes -- a sparkling, fizzing sneeze. Now Dr. Cartwright's barking in the lecture hall, and at home Roxie hisses like a snake and Morgan insists on eating only grains for dinner! Sabrina's off to the Other Realm allergist to run some tests before the Mortal Realm becomes the Animal Kingdom!
  • Fortune Cookie Fox: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch #26

    Cathy East Dubowski

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, Sept. 1, 1999)
    Warning: Practical joker on the loose! Okay, the hairy rubber spiders in Sabrina's cafeteria lunch were kind of funny. (At least she could identify something on her plate.) But the avalanche of popcorn from her locker, the bedroom slippers full of cold and slimy noodles -- well, it's getting a bit old. Positively prehistoric, actually. Who's behind these pranks? Sabrina has her suspicions. There's something about that new Chinese exchange student, Mei Hua. Sabrina's friend Val warns her not to start an international incident. Besides, she thinks Mei is sweet. And Harvey...well, the only thing he's noticed is that Mei Hua is a total fox. But Sabrina suspects there's magic involved...and she smells a rat.
  • Tiger Tale

    Mel Odom

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, Aug. 28, 2001)
    Meow mix-up While at a traveling Chinese circus, Sabrina can't help but notice Jian, a cute, young animal tamer and acrobat. Meow! To her surprise, Sabrina is chosen to join him in the ring as his assistant. To impress Jian, Sabrina "borrows" a famous martial artist's skills and dazzles Jian with her techniques. Bit what Sabrina doesn't know is that by borrowing Master Tze-pin's skills, she has put three magical tiger cubs in danger. With Jian as her guide, and Salem as an unwilling cub-sitter, Sabrina has to rescue the tigers...before they fall into the wrong paws!
  • Witch Glitch

    Leslie Goldman

    Paperback (Simon & Schuster Childrens Boo, Aug. 16, 2003)
  • Rulin' the School

    Nancy Krulik

    Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, May 1, 2000)
    When Salem is caught making prank phone calls to the Other Realm, he is sentenced to three weeks of obedience school.
  • Scarabian Nights:Sabrina, The Teenage Witch #24

    Nancy Holder

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, July 1, 1999)
    After a magical vacation to the Egyptian pyramids, Aunt Vesta brings Sabrina a super souvenir. The ancient charm is suppose to help the teenage witch with her cat chores, but instead it transports Sabrina, Salem, and Valerie back in time to ancient Egypt! Salem is thrilled. After all, the Egyptians really knew how to treat their feline friends -- they worshiped them as gods. But when the Cat Goddess Bast falls hard for the fast-talking black cat, she puts him under a love spell and locks his traveling companions in the maze of the Great Pyramid. As Sabrina and Valerie wind their way through the life-sized puzzle, they enlist the help of some magical figures -- and a handsome young pharaoh on hiatus from his sarcophagus. But can they bring Salem to his senses before Bast morphs him into a mummy.
  • Mascot Mayhem

    John Vornholt

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, Sept. 1, 2000)
    Salem decides that she is too good to be the mascot for Westbridge High's awful football team, so she tries out to be the mascot at the local college, but Butch, the bulldog, already has the job and he's not giving it up without a fight.
  • The Witch That Launched a Thousand Ships

    Nancy Krulik

    Mass Market Paperback (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, April 2, 2002)
    Toga trouble Sabrina's aunts have been bugging her to go to a family reunion. When Sabrina finds out that it's in Greece, her bags are as good as packed. Beaches, oceans, dark andhandsome guys? Now, that's Sabrina's kind of vacation! Unfortunately her aunts failed to mention that the reunion is in ancient Greece. Then on Mount Olympus, Sabrina catches Zeus's eye. His wife is jealous and puts a curse on Sabrina. With the Greeks and Trojans ready to go to war over her, Sabrina's dream vacation is turning into a nightmare!