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Books in Reading Railroad series

  • Harry & Larry the Fishermen

    Golden Books

    Paperback (Golden Books, July 15, 1988)
    Harry and Larry go fishing for the Cat family's dinner, but all they catch is trouble
  • The Night Before Kindergarten

    Natasha Wing, Julie Durrell

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2009-07-10, April 9, 2009)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Join the kids as they prepare for kindergarten, packing school supplies, posing for pictures, and the hardest part of all--saying goodbye to Mom and Dad.
  • Bookworm

    Molly Coxe

    Paperback (Golden Books, June 1, 2000)
    While all the animals help Owl build a house, Bookworm reads, but they welcome him inside anyway when the snow comes.
  • The Stone Giant

    Natalie Standiford

    Paperback (Golden Books, April 2, 2001)
    Describes the Cardiff Giant hoax, in which people of upstate New York were fooled into believing that the petrified form of a giant human being had been uncovered from the ground in 1869.
  • Rug Bug

    Tennant Redbank

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Aug. 1, 2000)
    After its home is destroyed by an unrolling rug, a bug gets a better place to live.
  • Extinct! Creatures of the Past

    Mary Batten

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Sept. 1, 2000)
    Describes giant bugs, birds, and mammals that lived long ago and became extinct during the last Ice Age, discusses the extinction of more recent animals, and examines efforts to protect endangered species.
  • C-A-T Spells: Cat

    Michael Berenstain

    Hardcover (Golden Books, June 1, 1991)
    Michael Berenstain and others make learning fun with fascinating facts and rollicking illustrations that are sure to nurture a lifetime love of learning in young children. Illustrated examples of how to spell the names of common animals like cat, dog, and fox while also telling a simple story.
  • Little Critter's This Is My School

    Mercer Mayer

    Paperback (Golden Books, March 15, 1992)
    Little Critter takes part in a variety of activities on his first day at school
  • Hop, Waddle, Swim!

    Michael Berenstain

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Feb. 1, 1992)
  • Little Prince Know It All

    Lynne Cravath

    Paperback (Golden Books, July 15, 1998)
    Prince Caleb triumphs over his spoiled brother Omar when his parrot becomes the cleverest pet in the kingdom
  • Mummies

    Edith Kunhardt Davis

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Jan. 1, 2000)
    Describes how Ramses II, the powerful king of ancient Egypt, was made into a mummy after his death
  • Dance Spider Dance

    Golden Books

    Paperback (Golden Books, June 15, 1993)
    Spider wants to attend the big dance with his friends, Fly and Ladybug, even though he does not know how to dance on eight legs