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Books in Penguin Young Readers, Level 3 series

  • Ice Cream Soup

    Ann Ingalls

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, May 16, 2013)
    What happens when you try to make an ice cream cake, but add too much stuff? You end up with ice cream soup! This original Level 1 reader with rhyming text is perfect for beginning readers.
  • A Pig, a Fox, and Stinky Socks

    Jonathan Fenske

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Feb. 7, 2017)
    The stars of Jonathan Fenske's 2016 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor book, A Pig, a Fox, and a Box, are back!Pig and Fox are back—and so are their shenanigans! Told in a silly three-part story, A Pig, a Fox, and Stinky Socks begins with a prank, with Fox "gifting" Pig with a pair of stinky socks. But what happens when his plan goes awry and the shoe (or sock!) is on the other foot? With comical art and simple language, Pig and Fox's antics in this Level 2 reader will continue to crack kids up.
  • The Giant Jellybean Jar

    Marcie Aboff, Paige Billin Frye

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Jan. 19, 2004)
    Ben loves jelly beans, and every week he goes to Jo-Jo's Jelly Bean Shop hoping to guess the riddle that will win him a whole jar full of them. He always knows the answer to the riddle, but he has never won the prize. It's hard to speak out loud in front of so many people, but with a little help from his sister, Ben finally learns to say what he's thinking.
  • L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz

    Deborah Hautzig, L. Frank Baum, Robin Robinson

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Feb. 7, 2013)
    When a tornado hits her farmhouse in Kansas, Dorothy is caught up in a whirlwind of adventure, complete with flying monkeys, talking lions, and silver slippers. Advanced readers will join Dorothy, Toto, and her friends from Oz on an unforgettable journey down the Yellow Brick Road in this Level 4 reader. The Wizard of Oz will now join classics like The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland in the Penguin Young Readers program!
  • Fake Out!: Animals That Play Tricks

    Ginjer L. Clarke, Pete Mueller

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Nov. 1, 2007)
    Did you know that the mimic octopus can change its shape, skin color, and texture to match its surroundings, or that there is a type of goat that faints whenever it feels threatened? Find out about these and other creatures with bizarre behaviors in our farout book by Ginjer L. Clarke!
  • Fox and His Friends

    Edward Marshall, James Marshall

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Sept. 1, 1985)
    In three separate episodes Fox wants to play with his friends, but duty, in one form or another, always interferes.
  • Fox on Wheels

    Edward Marshall, James Marshall

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Sept. 1, 1985)
    Mom is cramping Fox's style. First he has to babysit for his little sister Louise. Then he has to do the shopping. Can Fox do it all and still remain the fastest fox on wheels? Gangway!
  • Watch Out!: The World's Most Dangerous Creatures

    Ginjer L. Clarke, Pete Mueller

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, May 10, 2012)
    Did you know that the king cobra snake has enough venom in each bite to kill an elephant? Learn all about the world's most dangerous animals--including tiger sharks, black widow spiders, and polar bears--in this fact-filled Level 3 reader.
  • Amazing Arctic Animals

    Jackie Glassman, Lisa Bonforte

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Sept. 16, 2002)
    Why does an Arctic hare have tiny ears? To conserve heat! How does a walrus feel around for food on the bottom of the sea? With its whiskers! Learn cool facts about the arctic fox, the beluga whale, the snowy owl, and more in this book.
  • Pig and Pug

    Laura Marchesani, Zenaides A. Medina Jr., Jarvis

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, March 10, 2015)
    A story of an unlikely, but adorable, friendship!Pig lives on a farm with lots of other animals. All the animals have friends, but Pig does not. One day a new animal comes to the farm. Pug has a curly tail like Pig. Pug plays in the mud like Pig. Pug even snorts like Pig. Pug is not a pig, but maybe, just maybe, Pig and Pug can be friends!
  • Max Has a Fish

    Wiley Blevins, Ben Clanton

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, Sept. 13, 2012)
    Max loves his pet fish--it can swim, eat, and even blow bubbles. But Max is incredibly disappointed to learn that his fish can't dance. Is there another animal that can dance with Max? Find out at the end of this fun and fast-paced Level 1 story!
  • Giraffes

    Jennifer Dussling

    Paperback (Penguin Young Readers, July 19, 2016)
    Get to know the tallest animals on earth—giraffes!—in this Level 3 reader.Giraffes have been a source of interest for thousands of years. Some were even kept as pets in Egypt! As the tallest animals on Earth—some can be nineteen feet tall—giraffes are distinct, and their anatomy makes them only more interesting. Did you know that giraffes have the same number of neck bones that humans do? Giraffes also have tongues that are blue-black in color and more than a foot long. You can learn all about giraffes in this exciting book!