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Books in Newbery Medal Winner Series, No 5 series

  • One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest

    Jean Craighead George

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, March 1, 1990)
    The tropical rain forest is Tepui's home. He treasures the lush, humid land where capuchin monkeys, three-toed sloths, jaguars, scarlet macaws, and a splendid array of other wildlife share a rich symbiotic existence. But today is doomsday for young Tepui's beloved rain forest. A caravan of bulldozers and trucks will soon arrive from Caracas to level the forest.Determined to stop the tragic destruction of his world, Tepui accepts a challenge as mysterious and magnificent as the rain forest itself: to discover a nameless butterfly.From a microscopic look at a colony of vicious army ants to a timely overview of the rain forest's vital role in the Earth's ecology, Newbery Medalist Jean Craighead George takes readers on an unforgettable journey through a wondrous tropical landscape.