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  • The Whale Rider

    Witi Ihimaera

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Jan. 31, 2005)
    A mystical story of Maori culture The birth of a daughter - Kahu - breaks the lineage of a Maori tribe. Rejected by her grandfather, Kahu develops the ability to communicate with whales, echoing those of the ancient Whale Rider after whom she was named. This magical and mythical novel tells of the conflict between tradition and heritage, from the perspective of Kahu's grandfather, and Kahu's destiny to secure the tribe's future. Age 11+ Ideal for studying multi-cultural texts, gender and environmental issues. The beautifully poetic style and twin narrative lends itself to the analysis of language. To automatically receive all the latest news on New Windmills, why not sign-up for our Heinemann Literature eNewsletter?
  • To Sir, With Love

    E.R. Braithwaite

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Dec. 31, 2003)
    When a woman refuses to sit next to him on the bus, Rick Braithewaite is saddened and angered by her prejudice. In post-war cosmopolitan London he had hoped for a more enlightened attitude. When he begins his first teaching job in a tough East End school the reactions are the same. Slowly and painfully some of the barriers are broken down. He shames his pupils, wrestles with them, enlightens them and eventually comes to love them. To Sir With Love is the story of a dedicated teacher who turns hate into love, teenage rebelliousness into self-respect, contempt into consideration for others - the story of a man's own integrity winning through against all the odds.
  • The Silver Sword

    Ian Serraillier, C. Walter Hodges

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Dec. 31, 1969)
    The dramatic story of three Polish children during and just after World War II, whose parents are taken away by the Nazis and their house blown up. The children manage to escape over the rooftops and join the gangs of orphans living in the ruins of the bombed city, existing as best they can. The "silver sword" is only a paper knife, but it is the talisman that, after the Germans have been driven out of Warsaw, gives Ruth, Edek and Bronia the hope and courage to make an astonishing journey across Europe with their friend Jan until they reach a refugee camp where they are reunited with their parents.
  • Beowulf : Dragonslayer

    Rosemary Sutcliff

    Hardcover (Gardners Books, Jan. 31, 1994)
    This series offers classic and contemporary fiction for schools to suit a range of ages and tastes. In this book, Hrothgar the King prays that his people be freed from the horror of the Death-Shadow. A strong and courageous warrior arrives, ready to fight the fearsome wolf-man Grendel.
  • Shane

    Jack Schaefer

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Dec. 31, 1969)
  • Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

    Robert C. O'Brien

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Feb. 28, 1975)
    Newberry Award Winner.
  • Kestrel for a Knave

    Barry Hines

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, March 31, 1996)
    One of the 'New Windmills' series offering classic and contemporary fiction for schools to suit a range of ages and tastes. Determined not to follow his brother down the pit, Billy Casper is floundering at school and under pressure at home, but the wild hawk he finds and trains gives him a direction and passion.
  • Handmaid's Tale

    Margaret Atwood

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Dec. 31, 1992)
    One of the New Windmills series for schools, this is the story of Offred, one of the few women in the Republic of Gilead left with functioning ovaries, whose only function it is to breed. If she deviates, she will be hanged as a dissenter. But Offred is determined to find a way out.
  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged Thirteen and Three Quarters

    Sue Townsend

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, May 31, 1992)
    One of a series of top-quality fiction for schools, this is Sue Townsend's wry and witty diary of the adolescent Adrian Mole.
  • Stories from Shakespeare

    Geraldine McCaughrean

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Jan. 31, 1999)
    These stories are intended as a way of introducing Shakespeare to lower secondary students. The language provides a flavour of the plays yet remains accesssible to a wide ability range.
  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar : And Six More

    Roald Dahl

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, Sept. 30, 1979)
    One of a series of top-quality fiction for schools, this is a collection of Roald Dahl stories covering a wide variety of topics and scenes.
  • New Windmills: Frost in May

    Antonia White

    Hardcover (Heinemann Educational Books - Secondary Division, June 10, 1992)