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Books in Mulberry Paperback Book series

  • Where Are You Going, Little Mouse?

    Robert Kraus, Jose Aruego, Ariane Dewey

    Paperback (Greenwillow Books, May 26, 1989)
    The hero of the classic Whose Mouse Are You? runs away from home when he decides his family doesn't love him. Luckily, he doesn't run farther than the nearest telephone booth. "Wonderful...resonates with emotions deeply felt by young children."--Publishers Weekly.
  • I Spy

    Lucy Micklethwait

    Library Binding (Perfection Learning, Oct. 21, 1996)
    I spy with my little eye something beginning with A... Even the very youngest art lovers can spy out the apple in Magritte's Son of Man through the zigzags in de Geest's Portrait of a Child. Interact with twenty-six of the world's greatest paintings in this educational, entertaining, and beautiful pairing of a classic game with timeless art.
  • Summerbank: The Adventures of Jamie McGee

    Steve Matthew Jones

    Paperback (Rusty Nail Press, Oct. 16, 2017)
    Summerbank, The Adventures of Jamie McGee is a seagoing adventure tale that takes place in the fictional town of Waiting Rock; a fishing village perched on the rocky shores of a remote, northern island. The story follows young Jamie McGee, who, along with his faithful dog Sammy, embarks upon his first fishing trip on his fathers boat to the stormy fishing grounds called Summerbank.Jamie's adventures take place within a close and colorful circle of family elders and friends who are Jamie's teachers and mentors as he takes his first steps as a real fisherman aboard his fathers famous fishing boat, JociLynne. Young readers will love the lighthearted and funny stories about Jamie's dog Sammy getting into mischief while thrilling tales of storms and a daring rescue at sea will keep them in suspense to the very end. The paperback and hardcover versions of Summerbank have over forty detailed illustrations and colorful paintings, showing every aspect of Jamie's life, from vivid storms to the warmth of a ships galley by lamplight. Each painting and illustration tells a story by itself, while together they give Summerbank the feel and texture of a classic adventure book.Summerbank is written by Steve Jones, author and illustrator of short stories, novels, poems and works of fiction. Steve has drawn upon many of his own experiences as a young man, working the docks and fishing boats of New England and Alaska to write the fictional adventure book - Summerbank, The Adventures of Jamie McGee