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  • Look Inside Animal Homes

    Emily Bone, Maribel Lechuga

    Board book (EDC Publishing / UBAM, Jan. 1, 2018)
    An inspiring book that explores different animals' habitats with gorgeous illustrations and ingenious flaps. Look up in the trees, behind the reeds, or under the ground to see what’s living there.
  • Look Inside a Log Cabin

    Mari Schuh

    Library Binding (Capstone Press, Jan. 1, 2009)
    Look Inside a Log Cabin is a Capstone Press publication.
  • Our Animal Friends

    Matt Mitter, Fisher-Price™

    Board book (Studio Fun International, June 30, 2009)
    What’s inside? This unique Look-Inside book helps kids find out. Our Animal Friends, the newest book in the series, takes kids on a fantastic journey to eight different ";animal environments."; Eddie, Maggie, and friends visit the rainforest, the desert, the arctic, and more in this wonderfully inviting book. Busy scenes and hundreds of objects (with labels) make this book a great interactive vocabulary-builder.Book Details:Format: Board BookPublication Date: 6/30/2009Pages: 20Reading Level: Age 2 and Up
  • Inside Hurricanes

    Mary Kay Carson

    Flexibound (Sterling, Oct. 5, 2010)
    What makes a hurricane? Where do they strike? What do scientists learn from flying planes through these dangerous storms? Stunning photographs-taken on the ground and from space-as well as incredible gatefolds will help children understand this powerful, destructive force of nature. Inside Hurricanes includes dramatic first-person accounts from hurricane survivors and the latest science on how climate change will affect hurricanes, plus hands-on activities, maps, diagrams, and more.
  • Inside Tornadoes

    Mary Kay Carson

    Flexibound (Sterling, Oct. 5, 2010)
    Tornadoes are the most violent storms on the planet-as these dramatic photographs and gatefolds vividly reveal. Young readers will get the inside scoop on tornadoes in this electrifying volume, filled with powerful before-and-after images of storm sites. They'll discover what makes a tornado, where they strike, and what scientists discover as they risk their lives driving equipment as close as possible to these storms. With first-person accounts of historic storms, fascinating facts on climate change and its potential effect on tornadoes, and hands-on activities, this book will fascinate curious readers.
  • Inside Lightning

    Melissa Stewart

    Paperback (Sterling Children's Books, Oct. 4, 2011)
    Bright. Beautiful. Dramatic. Dangerous. Lightning is all this--and more. Inside Lightning reveals the truth about this mysterious force of nature. Find out where and when it strikes, follow its formation from cloud to ground, see incredible photos of lightning flashes on earth and beyond, watch lightning scientists at work, and hear stories from those who have come face-to-face with lightning's awesome power. Includes safety tips.
  • Fisher-Price Little People Worlds of Adventure: A Look Inside Book

    Matt Mitter, Fisher-Price™

    Board book (Studio Fun International, Feb. 12, 2008)
    This unique Fisher-Price book helps kids find out what’s inside a world of adventure with the turn of large die-cut pages throughout. Colorful large board book reveals what is inside five different exciting places. Dozens of labels teach over 250 words. The Fisher-Price gang become pirates, perform in a circus, ride dinosaurs, live in a castle, and experience the Old West. Kids turn the page in every spread to reveal what’s inside the location being featured – all of the stuff on a pirate ship, everything under the big top at the circus, all of the fun things to be found in the times of the dinosaurs, the cool things inside of a castle and all of the places from the Old West. • Kids turn the die-cut page to see what’s inside each place • Locations include the pirate ship, circus, prehistoric cave, old western town and a castle. • Over 250 object labels and busy scenes make this book an interactive vocabulary-builder. • Educational value of the FP Lift-the-Flap successful format: - Busy, colorful pages offer many new things to discover every time the books are opened. - Bold labels enforce vocabulary-building and early word/object recognition. - Every book is packed with early learning concepts (counting, colors, matching, action words, shapes, etc) - Engaging, interactive formats encourage discovery and imagination.
  • Tide Pool: Look Inside

    Louise Spilsbury, Gary Hanna

    Paperback (Heinemann, Jan. 1, 2013)
    Look inside a tide pool and discover a world of inhabitants! A close look at this microhabitat reveals an unbelievable variety of organisms. Vibrant photographs and detailed illustrations combine to make these books informative and engaging. A visual table of contents helps readers navigate the text, and informative labels make the photographs valuable sources of information.
  • Inside Weather

    Mary Kay Carson

    Flexibound (Sterling Children's Books, Oct. 4, 2011)
    What makes weather happen? Why do the winds blow? Where are the coldest, hottest, and rainiest places on earth? With eye-catching photos, Inside Weather cracks the meteorological code, teaching kids about the sophisticated equipment scientists use to gather information and make predictions. It explains the difference between “weather” and “climate,” presents weird weather phenomena, charts climate zones across the globe, and much more.
  • A Greek Theater

    Peter Chrisp, Adam Hook

    Library Binding (Heinemann/Raintree, Sept. 1, 2000)
    Describes typical features of theaters in Ancient Greece and many of the common objects used in them, including armour, comic masks, papyrus rolls, and aulos.
  • Natural Disasters

    Joyce E Newson

    Paperback (Gareth Stevens Publishing, Jan. 1, 2002)
    Nature's Record-Breakers is an exciting series filled with astonishing facts about wonders of the natural world and beyond. Full-color illustrations of record-breaking creatures, natural phenomena, and unique technologies are sure to capture the interest of readers of all ages. Accurate, easy-to-read text in a lively, accessible format will also encourage curious young readers to take a closer look at the marvelous details of their world.Take a look at some record-breaking disasters as well as what caused them.
  • Fisher Price Little People Welcome To Our Town Big Flap Book

    Ellen Weiss, Fisher-Price™

    Board book (Studio Fun International, Oct. 2, 2007)
    What's inside all the buildings around town? Eddie, Maggie, and friends help kids find out. The Little People ¨ characters visit five different town locales: the schoolhouse, firehouse, garage, farm, and market. Once they've explored the outside of each location, kids turn a big flap to reveal what's in side the place being featured. Hundreds of object labels and busy scenes make this book an interactive vocabulary-builder.