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Books in Little Golden Readers series

  • The Shoelace Box

    Elizabeth Winthrop

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Sept. 1, 1984)
    Steven has trouble learning to tie his shoes but hates to admit it.
  • The Christmas Donkey

    T. William Taylor

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Dec. 1, 1984)
    A small mistreated donkey is sold to a carpenter, who finds the animal very helpful in transporting his wife and new son when the family flees from Bethlehem to Egypt after the king decrees all baby boys must be killed.
  • The Poky Little Puppy's Naughty Day

    Jean Chandler

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Oct. 1, 1986)
    The poky little puppy feels so frisky that he keeps getting into trouble, but finally learns his lesson
  • The Little Golden Book of Holidays

    Jean Lewis

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Oct. 1, 1986)
    From New Year's Day to Christmas, June enjoys preparing for and celebrating all the holidays throughout the year.
  • Charlie

    Diane Fox Downs

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Sept. 1, 1984)
    After finding less and less food in the alley where he lives, Charlie, a cat, decides to move to the country, where he can drink milk, climb trees, and play Tiger in the Grass
  • The Curious Little Kitten Around the House

    Linda Hayward

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Jan. 1, 1987)
    The adventures of a little kitten as she explores the house alone for the first time.
  • Things in My House

    Joe Kaufman

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Dec. 1, 1984)
    Labeled drawings show a hammer, pencil, shoe, clock, umbrella, block, hat, coat, toothbrush, ruler, candle, lamp, scissors, orange, puppet, and window
  • My Christmas Treasury

    Kathryn Jackson, Christina Rossetti, Gale Wiersum, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Florence Page Jaques, Phillips Brooks, Sylvia Emrich

    Hardcover (Western Publishing Company Inc, Sept. 1, 1984)
    Christmas poems accompany the stories of a rabbit family and Santa's first colored Christmas lights, and descriptions of Christmas customs around the world
  • Grandma and Grandpa Smith

    Edith Kunhardt, Terri Super

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Oct. 1, 1986)
    Sam and Sally have a wonderful time vacationing with their grandparents in the country.
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas

    Mike Eagle

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Sept. 1, 1984)
    On each day of Christmas more and more gifts arrive as colorful drawings illustrate each verse of the traditional Christmas song
  • Walt Disney Presents the Jungle Book

    Walt Disney Productions

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, Sept. 1, 1984)
    Little Golden Books are books to grow with
  • Count All the Way to Sesame Street

    Dina Anastasio, Richard Eric Brown

    Hardcover (Goldencraft, March 1, 1987)
    While searching for Big Bird, the Count introduces the numbers from one to twelve.