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  • Life-Sized Animal Tracks

    John Townsend

    Hardcover (Book House, Feb. 6, 2018)
    From the footprints of a pygmy shrew to those of a nine-banded armadillo, these animal tracks are LIFE-SIZED and amazing! Follow the tracks . . . and learn all about the animals that made them! This eye-opening guide features to-scale representations of the prints left by mammals and reptiles from across the globe—and a foldout picture of an elephant, too. Accompanied by fascinating tidbits of information, the lifelike illustrations help kids identify creatures by their tracks, and encourage budding naturalists to explore and appreciate their local wildlife.The animals include: African Cheetah * American Alligator * European Rabbit * Gecko * Giant Panda * Grey Wolf * House Mouse * Otter * Polar Bear * Reindeer * Siberian Tiger * Spotted Skunk * and many more!
  • Life-Size Aquarium

    Teruyuki Komiya, Toshimitsu Matsuhashi

    Hardcover (Seven Footer Press, July 29, 2010)
    Not content to stay on dry land, the Life-Size phenomenon leaves the zoo for a visit to the aquarium. From the clownfish to the killer whale, sea otter to walrus, young readers will see some of their favorite animals from a perspective than they've ever had before. With informative, fun facts accompanying the stellar photographs of each animal, Life-Size Aquarium brings readers eye-to-eye with 19 different animals, including a leafy sea dragon, a luna lionfish, a humphead wrasse, two different varieties of penguins, a sea turtle, a jellyfish, a spider crab, a sea otter, and more. As in previous volumes, three of the animals in this book — a walrus, a killer whale, and a dolphin — spring out of the book in oversized gatefolds.