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  • Heartache and the Century of Progress: Part Three of the John Harrod Trilogy

    Andrew J. Weis

    (Arlington Gate Books, Jan. 26, 2018)
    Heartache and the Century of Progress concludes the paranormal adventure series, The John Harrod Trilogy . . . saturated with the worst the evil world can throw at a human all the way to its inspiring conclusion! John Harrod is fed up with angels! Just after his wife demands a divorce, John's problems surge when gangsters kidnap his teenage daughter, Vicki. When John finds a note left by the kidnappers, he goes back in time to Chicago of 1934 to meet with the ruthless Chicago mob boss, Joe 'Delmo' Delmonico, to get answers. While meeting with Delmo, John learns he has just seven days to find Vicki before his final showdown with his sworn enemy, the fallen angel Turel. With an embittered heart, John begins his search for Vicki against the backdrop of Chicago's fabulous Century of Progress Exposition. Without warning, a mysterious angel with questionable loyalties and superior abilities suddenly appears, and holds a startling secret vital to John's success against Turel.Time is winding down while John suffers through the worst personal horrors imaginable in his favorite place and time on Earth. At the critical moment before the eyes of hundreds of battle-ready angels, John must choose between saving his daughter or saving humanity. Which should he choose? His choice will astound you!A war without equal is about to begin between the most powerful forces in existence! The third and final part of the John Harrod Trilogy, Heartache and the Century of Progress, delves deeper into the world of time travel stories similar to Douglas E. Richards, Jerry Merritt, and Peter Clines.
  • Vengeance in Vegas: Part Two of The John Harrod Trilogy

    Andrew J Weis

    (Arlington Gate Books, Jan. 13, 2018)
    Vengeance in Vegas continues the lightning paced paranormal adventure of The John Harrod Trilogy . . . unpredictable all the way to its stunning revelation! John Harrod's training with angels is failing miserably. Seven years have passed since he returned from 1917 France and his frustrations to become a better time-traveler and evil angel fighter are mounting. After returning home from another disaster of a training session in the angelic world known as Hali, he learns the Chicago Outfit murdered his Grandfather Ray in 1976. John time travels to the mob-controlled Las Vegas of 1976 to find out why.While John works as an undercover property appraiser with Ray, his mission is going well until he discovers Ray’s secret plan to build the first megaresort in Las Vegas dubbed, The Deco Palace. Ray will stop at nothing to make his way around the Mob and keep his dream alive despite powerful deadly forces looming in the shadows. John entangles himself in an angelic chess game when he learns that Ray's scheme is converging with John's efforts to get the last page of the Book of Ancients. John battles his feelings for a sexy prostitute who appeals to him for help and complicates his objective. Though blinded by his instinct to protect her when others suspect she's double-crossing him, he doesn't know that she holds a secret that might turn the course of his life forever.Angels with questionable intentions influence John at every turn. Despite everyone John meets appealing to his good nature, he doesn't know who to trust. Will John get the last page and keep his Grandfather Ray alive, or will he implode from his enemy’s pressure and doom mankind? It’s human against angel! Who will win? The second part of the John Harrod Trilogy, Vengeance in Vegas, expands into new directions of time travel stories similar to Douglas E. Richards, Jerry Merritt, and Peter Clines.
  • Divine Endorsement: Part One of the John Harrod Trilogy

    Andrew J Weis

    Paperback (Arlington Gate Books, Dec. 25, 2017)
    A Fantastic Paranormal Adventure!Divine Endorsement is an immersive death-defying race against time that kicks off the John Harrod Trilogy in an intense and electrifying fashion!John Harrod believes time travel is impossible. He believes the existence of God and angels is the stuff of fairy tales. While John and his friend Dave go on a bicycle trip across France, they’re steered into a mystical gateway that takes them back in time to the horrors of World War One.While John and Dave assume roles in the British military training as recon pilots, John learns that his mission is to find his reclusive great-grandfather, a man he never knew, who holds the last page of a secret divine text known as the Book of Ancients. To return home, John must survive a perilous search through all the ugliness of war. However, a powerful ruthless fallen angel is also searching for the last page and intends to use it to re-create humanity in an evil image. The race is on to find the last page, a sprint that leads to a chilling revelation John never expected. Can John find his ancestor in time, or will he doom the human way of life to a dark alternative existence?Divine Endorsement is an immersive death-defying race against time that kicks off the John Harrod Trilogy in an intense and electrifying fashion.