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Books in Ideals Christmas Classic series

  • One Baby Jesus

    Patricia Pingry

    Paperback (WorthyKids, Jan. 30, 2000)
    This biblical story told in the style of the Twelve days of Christmas counts the visitors to the newborn baby Jesus. Text of John 2:1-16 at end.
  • Christmas Ideals 2017

    Melinda L. R. Rumbaugh

    Paperback (Ideals, Oct. 3, 2017)
    Christmas Ideals continues its legacy of holiday cheer and warmth with a festive new edition for 2017. This classic collection of all things Christmas includes poetry, essays, quotations, and recipes, as well as three Bible excerpts from the story of the first Christmas. Each carefully chosen selection is accompanied by beautiful, full-color artwork or photography, adding to the reasons loyal readers have sought out each year's edition since 1944. Perfect for sharing with loved ones and friends, this beautiful softcover book will bring the joy of Christmas to hearts and homes.
  • A Plantation Christmas

    Julia Mood Peterkin, David Hendrickson

    Paperback (Cherokee Pub, Nov. 1, 1978)
  • The Other Wise Man

    Henry Van Dyke

    Hardcover (Brownlow Pub Co, June 1, 1989)
    Story of Artaban, the "fourth wise man", who sold all he possessed and bought three jewels to present to the Christ-child. He could not have predicted how his eventful journey would end.
  • The First Christmas Tree

    Henry Van Dyke

    Paperback (Larlin Corp, June 1, 1987)
    Book by Van Dyke, Henry