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  • Muddypaws' New Friends

    Steve Smallman, Simon Mendez

    Hardcover (Parragon Books, April 19, 2013)
    Ben is Muddypaws best friend, but when Ben goes to school, Muddypaws has to stay at home. Then one day, Ben takes Muddypaws to school, too puppy school! There he meets two funny friends. Can the three pups work together to impress Ben, Muddypaws very best friend of all? This beautifully illustrated and sweet tale teaches children about making new friends and holding on to old ones. A picture book ideal for all ages!
  • Mr. Bear Babysits

    Debi Gliori

    Hardcover (Orchard Books, Feb. 17, 1994)
  • On a Pirate Ship

    Sarah Courtauld, Benji Davies, Laura Parker

    Hardcover (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 2007)
    A pirate and his crew set sail in search of treasure, but they must first endure a storm and fight a battle.
  • Jimmy the Joey: The True Story of an Amazing Koala Rescue

    Susan Kelly, Deborah Lee Rose

    Hardcover (National Geographic Children's Books, July 9, 2013)
    This warm and inspirational photographic picture book for ages 4 to 8 is a compelling and uplifting true story, with a sweet message about coping with loss that draws attention to an important and threatened wild animal. Jimmy is an adorable baby koala whose tender tale is sure to strike at the heartstrings of every animal lover. Readers will marvel at Jimmy's new life at Koala Hospital, being raised by loving human caregivers and interacting with other koalas healing from injury. The book also introduces young readers to the need for conservational awareness: Through Jimmy's life story readers will come to understand the many obstacles koalas and other species face today.
  • Honk! Honk!

    Mick Manning, Brita Granstrom

    Paperback (Kingfisher Books, Aug. 3, 1998)
  • The Dad with 10 Children

    Bénédicte Guettier

    Hardcover (Scribblers, May 5, 2015)
    For this hardworking dad, every day "counts." That's because he has 10 children—and that means 10 T-shirts, 10 mugs, 10 bowls of spaghetti, 10 in the bath, and 10 goodnight kisses! Now, the exhausted father needs ONE day off to rest. So he leaves his brood with grandma, builds a boat, and sails away. But by the end of this sweet story he realizes that something's missing—10 somethings, in fact!
  • All in a Day

    Mitsumasa Anno

    Paperback (Puffin Books, June 21, 1999)
    Ten outstanding artists illustrate the similarities and differences in children and their activities in eight different parts of the world throughout one 24-hour day. Features artwork from Raymond Briggs, Ron Brooks, Eric Carle, Gian Calvi, Zhu Chengliang, Leo and Diane Dillon, Akiko Hayashi, and Nicolai Ye. Popov.
  • Apt. 3

    Ezra Jack Keats

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, June 1, 1999)
    On a rainy day two brothers try to discover who is playing the harmonica they hear in their apartment building
  • I Love You Grandma

    Jillian Harker, Kristina Stephenson

    Board book (Parragon Inc, Jan. 15, 2015)
    Little Bear asks his grandmother many questions about why his nose and other parts of his body are the way they are, and she shows him how they help him find food. On board pages.
  • In the Castle

    Anna Milbourne, Benji Davies, Laura Parker

    Hardcover (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 2006)
    A boy and girl imagine what life was like in a castle, and what the king's nephew had to do to become a knight.
  • Christmas at Ivy Cottage

    E.J. Taylor

    Hardcover (Scholastic, )
  • I Love My Grandpa

    David Bedford, Brenna Vaughan

    Hardcover (Parragon Books, Feb. 1, 2013)
    Its a beautiful day for a swim, but Little Bear isnt sure that he likes the water. With Grandpas encouragement, will he be brave enough to try something new? Written by best-selling author David Bedford, with gorgeous illustrations by Brenna Vaughan, this sweet, encouraging, and comforting picture book is perfect for any grandpa and his little one to share.