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  • My Man Blue

    Nikki Grimes, Jerome Lagarrigue Lagarrigue

    Hardcover (Dial, May 1, 1999)
    Damon & Blue Just us two Cruising up the avenue. With his night-and-day shades and a frame like a "heavyweight boxing machine," it might seem like this guy would be someone to steer clear of....But that's not the way it is. Blue is the best friend a kid could ever have. Blue, who lost one boy to the streets-and is determined that this time will be different. And Damon, whose laugh reminds him of that child, and who, even though he's the "man of the house," knows there's room for a guy like Blue in his life. To shoot hoops with, bounce thoughts off of, to share a laugh and a hot dog with all the works. And to know that at the end of the day there's someone standing steadfast in his corner. Someone Blue. Drawing on those friendships that have inspired her own extraordinary life, Nikki Grimes creates a poetically realistic tale of that joyous, complicated bond that draws us, one to another. To this Jerome Lagarrigue, in a truly wondrous picture book debut, adds powerful and sensitive paintings that capture the rich moods and atmospheres of the story's Harlem setting.
  • Hope

    Isabell Monk, Janice Lee Porter

    Hardcover (Lerner Pub Group, Nov. 1, 1998)
    During a visit with her great-aunt, a young girl learns the story behind her name and learns to feel proud of her biracial heritage
  • On the Moon

    Anna Milbourne

    Paperback (Usborne Books, Oct. 1, 2011)
    This is an artist-led picture book, which introduces young children to the vastness of the universe, how far away the moon is, what gravity is and the concept of space travel through a gentle and captivating story about an imaginative little girl. Combining full colour illustrations with NASA photographs from the surface of the moon, this beautifully illustrated picture book takes young children on an amazing journey into outer space. The story s use of rhythmic text generates an evocative and friendly tale, taking children on a magical and informative journey.
  • The Father Who Had Ten Children

    Benedicte Guettier

    Hardcover (Dial, May 1, 1999)
    After working hard to take care of his ten children, a devoted father plans to get away by himself--until he decides that something is missing
  • Windy Day

    Anna Milbourne

    Paperback (Usborne Books, Jan. 1, 2012)
    Have you ever wondered what sways the trees, and makes the leaves dance across the grass? Follow the billowing wind as it flies a kite, fills the sails of tall ships on the sea, makes birds fly and catches the massive wind turbines to generate electricity for a village! Illustrated by Elena Temporin, illustrator of "The Snowy Day and Lullabies". This is a perfect present which will capture inquisitive imaginations.
  • I Love You Mommy

    Jillian Harker, Kristina Stephenson

    Board book (Parragon Inc, Sept. 27, 2012)
    Little Bear is so eager to run off and try new things that he fails to listen to his mother's advice, but after a few mishaps, Little Bear sees the wisdom in listening to what she has to say. On board pages.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Alan Benjamin, Peter Emslie

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Aug. 12, 2008)
    POOR RUDOLPH! ALL the other reindeer make fun of his bright red nose and won’t let him play in their reindeer games.β„’ But when Christmas is almost cancelled because of a huge snowstorm, Rudolph comes to the rescue! Based on the timeless Rankin-Bass TV special, this beautifully illustrated hardcover is sure to become a classic!
  • Anno's Magic Seeds

    Mitsumasa Anno

    Paperback (Puffin Books, June 21, 1999)
    A gift from a wizard makes Jack's fortune grow by ones and twos, then threes and fours, then faster and faster, challenging you to keep track of his riches.
  • Muddypaws


    Paperback (Parragon Inc, April 30, 2011)
  • Muddypaws and the Birthday Party

    Deborah Chancellor, Simon Mendez

    Hardcover (Parragon Books, Oct. 1, 2011)
    Ben and his puppy Muddypaws do everything together. On Ben's sixth birthday, Muddypaws gets in trouble and can't understand why they put him outside! This beautifully illustrated and heartwarming tale of a boy and his sidekick is fun for children of all ages. Early readers will love reading along as Ben and Muddypaws learn a few lessons about friendship and understanding.
  • Thank You For Being My Friend

    Peter Bently, Gill McLean

    Hardcover (Parragon Inc, Aug. 27, 2012)
    Cleo is scared of her new bedroom, where everything around her is filled with strange noises and shadows. Follow her in Thank You for Being My Friend as she makes a new friend and finds out that maybe everything isn't how it seems.
  • I Love you Daddy

    Jillian Harker, Kristina Stephenson

    Board book (Parragon Inc, Sept. 27, 2012)
    Daddy Bear decides that Little Bear is big enough to try some big bear activities, but he makes sure that he is there when his Little Bear needs his help. On board pages.