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  • Empire of Ash: A Passionate Paranormal Romance with Young Adult Appeal

    L. R. W. Lee

    Paperback (Independently published, May 26, 2020)
    Dangerous magic, a dark god, and ancient secrets.Archaeologist Pellucid Rose discovers THE find of the century when an earthquake hits her Mycenae, Greece dig. But before she can claim it, a dark, dangerous, and very sexy stranger steps from a swirl of shadows claiming she’s loosed a sphinx on the world by translating an ancient secret on one of the scrolls.What’s more, he insists Secret Magic requires her to go with him to capture the ferocious creature. Against better judgment, Pell teams up with the hot stranger to discover a world of magic where the impossible is reality, crooked mortals hide corrupt secrets, and mysteries older than myth can kill you. That thought alone makes her heart race, but things get even worse when she discovers he’s hiding world-altering secrets, and only she has what it takes to stop him.Empire of Ash is the first book in the enthralling God of Secrets paranormal romance series. If you like Sarah J. Maas and Laura Thalassa, you’ll adore L. R. W. Lee’s vulnerable, intimate, and gritty tale of destined lovers, potent sorcery, and unique ancient myth retellings.Buy Empire of Ash to dive into a secret affair today!
  • City of Secrets

    Victoria Ying

    Hardcover (Viking Books for Young Readers, July 28, 2020)
    Read the graphic novel that Caldecott medal-winning illustrator, Dan Santat, calls, "An edge-of-your-seat thriller!"Ever Barnes is a shy orphan guarding a secret in an amazing puzzle box of a building.Most of the young women who work at the building's Switchboard Operating Facility, which connects the whole city of Oskar, look the other way as Ever roams around in the shadows. But one of them, Lisa, keeps an eye on the boy. So does the head of the Switchboard, Madame Alexander . . . a rather sharp eye.Enter Hannah, the spunky daughter of the building's owner. She thinks Ever needs a friend, even if he doesn't know it yet.Good thing she does!Lisa and Madame Alexander are each clearly up to something.Ever is beset by a menacing band of rogues looking to unlock the secret he holds--at any cost.And whatever is hidden deep in the Switchboard building will determine all of their futures.On a journey that twists and turns as much as the mechanical building Ever Barnes calls home, he and his new friend Hannah have to ­ and out what's really going on in this mysterious city of secrets . . . or else!
  • Disney Zootopia Judy's Dream Files

    Parragon Books Ltd

    Hardcover (Parragon Books Ltd, Jan. 19, 2016)
    Follow Judy Hopps, the first rabbit to join the Zootopia Police Department, as she single-handedly tries to crack the case of the missing animals. Learn all about the residents of Zootopia, draw a picture of your dream city, and choose what creature you would like to be. There s so much to do and discover in this mammal metropolis!
  • Secrets of the Pond

    Ingrid Selberg

    Hardcover (London : Hamlyn, March 15, 1991)
    Physical description: 12p. : ill. ; 25 cm. Subjects: Fishes - Juvenile literature. Ponds - Animals.
  • Disney's Frozen: Anna and Elsa's Book of Secrets

    Parragon Books

    Hardcover (Parragon Books, July 10, 2015)
    Anna and Elsa are loyal friends as well as sisters, and they'll help keep your wishes, dreams, and photos safe in this special book of secrets. Fill in your deepest secrets and dreams for the future, and keep them tucked away inside this book.
  • Asteroids, Comets & Meteoris

    Carole Marsh

    Library Binding (21st Century, Dec. 9, 1997)
    Describes the properties and observations of comets, meteors, and asteroids and explores how scientists use these phenomena to learn more about the universe
  • Sun And The Solar System

    Franklyn M. Branley

    Library Binding (21st Century, Dec. 9, 1997)
    Discusses the sun and the solar system, comparing how they were perceived in earlier times with what is known about them now.
  • Black Holes & Supernovae

    David E. Newton

    Library Binding (21st Century, Dec. 9, 1997)
    Describes the nature and formation of black holes, and how they affect matter around them
  • Ufo'S And E.T.'S

    Carole Marsh

    Library Binding (21st Century, Dec. 9, 1997)
    Discusses efforts to find intelligent life on other planets and theories on this topic and describes UFO sightings and other phenomena that are given as evidence of extraterrestrial visitors among us.
  • Secrets of the Deep

    Ingrid Selberg, Doreen McGuinness

    Hardcover (Hamlyn young books, Sept. 15, 1991)
  • Egyptian Treasures

    Gaby Goldsack, Kevin Kimber

    Hardcover (Pinwheel, Sept. 1, 2009)