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  • Sophie Breaks the Code

    Nancy Rue

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Aug. 16, 2005)
    Sophie's learning about medieval codes of honor in seventh grade honors class---and in life. Sophie's shaved her head to empathize with a gravely ill friend, but negative assumptions and cruel teasing have her trying to deflect the attention with humor---and wisecracking always seems to land her in trouble! In the meantime, Sophie takes action to prevent another of the Pops' mean schemes---but to do so, she lies about her friends and loses them as a result. When she finally understands the true intention of a code of honor, Sophie learns another absolute truth: God expects us to be completely honest---especially with ourselves. But if we fail, He forgives us. When Sophie comes clean, her best friends come around. She thwarts the Pops and gains the respect of her teachers, too.
  • Sophie Loves Jimmy

    Nancy N. Rue

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, April 30, 2006)
    Sophie doesn’t see why a rumor that isn’t true should stop her from being Jimmy’s friend—but when even the Corn Flakes start to believe the whispers, she is hurt to the core. Now it’s an open question whether she and the rest of the Flakes can ever be friends again!
  • Sophie's Encore

    Nancy Rue

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Aug. 15, 2006)
    How can God let bad things happen? Sophie's baby sister, Hope, is born with Down syndrome, and the Flakes dis her over an annoying new girl. Even her research as medical expert Dr. Devon Downing won't fix things, but Sophie learns love is at work even when she can't see it.
  • Sophie Loses the Lead

    Nancy Rue

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Aug. 15, 2006)
    The Lead. That's always been Sophie's role when it's time to make a new film. But then the Flakes and Lucky Charms start to make plans without even asking her opinion, and Sophie has to figure out more about who she is---both in the group and in Jesus' eyes.
  • Sophie Tracks a Thief

    Nancy Rue

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Aug. 16, 2005)
    Sophie's back with more middle-school adventures! The just-formed film club has brought a new girl into the Flakes' orbit: Phoebe is witty, fun, and an awesome actress, but then the girls discover she harbors a prejudice against one of their own. When this same girl is accused of theft, the Pops---and even some of the Flakes---are only too happy to turn against her. And when Dr. Peter suggests that Sophie has a Christian responsibility to try to understand Phoebe, Sophie's ready to throw up her hands. But then the absolute truth dawns: God wants us to reach out to those who are lost---even if it makes us uncomfortable. Armed with insight, Sophie puts faith into action and gains a friend in the process.
  • Sophie's Drama

    Nancy N. Rue

    Paperback (Zondervan, May 24, 2009)
    The Lead. That's always been Sophie's role when it's time to make a new film. But then the Flakes and Lucky Charms start to make plans without even asking her opinion, and Sophie has to figure out more about who she is—both in the group and in Jesus' eyes.
  • Faithgirlz! Journal

    Zondervan Publishing House

    Hardcover (Inspirio, Sept. 1, 2004)
    Fun, colorful flowers are sewn onto the front of this cool journal. Constructed of a cool yet durable vinyl with a decorative flower snap closure. On the inside there is space for journaling, doodling, writing notes, or keeping a diary and features favorite Bible promises from the NIV.
  • What's a Girl to Do?: Finding Faith in Everyday Life

    Kristi Holl

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Sept. 1, 2007)
    In this new devotional from Kristi Holl, you’ll learn what to do in confusing situations, and also about the kind of person God wants you to be: pretty both inside and out.
  • Everybody Tells Me to Be Myself but I Don't Know Who I Am: Building Your Self-Esteem

    Nancy N. Rue

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, April 1, 2007)
    This new addition to the Faithgirlz line helps girls face the challenges of being their true selves with fun activities, interactive text, and insightful tips.
  • Shine On, Girl!: Devotions for Girls

    Kristi Holl, Jennifer Vogtlin

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Sept. 1, 2006)
    This ninety-day devotional will "totally" help girls connect with God, as well as learn his will for their lives.
  • Real Girls of the Bible: A Devotional

    Mona Hodgson

    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Jan. 29, 2008)
    Girls have always formed strong bonds, especially in tough times. This sisterhood of women is celebrated in the latest devotional from Faithgirlz. Real Girls of the Bible uses the stories of thirty authentic Bible women to illustrate the power of the girlfriend community to surround and support girls as they become real women of God, while emphasizing each girl's individuality and God's special plan for her. Featuring women from both the Old and New Testaments---including Esther, Leah, Sarah, Ruth, Martha, Mary, and Elizabeth---each devotional centers around the woman's faith-journey and includes a scripture verse, prayer, suggestions for further reading, and even an item called Body Talk intended to promote self-esteem. The text is sprinkled with Fun Facts (Miriam led the singing of the first song of worship ever recorded in Scripture!) to keep girls engaged and interested. In every story, girls see God's holy character and glimpse their own potential in relationship with Him, while learning the qualities they must develop---such as relationship, authenticity, and loving-kindness---on the way to becoming real girls themselves.