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  • The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You!

    Tom Robinson

    Paperback (Everything, Oct. 1, 2001)
    Science has never been so easy—or so much fun! With The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book, all you need to do is gather a few household items and you can recreate dozens of mind-blowing, kid-tested science experiments. High school science teacher Tom Robinson shows you how to expand your scientific horizons from biology, chemistry, physics, technology, and engineering—to outer space. You'll discover answers to questions like: —Is it possible to blow up a balloon without actually blowing into it? —What is inside coins? —Can a magnet ever be "turned off"? —Do toilets always flush in the same direction? —Can a swimming pool be cleaned with just the breath of one person? Whether you’ve always been interested in STEM or you’re looking for a cool science fair project, you’ll want to test these fun and educational experiments for yourself!
  • The Everything Kids' Puzzle Book: Mazes, Word Games, Puzzles & More! Hours of Fun!

    Jennifer A Ericsson, Beth L Blair

    Paperback (Everything, March 1, 2002)
    Wind your way through pages of endless fun!Decode a secret message using the phases of the moon, wind your way through a pizza maze, find hidden presidents, borrow some drachmas, unscramble an invention time line, play super duper tic-tac-toe, classic hangman, match up snowflakes, and more with The Everything Kids’ Puzzle Book! You can also look for Mervin the Mouse every time you turn the page—he’s watching from his hiding place to help you through this wild and whacky jam-packed puzzle book! Sharpen more than one pencil—there are enough puzzles here to keep you entertained for hours!
  • The Everything Kids' Games & Puzzles Book: Secret Codes, Twisty Mazes, Hidden Pictures, and Lots More - For Hours of Fun!

    Beth L Blair, Jennifer A Ericsson

    Paperback (Everything, Jan. 18, 2013)
    Peculiar puzzles, ridiculous riddles, and a-mazing mazes guaranteed to keep the fun rolling!What's not to love about puzzles? Unlocking answers, solving mysteries, breaking codes--you're practically a super-spy and you haven't even left your house. Not to mention how puzzles prove what a superior brain you have! The Everything Kids' Games and Puzzles Book is chock-full of more than 100 challenging and satisfying word games, logic puzzles, and brain teasers, including:To the Top: A silly mountainside mazeSplash: Hidden pictures out at seaSee You Later: An around-the-world word searchX-treme Sports: Wild and crazy picture puzzlesAnd many, many more!Perfect for rainy days, car trips, or after school, these games, puzzles, riddles, and mazes will help you have fun no matter what the day brings. So sharpen your pencil and get ready to puzzle!
  • The Everything Kids Learning Spanish Book 2nd Edition

    Cecilia I. Sojo

    Paperback (Adams, Sept. 16, 2010)
    Hola, amigos!Learning espanol is a blast with this book. Packed with sections of fun facts, tips, and silly Spanish phrases, kids will be speaking Spanish pronto! In addition to thirty Spanish-themed puzzles, kids find:Pronunciations of Spanish wordsCommonly used words for around the house and townTerms for describing themselves en espanolAn English-Spanish glossary As a bonus, the book includes a comprehensive parent/teacher guide to facilitate learning. Loaded with simple, lively lessons to keep kids busy for hours, this book is just the thing to get little readers to hablar espanol hoy!
  • The Everything Kids' Word Search Puzzle and Activity Book: Solve clever clues and hunt for hidden words in 100 mind-bending puzzles

    Beth L Blair, Jennifer A Ericsson

    Paperback (Everything, May 1, 2008)
    Become a word sleuth! You’ll find tons of hidden words (and clues that lead to other puzzles) in The Kids’ Word Search Puzzle and Activity Book.Flex your mental muscles with 100 word search puzzles about: -Things Around the House: your family, pets, meals, computer, and chores. -What You’d Find In the Yard: gardens, bugs, weather, BBQs, and tree forts. -At School: the school bus, teachers, recess, friends, lunch, and yes, homework. -Things to Do on Vacation: camping, biking, boating, museums, and road trips. -Animal Friends: cats, dogs, birds, lions, bears, whales, sharks, and penguins. -Hobbies: collecting baseball cards, sewing, drawing, reading, and writing. -Sports: soccer, baseball, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, and ballet. -Imagine That: dragons, fairies, castles, wizards, aliens, monsters, and pirates. Grab your pencil and start scouring for words and clues—you’re the pencil-puzzling PI on the case!
  • The Everything Kids' Learning French Book: Fun exercises to help you learn francais

    Dawn Michelle Baude, Veronique Moterle PhD

    Paperback (Everything, May 1, 2008)
    Fun exercises to help you learn français!Bonjour, mon ami! So, you want to learn French but don't know where to start? Start ici, with The Everything Kids' Learning French Book. Inside, you'll find simple exercises, fun facts, tips on pronunciation, and popular phrases that enable you to read and speak French in no time at all.You'll learn how to:Address your family ("Ma famille") and pets ("Mes animaux familiers")Describe holidays and birthdays ("Fêtes et anniversaires")Ask "What time is it?" ("Quelle heure est-il?")Tell your friends, "Let's go outdoors" ("On va dehors")Express your feelings ("Exprimer mes sentiments")Talk about school ("Mon école") and your classes ("Mes cours")Dozens of puzzles and activities--plus an English-French Dictionary--make learning this exciting new language easy, fast, and fun!
  • The Everything KIDS' Weather Book: From Tornadoes to Snowstorms, Puzzles, Games, and Facts That Make Weather for Kids Fun!

    Joseph Snedeker

    Paperback (Everything, Oct. 18, 2012)
    Get ready for a 100% chance of scientific fun!Have you ever wondered what happens in the eye of a tornado or how hurricanes gain their strength? From lightning and snow-day blizzards to rainbows and monsoons, The Everything Kids' Weather Book gives you an exciting look into all the action that happens in the sky, including:The difference between cirrus and stratocumulus cloudsHow meteorologists predict the weatherWhat the term "a perfect storm" meansHow to build a weather station of your ownWhy storms depend on how cold and warm fronts interactHow to create weather experiments at homeThe effects of global warming on our planetFilled with hundreds of exciting facts and thirty fun weather puzzles and games, The Everything Kids' Weather Book is perfect for finding out how a barometer works, which cloud is a nimbus cloud, what causes hailstorms - and everything in between!
  • The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles Book: Brain Teasers, Games, and Activities for Hours of Fun

    Meg Clemens, Sean Clemens, Glenn Clemens

    Paperback (Everything, June 16, 2003)
    Stump your friends and family! Who knew that math could be so cool? Crammed with games, puzzles, and trivia, The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles Book puts the fun back into playing with numbers! If you have any fear of math—or are just tired of sitting in a classroom—The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles Book provides hours of entertainment. You’ll get so caught up in the activities, you won’t even know you’re learning! Inside, you’ll be able to: Decode hidden messages using Roman numerals Connect the dots using simple addition and subtraction Learn to create magic number squares Use division to answer musical riddles Match the profession to numerical license plates
  • The Everything Kids' Money Book: Earn it, save it, and watch it grow!

    Brette Sember

    Paperback (Everything, Nov. 17, 2008)
    From saving for a new bike to investing their allowance online, kids get the "cents" they need with this. Kids will also learn:How coins and bills are made.What money can buy--from school supplies to fun and games.How credit cards work.Ways to watch money grow--from savings to stocks.Cool financial technology.And more! Saving money isn't about a piggy bank anymore. Today's kids are investing money, starting their own small businesses, and watching their savings earn interest. This book will teach kids all they need to know about the "green" they earn so they can save or spend it wisely. This edition includes completely new material on online banking, opening a bank account, and saving allowance.
  • The Everything Kids' Soccer Book

    Carlos Folgar, Deborah W Crisfield

    Paperback (Everything, Nov. 20, 2018)
    Fun and exciting tips soccer tips and techniques for kids—along with puzzles and games!—in this new and up-to-date edition of the Everything Kids’ Soccer Book. Every year, more and more children join the exciting world of soccer—is your child one of them? Help them be the best player they can be, with this helpful and informative guide to one of the popular youth sports in the US! In the latest edition of The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book, kids will find practical tips, rules, and guidance on how to perfect their passing, shooting, and dribbling skills and master the fancy footwork to become a soccer pro in no time. With plenty of puzzles and games included along the way, now learning about soccer can be—almost—as fun as playing it!
  • The Everything Kids' Basketball Book

    Bob Schaller, Dave Harnish

    Paperback (Everything, Oct. 29, 2019)
    Learn the latest statistics along with information on all your favorite players in the newest edition of the bestselling The Everything Kids’ Basketball Book, featuring great tips for mastering the game!Learn how to play like a pro—and win—the fun game of basketball! Filled with dozens of games, puzzles, and activities, this book shows kids how to be a wizard on the court, hitting jumpers like Jordan while also learning the importance of teamwork. Covering everything you need to know about basketball, The Everything Kids’ Basketball Book explains all the rules of the game, the history of the sport, and information on your favorite players. Featuring up-to-date records of the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, and Olympic basketball, you’ll learn how to stay active and healthy while playing the sport you love.
  • The Everything Kids' Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles, and Brain Teasers

    Michael Dahl, Kathi Wagner, Aubrey Wagner, Aileen Weintraub

    Paperback (Everything, Oct. 16, 2010)
    Hours of entertainment for the kids—let the good times roll!Why did the chicken cross the road? Knock, knock. Who's there? What do you get when you...? As kids guess the answers, they're sure to get the giggles! With this book, little ones will look forward to sharing the jokes with parents, teachers, and siblings--and even coming up with some variations of their own! In addition to hundreds of rib-tickling jokes, readers will love: –Head-scratching brain teasers –Funny knock-knock jokes –Hysterical puzzles –Ridiculous riddles And much, much more! Amid the jokes, kids also find information on how to deliver the perfect punch line and how their favorite comics got started telling jokes. Every budding comic needs a little help getting started, and this book is the perfect go-to for getting laughs!