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  • Flags

    David Jefferis

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Oct. 1, 1985)
    An introduction to the history and uses of flags. Includes illustrations of national, international, signal, and motor racing flags.
  • Earthquakes

    David Lambert

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Sept. 1, 1982)
    An informative study of earthquakes explains how and why such catastrophic phenomena occur and discusses why specific regions of the world are particularly susceptible to earthquakes
  • The Moon

    Andrew Langley, Product Support Graphics, Christopher Forsey, Michael Roffe

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, )
  • Submarines

    Robert Van Tol, Robert Burns

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Oct. 1, 1984)
    Examines the history, uses, working operations, and future of submarines and describes the various types.
  • Trees

    Andrew Langley

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, )
  • Bagdad Ate It

    Phyllis Green

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Aug. 1, 1980)
    A dieting puppy gets into trouble eating things he shouldn't have.
  • Dogs

    Angela Hart, Hayward Art Group, Debbie Allright, Christopher Forsey

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Nov. 1, 1982)
    Describes the first dogs, characteristics of dogs, different kinds of dogs, and pet care.
  • Comets

    Martyn Hamer

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Aug. 1, 1984)
    Describes the origin, composition, orbit, and speed of different types of comets.
  • Helicopters

    David Jefferis

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Oct. 1, 1987)
    Explains the workings of helicopters and discusses helicopters' military, transportation, and rescue uses
  • Night Sky

    Martyn Hamer, Russell Barnett

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Aug. 1, 1983)
    An introduction to planets, constellations, comets, meteors, and other objects that can be seen in the sky at night, with suggestions for nocturnal observers.
  • Bear at the Beach

    Clay Carmichael

    Hardcover (NorthSouth, March 1, 1996)
    Bear lives in a house by the sea with Clara, who loves him very much. But Bear longs for the father he has never had, a father who would play with him, explain things to him, hold him tight, and comfort him after bad drams. So Bear sets out to find his father, finally realizing that what he has been searching for is something he had all along. Full color.
  • Harry's Got a Girlfriend

    W Slawski, U. Schubert

    Paperback (North-South, Aug. 1, 2000)
    Poor Harry! He is the only boy in his class who is invited to Michelle's birthday party. The other boys tease him mercilessly. "Harry's got a girlfriend!" they taunt.Harry has to admit that Michelle is actually pretty nice--for a girl. But how can he go to her party when the boys are laughing at him??