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Books in Dover Coloring Books for Children series

  • Space Coloring Book for Kids: Fantastic Outer Space Coloring with Planets, Astronauts, Space Ships, Rockets

    Blue Wave Press

    Paperback (DP Kids, April 23, 2018)
    Explore Outer Space with This Fun Coloring Book for KidsPlanets, Astronauts, Spaceships, Aliens, Meteors, and More!Space coloring book for boys, girls, and kids who love outer space. Featuring full-page drawings of planets, astronauts, spaceships, aliens, meteors, rockets, sun, moon, stars. Provides hours of fun and creativity. Includes bonus pages.This space-themed coloring book features:Large 8 1/2 x 11 inch pagesPrinted on bright white, 60 lb paperSingle side for easy tear out and displayHigh-resolution printingDurable glossy coverMade in USAMakes a fun and unique space-themed gift for kids!
  • The Berenstain Bears' Giant Coloring and Activity Book

    Jan Berenstain, Stan Berenstain

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Nov. 21, 2013)
    With over 260 pages of beartastic activities, this might be the biggest Berenstain collection ever! Kids can visit Bear Country with coloring pages about numbers, the alphabet, and the four seasons. Plus, there are dozens of fun-filled puzzles, including hidden pictures, mazes, word games, find-the-differences, dot-to-dots, and much more.
  • Dinosaurs

    Anna Pomaska

    Paperback (Dover Publications, July 27, 2005)
    A herd of prehistoric creatures comes to life on the pages of this exciting coloring book. Inside, you'll find 30 large pictures of the long-necked Apatosaurus and the mighty tyrannosaurus, as well as the ankylosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, parasaurolophus, and 24 other awesome reptiles. Easy-to-read captions, along with the dinosaur's name and its phonetic spelling, accompany each picture. A great way to become acquainted with dinosaurs, this exciting book will also teach you new words while you're having fun coloring.
  • My First Book About Outer Space

    Patricia J. Wynne, Donald M. Silver

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Feb. 18, 2015)
    "Entertaining, easy-to-understand captions explain crater formation, constellations, weightlessness, space junk, and other fascinating subjects." — Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin Where do we live among the galaxies, what did people think before they could study the sky with telescopes, and what happened to Pluto? Thirty-nine illustrations to color answer these and other questions about our Solar System and beyond. Entertaining, easy-to-understand captions explain crater formation, constellations, weightlessness, space junk, and other fascinating subjects. Suitable for ages 8–12. Winner of a 2015 Moonbeam Children's Book Silver Award.
  • Princess Coloring Book

    Eileen Rudisill Miller

    Paperback (Dover Publications, May 17, 2012)
    Add a rainbow of color to the world of a royal princess!Your little princess will enjoy hours of enchantment adding vivid colors to this magical world of royal adventures. Thirty fairy tale scenes portray a lovely lady strolling in the royal garden, preparing for the ball, horseback riding in the forest, picnicking with the handsome prince, and more. Each beautifully rendered illustration is ready to color, and all make for captivating creative fun!
  • World Atlas Activity and Coloring Book

    George Toufexis

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Aug. 20, 2014)
    More than 30 big pictures to color and puzzles to solve introduce countries from across the world. Kids can discover all kinds of interesting details about an international array of languages, native plants and animals, traditional clothing and art, unique geographic features, and other distinctive traits. Includes solutions.
  • Grumpy Cat Coloring Book

    Grumpy Cat, David Cutting

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Oct. 15, 2014)
    Do you like to color? Looking on the bright side of life hurts Grumpy Cat's eyes, so if you're happy and you know it — go away! Meanwhile, you can color the surly feline in a host of hilariously irritating situations, including holidays ("Feliz Navi-DON'T"), Grumpin' Around the World ("French? Non!"), and Grumps of the Silver Screen ("The TermiNOtor," "The Wizard of No," and "Indiana No and the Raiders of the Get Lost Ark").
  • The Unbelievable Cryptozoology Coloring Book

    George Toufexis

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Oct. 15, 2014)
    Discover hidden monsters of dark forests, vast wilderness, and ocean depths! Cryptozoology concerns the study of animals whose existence is not yet proven — and this coloring book ranges all over the globe to recapture mysterious creatures. Color these imaginative renderings of nightmarish creatures that have been reported but not scientifically documented: the giant vampire bat of Madagascar, the Himalayan Yeti, North America's ape-like Bigfoot, and 27 other bizarre animals.
  • Horses and Ponies: Coloring and Sticker Fun

    Cathy Beylon, Nina Barbaresi

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Sept. 22, 2006)
    This entertaining coloring book is the perfect introduction to man's second best friend. Thirty fun scenes show horses and ponies trotting along a riding path, resting in a lush meadow, playing with bunny rabbits and chasing butterflies, walking with a friend, staying close to Mom, and more. Plus, you also get 24 handsome stickers including a Mustang, Lipizzaner, Appaloosa, Pinto, Clydesdale, Shetland pony, Arabian, Palomino, and other popular horse breeds.
  • ABC Sign and Color: A Beginner's Book of American Sign Language

    Susan T. Hall

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Jan. 16, 2013)
    Clever and kid-friendly, this introduction to signing features whimsical illustrations to color as well as the basics of both American Sign Language (ASL) and the American Manual Alphabet for finger spelling words. Each page features a clear drawing of a hand letter sign and common words beginning with the letter. Includes signing tips and etiquette.
  • Graffiti Art Coloring Book

    Jeremy Elder

    Paperback (Dover Publications, April 21, 2016)
    Color an awesome gallery of graffiti slogans and images! Fans of graffiti art will revel in these super-cool illustrations. Thirty original, streetwise designs offer a fabulous variety of coloring possibilities, from ornately lettered slogans to clowns, skulls, devils, and other striking images on flashy backgrounds. Best of all, this graffiti art requires no spray-paint expertise and is completely legal.
  • SPARK Cool Cats Coloring Book

    Noelle Dahlen

    Paperback (Dover Publications, July 15, 2015)
    Get ready for the coolest cats around! Thirty inspiring illustrations feature curious felines catching fish, chasing butterflies, playing with balls, floating balloons, and enjoying other playful activities. Each dynamic drawing will have creative kids purring with excitement. Features perforated pages printed on one side only for easy removal and display plus a bonus "Draw Your Own" page. Cool Cats Coloring Book and other Spark titles offer a wide variety of engaging activities that will foster creativity in children ages 6 to 10.