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Books in Disney's the Lion King series

  • Follow the leader

    Page McBrier

    Board book (Grolier Books, March 15, 1994)
    Follow the leader (Disney's the Lion King) Board book format.
  • Disney The Lion King: Wild Schemes and Catastrophes

    John Jackson Miller, Alexandra Fastovets, Danilo Antoniucci, Timothy Green II

    Paperback (Dark Horse Books, June 4, 2019)
    A graphic novel anthology expanding on the Disney 2019 feature film, The Lion King, directed by Jon Favreau.Journey through Pride Rock and beyond in four stories focusing on Simba as a cub. Young Simba learns being king is not as easy as he would like to believe, fan-favorite duo Timon and Pumbaa find themselves in a peculiar situation, take a trek with young Simba and Nala on a path unknown, and share in the wise words of the one and only Rafiki.Writer John Jackson Miller (Star Wars, Mass Effect) takes you into the wild through the vast landscapes of the Pride Lands for a closer look into the life of young Simba and what awaits him as the lion king.
  • Disney The Lion King Timon and Pumbaa’s Pride Lands Safari

    Courtney Acampora

    Board book (SFI Readerlink Dist, June 11, 2019)
    Join Timon and Pumbaa as they explore the Pride Lands! Join everyone’s favorite meerkat and warthog duo, Timon and Pumbaa, as they give a tour of the Pride Lands in Disney The Lion King Timon and Pumbaa’s Pride Lands Safari! From Pride Rock to Hakuna Matata Falls, Timon and Pumbaa introduce the habitats in the Pride Lands and the animals and characters that live in each. This book includes a spyglass viewer with six images that correspond with the story. As the two pals explore the Pride Lands, use the spyglass to help Timon and Pumbaa find key characters from The Lion King!
  • Lunch Bugs: Simba's Book About Color/Touch and Play Book

    Not Available

    Hardcover (Mouse Works, April 1, 1995)
    Trying to ward off young Simba's appetite for larger prey, Timon and Pumbaa present a variety of colorful bugs for lunch, from a red ladybug to a blue beetle, but Simba is unconvinced that slimy can be satisfying.
  • How Simba Met Timon and Pumbaa

    Catherine Hapka, Roger Generazzo, Robbin Cuddy

    Paperback (Golden Books, Oct. 1, 1998)
    When Simba runs away, he is rescued by a meerkat and a warthog
  • Kiara's Colors

    June Doolittle, Art Mawhinney

    Board book (Golden Books, Oct. 1, 1998)
    Kiara notices things that are green, purple, orange, red, and blue in the Pride Lands
  • The Lion King

    Margo Hover, Niall Harding, Judy Barnes

    School & Library Binding (Topeka Bindery, Sept. 1, 2003)
  • Disney The Lion King Book to Color with Big Crayons

    Dalmatian Press

    Mass Market Paperback (Dalmatian Press, July 1, 2013)
    Title: Disney The Lion King - Hakuna Matata 48 Page Book to Color with 3 Big Double-Sided Crayons
  • My World: Disney Lion Guard

    Shari Last

    Hardcover (DK Children, Jan. 3, 2017)
    Explore the world of Disney Junior's new animated TV show, The Lion Guard, with DK's My World: The Lion Guard, a fun new book for preschoolers.Meet Kion the lion cub—leader of the Lion Guard and son of Simba! This lively new series continues the story of Disney's much-loved movie The Lion King. Learn about Kion's cool friends and discover what it takes to be in the Lion Guard—a team of heroic animals who protect the Pride Lands. Using colorful images from the show and simple read-aloud text, DK's My World: The Lion Guard follows themes of teamwork, adventure, and diversity, and contains more than 100 stickers.© 2016 Disney
  • Disney The Lion King Movie Theater: Storybook & Movie Projector

    Tisha Hamilton, Disney

    Hardcover (Reader's Digest, Aug. 23, 2011)
    Kids will love reading this book about Simba and projecting colorful movie images on their wall with the removable movie projector and five discs.Timed to tie into the re-release of the hit film, this movie theater storybook tells the story of Simba, the lion cub who would be king. But Simba has a lot of growing up to do before he’s ready to rule Pride Rock. Kids will love reading this book and projecting colorful movie images on their wall with the removable movie projector and five discs.
  • Playtime with Simba and Nala with Paint Brush and Paint Pots

    Walt Disney Productions, Golden Books, Disney

    Paperback (Golden Books Publishing Company, Aug. 15, 1998)
    Children will enjoy painting Simba and Nala as they romp through the jungle, playing with each other and their various other friends. This coloring and activity book comes complete with paints and brush.
  • Lion Guard: Bunga The Wise

    Disney Press Editors

    Library Binding (Turtleback Books, Jan. 19, 2016)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Reading is fun in this exciting Level 1 World of Reading story based on an episode of the upcoming Disney Junior animated series ""The Lion Guard.