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Books in Caroline's American Girl Collection series

  • Molly: An American Girl : 1944

    Valerie Tripp

    Paperback (Amer Girl Pub, Sept. 1, 1990)
    Molly has a feud with her brother, helps the war effort, celebrates Christmas without her father, meets an English girl, fights in a camp war, and awaits her father's return from overseas
  • Meet Caroline: An American Girl

    Kathleen Ernst

    Paperback (American Girl, Sept. 4, 2012)
    Caroline Abbott is doing what she loves most--sailing on Lake Ontario with Papa--when her world turns upside down. A British officer boards their sloop, announces that Britain and America are once again at war, and takes her father prisoner. As Papa is led away, Caroline promises him that she will be brave until he returns. Then the British attack her village, and it looks as if the Americans are in trouble. Can she stay steady enough to help win the day? The illustrated "Looking Back" section explores the beginning of the War of 1812.
  • Welcome to Felicity's World, 1774: Growing Up in Colonial America

    Pleasant Company, Camela Decaire, Jodi Evert, Catherine Gourley, Jamie Young, David Henderson

    Hardcover (Amer Girl Pub, Sept. 1, 1999)
    Through the eyes of nine-year-old Felicity Merriman, provides an in-depth look at daily life and historical events in the American colonies during the Revolutionary War, including home life, work, medicine, and play.
  • Kirsten's Surprise

    Janet Shaw

    Paperback (American Girl, March 1, 1988)
    Kirsten and her family will be celebrating their first Christmas in America. Kirsten wants to keep some of their old Swedish traditions alive in the new country, so she secretly plans a Saint Lucia celebration. But everything depends on a trip to town with Papa, and he's too busy to leave the farm. At last they go--and get caught in a terrible blizzard. It's up to Kirsten to keep herself and Papa safe through the night. When she finally gets home, the candles in the little cabin glow with a special holiday warmth.
  • Josefina an American Girl

    Valerie Tripp, Jean-Paul Tibbles, Susan McAliley

    Paperback (Amer Girl Pub, Sept. 1, 1998)
    Josefina tries to help run the household, learns to read and write, participates in Las Posadas at Christmastime, helps a friend who was bitten by a snake, makes an important deal with an American trader, and tries to change her aunt's mind about leaving the ranch.Josefina tries to help run the household, learns to read and write, celebrates Christmas, helps a friend with snakebite, makes a deal with an American, and tries to change her aunt's mind about leaving the ranch
  • Really Truly Ruthie

    Valerie Tripp

    Paperback (American Girl, Sept. 1, 2007)
    Ruthie Smithens, a girl who believes in fairy tales and happy endings, would do almost anything to help her best friend, Kit Kittredge, whose family has been hard hit by the Depression. But Ruthie has learned the hard way that offers of help, even between friends, are tricky. When Ruthie finds out some bad news about the Kittredges' house while at her father's bank, she has to find a way to help the Kittredges reach Kit's Aunt Millie, so that there can be at least the chance of a happy ending!
  • Kit Saves The Day

    Valerie Tripp, Walter Rane

    Paperback (American Girl, Sept. 1, 2001)
    Kit meets a young hobo who shares his exciting life on the road. When Kit decides to pursue some adventures of her own, her curiosity gets her into trouble!
  • Welcome to Molly's World,1944: Growing Up in World War Two America

    Catherine Gourley, Camela Decaire, Laszlo Kubinyi, Jamie Young, Connie Russell

    Hardcover (Amer Girl Pub, Oct. 1, 1999)
    Describes the changing lifestyle of Americans--particularly the girls and women--on the homefront during World War II, as seen through the eyes of nine-year-old Molly McIntire.
  • Happy Birthday, Kit!

    Valerie Tripp, Walter Rane

    Paperback (American Girl, Sept. 1, 2001)
    With no time or money to spare, the chances of Kit having a birthday party are pretty slim. But when Aunt Millie comes for a visit, Kit finds new reasons to hope.
  • Welcome to Josefina's World 1824: Growing Up on America's Southwest Frontier

    Yvette Lapierre, Peg Ross, Jodi Evert, Laszlo Kubinyi, Jamie Young

    Hardcover (Amer Girl Pub, Oct. 1, 1999)
    Provides a glimpse at western expansion in 1824 through the eyes of nine-year-old Josefina Montoya--a time when Spanish, Mexican, and Native American people shared the land and expansionists arrived by wagons from the east.
  • Welcome to Samantha's World-1904: Growing Up in America's New Century

    Catherine Gourley, Jodi Evert, Michelle Jones

    Hardcover (Amer Girl Pub, Oct. 1, 1999)
    An in-depth look at life for girls and women in America in 1904 discusses city and town life, social reform, new inventions, amusements, and more from the perspective of nine-year-old Samantha Parkington.
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is: A Play About Kirsten Play Script

    Valerie Tripp, Janet Beeler Shaw

    Paperback (Amer Girl Pub, Sept. 1, 1994)
    Star in Home Is Where the Heart Is, a 20 minute play about Kirsten's journey to America in 1854. This kit includes four Play Scripts and a Director's Guide with ideas for costumes, props, set design, and more!.