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  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?: With Fun Facts, Cool Maps, and Seek and Finds for 10 Locations Around the World

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, Oct. 1, 2019)
    Carmen Sandiego is on a mission to stop VILE, and she needs your help! Get the scoop on twelve different countries, then share the sleuthing in this exciting search-and-find book with full-color illustrations and photography. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She’s traveling by air and by sea, over land and on foot. Just when you think you’ve found her, she slips away again! Lucky for you, she’s on your side. Grab your passport and explore the geography and unique cultures across the globe, from Rio to New York and Morocco to Milan, while searching for items of all sorts in this seek-and-find book featuring full-color illustrations and photography.
  • Who in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

    Rebecca Tinker

    Hardcover (HMH Books for Young Readers, Jan. 22, 2019)
    Based on the Netflix original series with a foreword by Gina Rodriguez. For decades, people have asked the question: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? But just who is this infamous and elusive globe-trotting criminal? A skilled thief on a mysterious mission, Carmen Sandiego is endlessly pursued by ACME and Interpol. But the woman in the red fedora is always one step ahead! In this novelization, based on the Netflix animated series, Carmen shares her own backstory for the first time ever. Now, it's time to find out.... Who in the world is Carmen Sandiego.
  • Clue by Clue

    Catherine Hapka

    Hardcover (HMH Books for Young Readers, May 7, 2019)
    Crack the code with Carmen Sandiego! In this original story, a special clue-decoding wheel built into the front cover allows readers to hunt for long-lost pirate's treasure alongside the world's greatest thief. Inspired by the Netflix animated series.Carmen Sandiego and crew are off on a thrilling treasure hunt in this original story inspired by the Netflix animated series. When the secrets of a centuries' old treasure map are uncovered, it's up to Carmen to puzzle out the pirate's code and track down a long lost treasure. From the cobblestone streets of London to a sunken city in the Caribbean, Carmen must stay one step ahead on a trail of clues in order to beat her nemeses to the buried treasure! Using the book's special built-in decoder, readers can help Carmen unlock the map's clues--and make sure this pirate's booty finally makes its way into the right hands.
  • Secrets of the Silver Lion

    Emma Otheguy

    Hardcover (HMH Books for Young Readers, Sept. 8, 2020)
    From the bustling streets of New York City to the cobblestones of Seville and the silver mines high in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, Carmen is off on another quest to stop VILE in this heart-pounding caper full of twists and turns!For centuries, the magnificent Throne of Felipe has stood with two empty spaces beside its famous silver arrow—spaces where the silver castle and lion should have been. And now, with the recent discovery of the silver castle within a secret vault in Seville, Spain, the hunt is on for the third silver icon. With all three pieces in the place, the throne will be enormously valuable—making it a hot item on VILE’s radar. Now it’s up to Carmen and crew to find the silver lion before VILE does, and protect the throne from winding up in the wrong hands.
  • Take the Mummy and Run

    Ellen Weiss, S. M. Taggart

    Paperback (HarperCollins, Sept. 5, 1997)
    When the elusive Carmen Sandiego swipes King Tut's coffin, Maya and her friend Ben team up with world explorer Jersey Jones to reclaim the golden sarcophagus and begin an adventure that takes them from Australia to Cairo. Original.
  • Highway Robbery

    Bonnie Bader, S. M. Taggart

    Paperback (HarperCollins, Sept. 5, 1997)
    When Carmen Sandiego steals Interstate 80, one of the most traveled highways in the United States, Maya and Ben embark on a cross-country chase that introduces them to some of the most radical roadside attractions in the nation. Original.