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Books in Blastoff Readers. Level 1 series

  • Rabbits

    Derek Zobel

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 8, 2010)
    A rabbit's teeth never stop growing. A rabbit needs to continually eat and chew to wear them down! Kids will learn what rabbits look like, where they live, and what they need to eat to keep their teeth short.
  • Monster Trucks

    Kay Manolis

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Feb. 1, 2008)
    A monster truck rolls over a car and crunches it under its huge wheels. Monster trucks are giant pickup trucks that can race around a track. Kids will roar with excitement as monster trucks dominate this book's pages.
  • Switzerland

    Derek Zobel

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 1, 2011)
    Famous for the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps, Switzerland is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts all over the world. Swiss alpine culture is also known for a long wooden horn called the alphorn and the tradition of yodeling. Explore the stunning landscapes, unique culture, and bustling cities of this small European country.
  • Ethiopia

    Ellen Frazel

    Hardcover (Blastoff Reader, Jan. 1, 2013)
    Two sections of Earth's crust meet to form the Great Rift Valley in the middle of Ethiopia. Bordering the valley are some of Africa's most expansive highland areas, lending Ethiopia the nickname, "the roof of Africa." Discover the diversity of landscapes, people, and wildlife in this informative title for young readers.
  • Snakes

    Emily Green

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 8, 2010)
    Snakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are only a few feet long, while others can stretch over 40 feet long! This title introduces young readers to the traits of snakes, what and how they eat, and where they make their homes.
  • Rabbits

    Hollie Endres

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Sept. 1, 2007)
    Hopping, eating, and resting. That's the life of a rabbit on the farm. This book introduces young readers to the physical characteristics and lifestyle of rabbits.
  • Armadillos

    Kari Schuetz

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 1, 2011)
    A shell of bony plates covers an armadillo's body. This dense body armor protects the animal, but it also makes swimming difficult. To avoid sinking in water, an armadillo must inflate its stomach with air! In this book, children will learn about the diet, habitat, and unique look of the armadillo.
  • DK Readers L1: Star Wars : What is a Droid?

    Lisa Stock

    Paperback (DK Children, Jan. 2, 2018)
    Get to know the most beloved droids in the Star Wars galaxy.Featuring high-quality images from the smash-hit movies and TV series, this Level 1 Reader takes a close look at the coolest droids in the Star Wars galaxy, from new favorites BB-8 (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), K-2SO (Star Wars: Rogue One), and Chopper (Star Wars: Rebels) to treasured old friends from the classic saga C-3PO and R2-D2. Perfect for 3- to 5-year-olds learning to read, Level 1 titles contain short, simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently used words. Stunning photographic images with labels provide visual clues to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.
  • DK Readers L1: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: New Adventures

    David Fentiman

    Paperback (DK Children, Dec. 18, 2015)
    Introduce new readers to the amazing Star Wars™ universe with Star Wars: The Force Awakens™: New Adventures. Part of DK's long established reading program, this reader is a Level 1, designed for those beginning to read. Combining clear, simple text with eye-catching images from The Force Awakens™, this book will help young readers learn to love reading.
  • Pigs

    Emily K. Green

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 30, 2007)
    Pigs often rest in mud puddles on the farm. Mud baths help them to stay cool. This book teaches children how pigs look, what pigs eat, and how pigs survive hot days.
  • Badgers

    Derek Zobel

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 1, 2011)
    Badgers become fierce fighters when in danger. They can protect themselves from falling prey to large, strong animals such as wolves and bears! This book introduces beginning readers to badgers, highlighting the powerful jaws and strong claws of these animals.
  • DK Readers L1: A Trip to the Dentist

    Penny Smith

    Paperback (DK Children, March 20, 2006)
    A Level 1 DK Reader that accurately portrays a trip to the dentist, perfect for young children who are just learning to read.Sarah, Josh, and Rabbit are off to the dentist. Join them as they discover how to keep their teeth clean and bright in DK Readers: A Trip to The Dentist (Level 1: Beginning to Read).Perfect for 3–5 year olds learning to read, Level 1 titles contain short, simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently used words. Stunning photographic images with labels provide visual clues to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.About the series: Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories in DK Readers, a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge.