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  • American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide: A Celebration of the American Girl Story

    Erin Falligant, Laurie Calkhoven, Carrie Anton, Valerie Tripp

    Hardcover (DK Children, Sept. 6, 2016)
    Explore 30 years of American Girl® from the BeForever™ characters like Samantha and Melody, all of the Girl of the Year™ line including Lea, and the variety of the TrulyMe™ dolls.American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide will be a treasured addition to every American Girl fan's bookshelf, with beautiful imagery and enlightening facts and information about the complete line of American Girl dolls. Featuring a detailed timeline of the company and tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes information, this book takes readers on a wonderful journey from the start of The Pleasant Company all the way through to present day.Did you know American Girl creator Pleasant T. Rowland first described her idea for a line of dolls on a postcard to her friend, Valerie Tripp? Or that it can take two to three years to design a new character? Find out all about your favorite characters and their lives, historical eras, outfits, pets, accessories, and more with the American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide.© 2016 American Girl. All rights reserved. American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by an used under license from American Girl.
  • Felicity Mini Doll

    American Girl

    Paperback (American Girl, Aug. 24, 2017)
    The 6.5" (16.5 cm) Felicity mini doll has painted eyes and long auburn hair. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. She arrives in a tiny version of Felicity's 1770s outfit. Includes a mini abridged version of the book Love and Loyalty.
  • Doll Travel: Trips to take and crafts to make

    Trula Magruder, Casey Lukatz

    Paperback (American Girl, May 29, 2014)
    Girls can design a dream vacation for their dolls! This kit includes supplies girls can use to create make-believe theme parks, sandy beaches, and charming cruises. Includes a real doll-sized duffel bag, an idea book, and travel essentials: a pretend passport, mini international maps, faux airline tickets, souvenirs, play money, and more.
  • Cecile and Marie-Grace PB Box Set

    Denise Lewis Patrick, Sarah Masters Buckey, Christine Kornacki, Cindy Salans Rosenheim

    Paperback (American Girl, Aug. 30, 2011)
    This keepsake boxed set features CĂ©cile's and Marie-Grace's six beautifully illustrated books. Discover what it was like to grow up in America during the 1850s.The set also opens up to a fun-filled game. Collect cards featuring Marie-Grace and CĂ©cile's favorite things, and earn points as you move around the board. The first person to finish is not necessarily the winner. Roll the die and see what happens!
  • Friends: Making Them & Keeping Them

    Patti Kelley Criswell, Stacy Peterson

    Paperback (American Girl, Feb. 28, 2015)
    "Friends" is designed to help you learn how to make new friends, and make the most of the friendships you already have. It's full of quizzes, crafts, thoughtful advice, and true stories of friendship shared by real girls like you.
  • Brain Benders: Crosswords, Mazes, Searches, Riddles, and More Puzzle Fun!

    Darcie Johnston, Monika Roe

    Spiral-bound (American Girl, Aug. 28, 2014)
    Be prepared to bend your brain, flex your logic, and stretch your problem-solving skills! This book is filled with mind-bending and boggling puzzles to challenge even the most savvy puzzle lovers. You�ll find crosswords, word scrambles, logic games, mazes, math challenges, Sudoku, word searches, and more. So put on your thinking cap and get started!
  • The Sister Book: A Guide to Good Times with Your Family

    Kristi Thom, Brenna Vaughan

    Paperback (American Girl, Aug. 27, 2015)
    Calling all sisters! The Sister Book is for you! Whether your family is filled with girls or bustling with brothers, the bonds you share with your siblings are super-special, and this book is all about celebrating them. Find fun ideas for activities to do together, plus helpful tips on getting through rough times. Best of all, you'll find suggestions for making memories to last a lifetime. Includes great advice from real girls and stories from real sisters, too.
  • A Smart Girl's Guide to Knowing What to Say

    Patti Kelley Criswell, Angela Martini

    Paperback (American Girl, June 1, 2011)
    A friend talks about you behind your back. What do you say to her? You want to watch a TV show that's on past your bedtime. How do you ask your parents? You break your friend's favorite CD. How do you apologize? In American Girl's latest Smart Girl's Guide, you'll learn the exact words to say in these situations, plus more than 200 others!. Tell a friend that you're sorry for her loss. Ask a teacher for more help. Stand up to a bully. Let someone know how much they mean to you. Inside this book, you'll find the tools, tips, techniques, (and actual words!) to help you untangle your tongue and speak out with confidence and grace.
  • Rebecca Boxed Set With Game

    Jacqueline Greene, Robert Hunt

    Paperback (American Girl, Sept. 1, 2010)
    This keepsake boxed set features Rebecca's six beautifully illustrated books. Discover what it was like to grow up in New York City in 1914.The set also opens up to a fun-filled game. Collect cards featuring Rebecca's favorite things, and earn points as you move around the board. The first person to finish is not necessarily the winner. Roll the die and see what happens!Book Details:Format: Book+ToyPublication Date: 9/1/2010Pages: 550Reading Level: Age 8 and Up
  • American Girl: Inspiring Stories from the Past: Coloring and Activity

    American Girl

    Paperback (Weldon Owen, Oct. 6, 2020)
    Journey to the past with the American Girl historical characters in this official coloring and activity book.American Girl historical characters have been changing the world in bold and exciting ways. From Kaya escaping captivity in another tribe in 1764 to Julie joining the boys’ basketball team in 1974, these courageous, smart, and spirited historical characters from the American Girl line have inspired girls to fearlessly express themselves. Learn about each of these amazing girls through their entertaining scenes and engaging activities focused on their lives and experiences. Recreations of the beautiful artwork from their most popular books give young artists the chance to bring these historical characters to life. Be inspired by American Girl!
  • Caroline 1812: With Board Game

    Kathleen Ernst

    Paperback (American Girl, Sept. 4, 2012)
    American Girl newest historical character Caroline Abbott on the shore of Lake Ontario in Sockets Harbor, New York. Inspiring stories of Bravery and Kindness.
  • A Girl Named Misty: The True Story of Misty Copeland

    Kelly Starling Lyons, Melissa Manwill

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., May 29, 2018)
    The A Girl Named series tells the stories of how ordinary American girls grew up to be extraordinary American women. Misty Copeland became the first African American Female Principal Dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, but how did she get there? A Girl Named Misty describes the defining moments that made up her childhood and adolescence with full-color illustrations throughout. In addition to stories and facts about Misty's upbringing and accomplishments, the book includes a timeline and a glossary, plus a profile of a noteworthy and contemporary American girl following in Misty's graceful footsteps to lead the way for African American women in the arts.