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Books in American Girl Mysteries series

  • Missing Grace: A Kit Mystery

    Elizabeth McDavid Jones, Jean Paul Tibbles

    Hardcover (American Girl, March 1, 2010)
    Kit writes a newspaper story about how her dog, Grace, saved the Kittredges and their boarders from a house fire. Grace becomes a local celebrity, and all the attention is a lot of fun for Kit--until the night Grace mysteriously vanishes. Who would take Kit's dog--and why?
  • Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic

    Sarah Masters Buckey

    Paperback (Amer Girl Pub, March 1, 2003)
    In 1925, after witnessing the violent actions of some gangsters, twelve-year-old Emily Scott accompanies her older sister on a trip to a luxurious hotel on the New Jersey shore, but worries that the gangsters have come to the same hotel. Simultaneous.
  • Felicity's Short Story Collection

    Valerie Tripp, Dan Andreasen, Philip Hood, Susan McAliley

    Hardcover (Amer Girl Pub, Aug. 21, 2006)
    Relates the adventures of Felicity Merriman, a girl growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1774.
  • Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery

    Jacqueline Greene, Jennifer Hirsch, Jean Paul Tibbles

    Hardcover (American Girl, March 1, 2010)
    Rebecca is off to summer camp, where she can't wait to swim, canoe, and meet new girls. She loves the shivery tales told around the campfire and seeing the stars and fireflies at night, but making friends turns out to be harder than she expected. What secrets is her bunkmate hiding--and why? When camp pranks start getting out of hand and a girl goes missing, Rebecca is determined to find out what's really going on at Camp Nokomis.
  • A Bundle of Trouble: A Rebecca Mystery

    Kathryn Reiss, Sergio Giovine

    Hardcover (American Girl, March 1, 2011)
    When Rebecca is put in charge of the new neighbors' baby, she hesitates to take on such a responsibility--especially with a kidnapper on the loose in New York! While her brother creates trouble in the neighborhood, Rebecca brings the baby to the park and meets some mysterious children. But when she returns home with the baby, she discovers there has been a terrible mistake.
  • Clues in the Shadows: A Molly Mystery

    Kathleen Ernst, Jean-Paul Tibbles

    Hardcover (Amer Girl Pub, March 1, 2009)
    Molly still does her her patriotic duty to help America win World War Two, but in the spring of 1945 she's weary and troubled. Dad is home safe . . . but he seems different now. Her favorite Red Cross leader abruptly quits. Her archrival, Ronnie Vanko, is driving her crazy. And now someone is sneaking into the backyard shed and messing with the scrap she's collecting for the latest wartime drive. Who is the intruder: Ronnie, her own brother Ricky--or a prowler she spied in the night?This book includes a richly illustrated "Peak Into The Past" essay.
  • The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha

    Erin Falligant, Juliana Kolesova, Michael Dworkin

    Paperback (American Girl, Aug. 28, 2014)
    What if you suddenly found yourself in Samantha�s world at the start of the 20th century? If you were meeting her for the first time, Samantha may tuck one leg behind the other and dip into a curtsy, the way girls did a very long time ago. But what other things might you experience in 1904? Join Samantha on exciting adventures where the two of you can dress up for a fancy dinner or take a trip to her summer home in the mountains. Your journey back in time can take whatever twists and turns you choose, as you select from a variety of exciting options in this multiple-ending story.
  • Hoofbeats of Danger

    Holly Hughes

    Paperback (Amer Girl Pub, Sept. 1, 1999)
    In 1860, eleven-year-old Annie asks Pony Express rider Billy Cody to help her find the person responsible for sabotaging her favorite pony Magpie
  • Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery

    Evelyn Coleman

    Paperback (American Girl, Feb. 28, 2015)
    Addy is overjoyed when Poppa's new boss offers the Walker family a home of their own on his property in Philadelphia's elegant Society Hill neighborhood. But Addy soon discovers that their new home holds frightening secrets, and one leads straight back to the North Carolina plantation where she and her family were slaves only two years before. Can Addy uncover the truth before her family loses everything, even with someone determined to stop her? Includes an "Inside Addy's World" essay about reconstruction after the Civil War.
  • The Crystal Ball: A Rebecca Mystery

    Jacqueline Greene, Elizabeth Ansfield, Susan Walsh

    Hardcover (American Girl, Feb. 28, 2012)
    Rebecca and her neighbor, Mr. Rossi, seem to be having bad luck. When Mr. Rossi sprains his wrist, Rebecca takes over the care and feeding of his pigeons--and discovers a strange black pigeon with an eerie message warning Mr. Rossi of danger. Where did the pigeon come from, and what sort of danger is lurking? Is Rebecca herself now in danger as well? Only a visit to a fortune teller will reveal the truth!
  • The Glowing Heart: A Josefina Mystery

    Valerie Tripp, Juliana Kolesova

    Paperback (American Girl, March 1, 2016)
    Josefina's home is filled with holiday guests, including a dashing man from Mexico City who delivers a precious heirloom to Tía Dolores. Everyone is delighted with the stunning ruby ring, but as soon as the ring appears at the rancho, things start going wrong. What is going on? With all her heart, Josefina is determined to find out.
  • Grace Makes It Great

    Mary Casanova, Sarah Davis

    Paperback (American Girl, May 21, 2015)
    When Grace learns that her grandparents' bakery might be closing after 30 years, she's crushed. She can't imagine her life, or her hometown, without the bakery. And how can her own business survive if the one that inspired her cannot? Grace wonders if she and her friends can find a way to help the bakery using their talents and newfound business skills. Can three girls really make a difference? Grace is determined to try.