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  • Lyddie

    Katherine Paterson

    Paperback (Puffin Books, Jan. 1, 1995)
    From two-time Newbery award-winning author Katherine Paterson.When Lyddie and her younger brother are hired out as servants to help pay off their family farm's debts, Lyddie is determined to find a way to reunite her family once again. Hearing about all the money a girl can make working in the textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts, she makes her way there, only to find that her dreams of returning home may never come true.Includes an all-new common core aligned educator's guide."Rich in historical detail...a superb story of grit, determination, and personal growth." —The Horn Book, starred review"Lyddie is full of life, full of lives, full of reality." —The New York Times Book ReviewAn ALA Notable Book An ALA Best Book for Young Adults A Booklist Editor's Choice American Bookseller "Pick of the Lists" School Library Journal Best Book Parents magazine Best Book
  • Earthquake Terror

    Peg Kehret

    Paperback (Puffin Books, May 1, 1998)
    When Jonathan and his family go camping on Magpie Island, they look forward to a fun, relaxing weekend. But their fun quickly vanishes when Jonathan, his sister, Abby, and their dog, Moose, find themselves in the middle of a natural disaster. A devastating earthquake has hit, destroying their camper, knocking out the only bridge to the mainland, and leaving Jonathan, Abby, and their dog with no food, water, or shelter. Alone in the woods, can Jonathan manage to keep calm and save Abby and Moose—and stay alive himself?
  • Come Sing, Jimmy Jo

    Katherine Paterson

    Paperback (Puffin Books, Jan. 1, 1995)
    Written by Newbery, National Book Award, and Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal winner Katherine Paterson The Johnsons are becoming country music stars. They're on TV and the radio--and it's all because of James. His voice and his guitar playing bring the songs to life, and make the audiences beg for more. Most kids would love it. Not James. He's had to change his name to "Jimmy Jo," dress in clothes he hates, and turn into someone else. Will he ever be able to cope with the fame?
  • Chevrolet Saturdays

    Candy Dawson Boyd

    Paperback (Puffin Books, Jan. 1, 1995)
    Last year, Joey was the best science student in Miss Alder's fourth-grade class. But last year, he didn't have to deal with a teacher who didn't like him, a class bully, or a new stepfather. Mr. johnson seems to be a good man, and Joey's mother loves him, but Joey just wants his real family back. Then Mr. Johnson brings home the pickup truck he hopes will launch his contracting business. He wants Joey to help, but Joey isn't sure he's ready to take the chance."While celebrating ths importance of honesty, integrity, and supportive damily relationships, Boyd also tries to reise consciousness on family issues."--Kirkus Reviews
  • Caleb's Choice

    G. Clifton Wisler

    Paperback (Puffin Books, May 1, 1998)
    In 1858 Texas, people are violently divided over a law that makes it a crime to help runaway slaves. Caleb isn't sure how he feels. When an escaped slave saves his life, Caleb knows he has a debt to repay. But should he break the law and risk his life to help two slaves escape?"Fast paced and filled with details that illuminate a less well-known escape route than the Underground Railroad." —School Library Journal
  • Clara and the Hoodoo Man

    Elizabeth Partridge

    Hardcover (Puffin Books, June 1, 1998)
    Despite her mother's warnings about the hoodoo man, Clara braves the perils of the nighttime forest to find him and his secret medicines, when her sister Bessie takes sick
  • Alvin's Secret Code

    Clifford Hicks

    Paperback (Puffin Books, July 1, 1998)
    Alvin and Shoie go to Mr. Link, a former spy, to break the code on a message they found, only to discover that there is an even bigger mystery to solve and that they have to put their new code-breaking skills to use once more. Reprint.
  • Growin'

    Nikki Grimes

    Paperback (Puffin Books, Jan. 1, 1995)
    Pump thinks her world has ended when her father, the only person who believed in her poetry, suddenly dies. That is, until she meets Jim Jim.
  • Veronica Ganz

    Marilyn Sachs

    Paperback (Puffin, Feb. 1, 1995)
    Thirteen-year-old Veronica manages to bully everyone in her class, except for shrimpy Peter Wedemeyer who keeps taunting and outsmarting her at every opportunity
  • That Summer

    Sarah Dessen

    Mass Market Paperback (Puffin, June 1, 1998)
    Attending two weddings during her fifteenth summer, the first her father's, the second her older sister's, Haven feels that nothing in her life is stable and fondly remembers time spent with a special person. Reprint.
  • The Eyes of the Killer Robot

    John Bellairs

    Paperback (Puffin, July 1, 1998)
    While looking through the window, Johnny Dixon sees that insane Evaristus Sloane's creation of a baseball-pitching robot is almost complete, except for its missing eyes, and when Johnny feels he is being followed, he becomes rather nervous. Reprint.
  • Last Look

    Clyde Robert Bulla

    Paperback (Puffin, Feb. 1, 1995)
    Monica doesn't particularly like the new girl at school, but when she receives a mysterious note stating that Rhoda is in danger she must make a decision whether to help or not