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  • The Gammage Cup: A Novel of the Minnipins

    Carol Kendall, Erik Blegvad

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, March 6, 2000)
    Carol Kendall's witty, epic tales about the race of people called the Minnipins are now available as Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classics. Now a new generation of readers can thrill to the adventures of the tiny folk who become mighty heroes. The original interior illustrations by Erik Blegvad and Imero Gobbato have been retained, but vibrant new cover art by beloved illustrators Tim and Greg Hildebrandt gives the books a new look for a new audience.
  • The Off Season

    Catherine Gilbert Murdock

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, April 4, 2011)
    Life is looking up for D.J. Schwenk. She’s in eleventh grade, finally. After a rocky summer, she’s reconnecting in a big way with her best friend, Amber. She’s got kind of a thing going with Brian Nelson, who’s cute and popular and smart but seems to like her anyway. And then there’s the fact she’s starting for the Red Bend High School football team—the first girl linebacker in northern Wisconsin, probably. Which just shows you can’t predict the future. As autumn progresses, D.J. struggles to understand Amber, Schwenk Farm, her relationship with Brian, and most of all her family. As a whole herd of trouble comes her way, she discovers she’s a lot stronger than she—or anyone—ever thought. This hilarious, heartbreaking and triumphant sequel to the critically acclaimed Dairy Queen takes D.J. and all the Schwenks from Labor Day to a Thanksgiving football game that you will never forget.
  • The Hobbit: Or, There and Back Again

    J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Sis

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback Tolkien, Sept. 1, 2001)
    Chronicles the adventures of the inhabitants of Middle-earth and of Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit who brought home to The Shire the One Ring of Power. Simultaneous. 100,000 first printing. children's book illustrator. Simultaneous. 200,000 first printing.
  • Black Hearts in Battersea

    Joan Aiken

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, Oct. 25, 1999)
    Simon, the foundling from The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, arrives in London to meet an old friend and pursue the study of painting. Instead he finds himself unwittingly in the middle of a wicked crew's fiendish caper to overthrow the good King James and the Duke and Duchess of Battersea. With the help of his friend Sophie and the resourceful waif Dido, Simon narrowly escapes a series of madcap close calls and dangerous run-ins. In a time and place where villains do nothing halfway, Simon is faced with wild wolves, poisoned pies, kidnapping, and a wrecked ship. This is a cleverly contrived tale of intrigue and misadventure.
  • The Big Nap: A Chet Gecko Mystery

    Bruce Hale

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, April 1, 2002)
    Grammar school--it's all about eating and sleeping. Well, for Chet Gecko, anyway. To Chet, nothing is more divine than a plate of Mrs. Bagoong's Mothloaf Surprise followed by a sweet bit of shut-eye on the playground. (Besides a few Pillbug Crunch bars and a monthlong holiday, that is.) In these two hilarious mysteries from Chet's tattered casebook, he and his mockingbird partner, Natalie Attired, must catch a cafeteria thief, foil the sinister plans of a weaselly zombie master . . . and still take part in the Nations of the World PTA assembly. (Fourth-grade detectives get no respect.)
  • Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library

    Eth Clifford

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, Sept. 27, 2004)
    Mary Rose and Jo-Beth are sisters who hardly ever agree on anything, but they both feel as if this night will never end. First their car runs out of gas in an unfamiliar city and their father goes in search of a gas station. Then Jo-Beth makes Mary Rose go with her to find a bathroom and they stumble across a curious old library. And then, worst of all, they get locked in! But their troubles are just beginning. Is Jo-Beth right about the library being haunted by banshees? Or is there a logical explanation, as Mary Rose claims?
  • The Neddiad: How Neddie Took the Train, Went to Hollywood, and SavedCivilization

    Daniel Pinkwater

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, Feb. 16, 2009)
    Bestselling author Daniel Pinkwater's story of how Neddie, a shaman, a ghost, three pals, and a maneuver known as the French substitution determine the fate of the world.Melvin the Shaman. Sandor Eucalyptus. Billy the Phantom Bellboy. Daniel Pinkwater's weird and wonderful tale of Neddie Wentworthstein's quest to save civilization features some of the most unique heroes and villains a reader could hope to meet. Despite the heavy responsibility that Neddie must carry (not every kid is charged with rescuing humankind from doom), his story is hilarious, warm, welcoming, and sweet.
  • SOS Titanic

    Eve Bunting

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, March 20, 2012)
    Irish teenager Barry O’Neill is journeying to New York on the Titanic’s fateful maidenvoyage. He’s homesick and worried about the Flynn boys traveling in steerage, whohave threatened to throw him overboard. Little does Barry know that a struggle withthe Flynns is the least of the dangers that await him. This suspenseful story is based onthe true and terrible events that occured as the Titanic sank one hundred years ago.
  • Heart of the Storm

    Michael Buckley

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, Feb. 6, 2018)
    After seven months as a captive of Minerva, the insane Alpha queen, Lyric Walker has escaped to the surface. Her only goal is to warn the world about the Great Abyss. When she finally arrives back in Coney Island, she discovers a world she never expected, one where humans and Alpha are finally working hand in hand to rebuild the country. But she soon learns that an old enemy allied with an old friend may kill them all before the monsters get their turn. Where will Lyric’s loyalties, and her heart, lead her? With nail-biting action and romance, Michael Buckley’s epic trilogy draws to a stunning conclusion.
  • Plain Girl

    Virginia Sorensen, Charles Geer

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, Aug. 1, 2003)
    An Amish girl, Esther feels like "one black bird against the sky" in her plain clothes. So when she's forced to attend public school she's terrified. She fears the new world she must enter, fears the way she sticks out next to other kids, and--most of all--fears she may do what her brother did: run away and join the sinful but great wide world she's only just discovering.
  • Tangerine Spanish Edition

    Edward Bloor

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, Sept. 2, 2014)
    Bienvenido a Tangerine. Este lugar es más raro de lo que parece.Paul Fisher ve el mundo a través de anteojos tan gruesos que parece un insecto del espacio exterior. Pero no está tan ciego como para no ver que hay algunas cosas muy poco normales en la nueva casa de su familia, en el condado de Tangerine, Florida. ¿En dónde más un socavón se traga la escuela de la localidad, el fuego arde debajo de la tierra por años y caen rayos a la misma hora todos los días? Con todo este caos, mezclado con el acoso constante de su hermano —quien es una estrella del fútbol americano—, acoplarse a la vida en Tangerine no es fácil para Paul. Hasta que se une al equipo de fútbol de la escuela media donde estudia. Con la ayuda de sus nuevos compañeros de equipo, Paul descubre lo que se esconde bajo la extraña superficie de su nuevo lugar de residencia. Y también obtiene el coraje para enfrentar algunos de los secretos que su familia le ha estado ocultando por demasiado tiempo. En Tangerine, tal parece, cualquier cosa es posible.
  • I Had Seen Castles

    Cynthia Rylant

    Paperback (Young Readers Paperback, Oct. 1, 2004)
    John Dante is seventeen when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and he wants to fight for his country. But then he falls head over heels for Ginny Burton, who is against all war, and his beliefs are suddenly questioned. Rather than be judged a traitor or a coward, though, John enlists--a decision that changes his life forever. Includes a reader's guide and an inverview with the author.