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  • Soyuz: The Final Flight

    Harry A. Milman

    eBook (Xlibris US, Nov. 10, 2017)
    "By far, the best book I've read all year!" according to one reviewer."A wonder blend of space science and medicine" said another reviewer.FINALIST for BEST SECOND NOVEL in the 2018 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS.FINALIST for BEST SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL in the 2018 BOOK TALK RADIO CLUB AWARDS. When a disgruntled astronaut decides to get revenge, all hell breaks loose! By the time the final flight of the Russian space capsule, Soyuz, docks at the International Space Station, Derek Johnson -- one of its passengers and the oldest astronaut to fly in space -- is sick with a severe case of food poisoning that does not respond to antibiotics, and he soon dies. Recruited to assist NASAs medical team, Dr. Bob Kramer, a forensic toxicologist and expert witness, concludes that the cause of Johnson's death is a mutated form of bacteria that is not normally found in nature. In SOYUZ: The Final Flight -- a captivating, page-turning, science fiction thriller -- space exploration, mental illness, and forensic toxicology collide at the intersection of good and evil as Kramer unravels the source of a mysterious incident and suspicious deaths aboard the International Space Station.
  • Where Did My Happy Go?

    Annie Penland

    eBook (Xlibris US, July 22, 2019)
    Where Did My Happy Go? is a delightful book about a little boy who feels like he has lost his “happy” feelings. He goes on a search to find it by visiting all the places where he remembers having fun and feeling happy before. (But if the reader looks closely, Happy is never far from the little boy’s side!) By bedtime, the little boy goes to sleep, knowing his Happy is home.This is a wonderful book that parents can curl up with their kids with on a bad day when nothing is going right. It is a positive-thinking book or self-help book for kids, showing that they are capable of helping themselves in finding ways to feel better.
  • The King in Me

    Isaiah Bealer

    Paperback (Xlibris US, June 2, 2020)
    The King In Me takes readers on a journey around the world as a father and son meet historical figures from the past and present. As they meet each great figure they receive precious jewels that Yeoshua (son) will need to fully embrace the king in him. This adventurous story is catered towards children and teens but is wrote as a compelling story that anyone can enjoy.
  • Connected to Goodness

    David Meltzer

    eBook (Xlibris US, Dec. 18, 2013)
    In his early in 20s, David Meltzer entered and quickly rose to the top of the business world. A born salesman and armed with a law degree, he was quickly flying around the globe to speak about his business philosophies. But his rapid success left him feeling empty and eventually heading into a personal downward spiral. Before he hit rock bottom, however, he became spiritually enlightened enabling him to transform his life. Beginning with his stint as CEO to the generally acknowledged first super sports agent Leigh Steinberg (Leigh was the basis for the movie, Jerry Maguire), David began to meld his newfound outlook with business. Upon starting a new venture, Sport 1 Marketing with Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon, David was truly able to incorporate his philosophies into their business practice, and the business has thrived beyond any and all expectations. In Connect To Goodness, David reveals his Principles for success that will bring you the same peace and balance he enjoys in both business and in life, and which allow him to live by his mantra, make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.
  • Briggsy’s Time to Shine

    Linda McKinley

    eBook (Xlibris US, Dec. 5, 2019)
    Briggsy, the tuba, is one of the instruments in Miss Poppy’s music class. He’s often bullied and teased by the other instruments because they think he’s too big and too loud. Their antics make him unhappy, but he tries hard not to show it. When he’s not chosen to play in Miss Poppy’s classroom band, he begins to doubt himself, and wonders if what they say about him is true. Then one day something happens in music class, surprising everyone, even the instrument bullies. What does it mean for Briggsy? Will he at last feel like he belongs?
  • Poop in My Soup

    Brady Scammons, Eileen Lagasse, Gary Uliasz

    eBook (Xlibris US, Nov. 5, 2019)
    The poor Dog in the Fog comes home after a hard day’s work very hungry, only to find poop in his soup. He wanders around the farm to search for who was responsible for putting poop in his soup. What he finds out will have you laughing!
  • Fried, Frenzied, Frazzled!: Maximize Success Minimize Stress

    Linda Blakeley Ph.D.

    eBook (Xlibris US, Oct. 17, 2019)
    You are more than your dress size! I have personally found out that self esteem and self love are an inside job. I did not have a road map for my journey of recovery from an eating disorder. I share with you, the reader, my roller coaster ride. Through trial and error, I found my way. As a woman recovering from an eating disorder, trauma or addiction, you too are likely to need a roadmap for your journey. FRIED, FRENZIED, FRAZZLED! will make you stand up and pay attention. When you learn the Four Principles for Success you will have a roadmap to help you maximize success and minimize stress in your life. Filled with stories of women survivors of trauma, eating disorders and addictions, Dr. Blakeley shows you how countless other women have discovered their pathway to success by following her Four Principles for Success. The book is filled with Strategies for Success that will help you reinforce your strengths while you learn to minimize stress. If you would like to share your story, you can send it to or go to my website
  • Iyami Osoronga: Divine Femininity: Divine Feminniity

    Chief Fagbemileke Fatunmise

    eBook (Xlibris US, Feb. 28, 2013)
    It is my prayer that all of you who read this text will be truly blessedas well as inspired! I appeal to you to learn the names of The AncientAncestral Mothers and be blessed; for, they promised they will blessanyone who knows their names; any one who call their names; they willbless any one who doable (put their Ori/Head) to the ground or floor inhonor of them and receive your blessings. Do these things for all nationsand generations know of them!I am in hopes that each of you will have a deeper insight and appreciationof Divine Feminine Energy (DFE) the Universal Ase of all existence. Thisis your opportunity to rise to another spiritual dimension and excel aboveEarthly Trappings.Give thanks to Yeye Osun for she is the first Iyami. She houses the DivineFeminine Energy in her sacred cauldron i.e. womb.
  • A Hot Summer Day

    Rod Mortenson

    eBook (Xlibris US, Dec. 23, 2019)
    In the heat of the summer, when Blueberries are at their finest, you should wander down the path that crosses the Big Meadow. If you are careful and quiet, you will see the strangest party you can imagine. Animals of all types now gather at the far end, near the creek bank. They bring food of all kinds. But everyone agrees that their favorite snack is the Blueberries!For a day or two they forget the cares and troubles of the world. They enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other. And I think that with each passing year, the Big Meadow becomes a better place to live. The Big Meadow: Home of Heroes and Friends!
  • Avery's Fred

    Dr. Renee Ross

    eBook (Xlibris US, Dec. 11, 2019)
    Avery's Fred shares the heart warming story of a Rescue Dog Fred searching for a home. The book is written in a dogs voice. As we see the personalities of the dogs and humans interact we feel the joy and happiness of "choices"as they unfold.
  • Just Me and My Fish

    J Robert Lindesmith

    Paperback (Xlibris Us, Oct. 29, 2019)
    I would like to dedicate this story to Mary Lindesmith who taught me how to follow your artistic talent. I watched within a basement as she painted her masterpieces. With love, laughter and beauty. And to my children and my wife who have always been my inspiration in life. They see and cherish everyday without color or difference. And their being will always shine within me and everyone they meet. And a final thanks to Dan Patrick and Gary Huntley. Your friendship, guidance and drive is invaluable in this world. You both have inspired my life.
  • The Chihuahua: El Perrito the Little Dog

    Betty Stallard

    eBook (Xlibris US, Oct. 11, 2013)
    There are many books on Chihuahuas in the public arena. They deal with the cute little dog, the yappy little pest, and very simple basics of feeding, cleaning, and caring for any pet. There are books on Chihuahua history and the history of those who have brought them to the forefront as beloved companions of the day. Until now, however, there has not been a comprehensive and comprehensible book on the next level.